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Rebekah screamed and squealed, jumping around in circles shaking her little hips and grinning like I was not even ten minutes ago. Her flowery dress flopping in the wind with her hair."A gift? Really! And you want me to help you practice? Really!" She jumped up and down holding onto my shoulders. I laughed. "Yes, really. But please, kept it down you nut job. No-one else can know, not yet." I told her placing my hand over her mouth. She nodded with wide excited eyes and I let go when I new she was going to behave. "So when do we start?" She asked her voice high again. "Shh! We'll have to start in a few day's, with the move and all we'll never get the privacy we need." I frowned remembering that I'll be seeing my old pack, my emotionally abusive brother, my verbally abusive mate, and my physically abusive old pack members in less than 24 hours. I sighed. That was going to be a really, really, really long ass drive, I thought. "Don't worry. Once we get this thing worked out, you'll blast em' with a storm they ain't even seen coming." Bek nodded in victory and linked arms with me huffing and skipping back into the pack house.

It was empty, our footsteps even echoed. Everything was packed away into our moving trucks, and the car's loaded up seperately with all our individual rooms and such. I would be riding with Elijah and Rebekah in his jeep, and Cliff would be driving Joel and Tamara. Which reminded me, "How are you doing, with the Joel thing?" I asked her holding her hand in comfort. She half smiled. "It's getting harder and harder to resist him. My wolf is in hidding, she feels like he's rejected us, but he doens't even know yet! She's so hurt, and so am I. Having to see that.. tramp looking leech hang off his arm like a... like a...a tramp!" She huffed in fustration stomping her foot. I laughed and she muttered sorry embarrassed. "I get it. It's hard. But things will get better, I know they will. Once Joel figures it out, he'll never want to leave your side. Just. Like. A. Trampy. Leech." I grinned playfully. She laughed again. "Thank you, Kat." She told me and hugged me.

"How are thing's with you and Elijah?" She asked as we waited by Elijah's car for him. We were just about ready to go. Everyone was loading into their cars with their familes and boxes of stuff. Elijah would be the last to leave the house, same with Cliff anf Joel, who Tamara was waiting on in Cliff's Hummer. I looked at Bekah. "Heated. He's so sweet.. and tempting. And god, why does he have to be so fudging cute!" I whined. She laughed. "What's the problem with his cuteness?" She asekd confused. "The problem is it's not my cuteness to think is cute. Somewhere over the rainbow he has a loving, lonely, caring, sweet, gorgeous mate who's not me." I said sadly. She leaned her head on my shoulder. "It will all work out. Just like you told me it would, it will. Stop worrying, you're getting wrinkles." She told me. I huffed causing her to laugh again.

"It's just hard. My mate's a total ass monkey, and Elijah is the guy of my dreams. He told me he loved me last night, and I told him I loved him. And I do. But he won't love me anymore when all feelings for any other human, or wolf is erased after his mate is found." I said wiping my eyes. "Live in the now, please? Don't ruin this for him, or you. You guys are happy, and stressing over it isn't going to change anything." She told me. I nodded. "I know, you're right." I admitted. She smiled. "Of course I'm right. So, when we get to that terrible, most likely hidious pack house that we are moving too, you better jump his bones before I even have a chance to un-pack." She said and got into the jeep. I choaked on my spit. "I'm sorry, huh?" I screetched. "You heard me, heaven know's what you did to that boy, but he is whipped." she winked and thats when Elijah came and kissed me, telling me to get in the car. I obeyed, and watched in sadness as we drove away from the life I loved more than anything.

~~ A day later ~~

**Contains some swear words**

Longest. Car. Ride. Ever. Holy mushrooms. I slept practically the whole way apparently, a dreamless sleep thank god, I thought. Rebekah was snoring softly, and then I remembered why I woke up. I was in Elijah's lap, in the driver's seat, and he was telling me we were hear. I watched as we pulled into that all too familar gravel driveway, and up infront of the stupid Fallen Moon pack house. I groaned and held onto Elijah's waist. He chuckled half heartedly. I noticed he was tense, so I lifted his shirt and ran my finger nails up and down his stomach. He told me this always relaxed him when I did it, so I figured I should calm him down. I felt his happy trail, and smiled as he shivered from the scratch of my nails. I giggled as he pulled me closer to him where I could no longer touch him. "Why are you so adorable?" He told me grinning. I blushed and blinked up at him. "I don't know, it just happens." I smiled and pecked his lips. He ran his hand up my back and rubbed it. I sighed in relief. "You're always so warm." I cuddled into his chest. "Why thank you." He told me and kissed my hair. "Welcome." I smiled into the crook of his neck before stepping out of the car.

"It still looks ugly." I muttered grumpily. Elijah laughed and pulled me against his front. "Think we should wake up Rebekah?" He asked. I nodded laughing, "If we don't, her snoring is going to choke her." I told him. He held onto my waist as I shoke Bekah awake. "Bek.. get up. Were here." I told her wiggling her again. Elijah blew on my neck and I laughed uncontrollably. "Stop... that tickles..." I told him squirming in his grip. He pulled me tighter against him and smiled into my neck this time. "Okay, I'll stop. Just don't leave me arms." He challenged. "Deal." I muttered smirking and watched as Rebekah got up and wiped her eyes. "Here already? Jheeze." She yawned. I frowned. "Yeah, back to hell on earth." I muttered. She giggled. A few other car's pulled up around us, and then the moving trucks aswell. Soon, my whole family was around my worst nightmare.

We knocked. Me, Rebekah, Joel, Cliff, and Tamara, were all standing infront of the doors to The Fallen Moon pack's pack house, waiting for them to answer. "Just stay calm baby, we wont let them hurt you." Elijah muttered and held tighter onto my waist. Just then, the door opened and it was Renee. "Oh crap." I muttered. She's going to kill me... she's going to kill me... I thought over and over again as she smiled at everyone else. I hid my face in Elijah's jacket, playing with his stomach under his shirt again. I ran my nails up and down. "Hey, welcome. I'm Renee, you are?..." She asked directing us into the living room. Oh crap, she's about to find out. Thank god no-one else is in the room, it's just us so far. They must have gotten her to get the door while they prepare the pack meeting room.



Time to face the music......





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