Folded up, and Being Unraveled.

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Katerina's (P.O.V)

When I got out of the shower, It wasn't a surprise to see that Kol wasn't there, and haden't come back. Quickly, I got dressed in some comfortable clothes of his, instantly taking in his warm, vanilla smelling scent. I let my wet hair run in loose red curls down my back as I walked out of our bedroom, down the long halls of the lodge. I felt my phonse buzz, so I took it from my pocket to read I had a text from Kaden.

Kaden: R U alrite?

Me: Ya, why?

Kaden: no reason, wuz just wondering.

Me: lol :) im fine, thx. R U coming to the pack house tonite?

Kaden: mum said another time but wants 2 know if u wanna come over tonite?

Me: 4 wutt?

Kaden: i told her bout u and she thinks she should meet u to see how u are b4 she meets the pack

Me: i'll let u know i have to deal with a few things...

Kaden: no worries stay strong, love

Me: always

I smiled and put my phone away. Suddenly, a thought coming to mind, I spun around, and walked towards the stair case, and up to the third floo. After awhile of roaming and trying to find where I was going, I stopped infront of room 304. Without giving myself time to think about it, I knocked a few times, and stepped back, looking down at my feet wonering how stupid I am for even coming here in the first place. I don't even know what gave me the sudden burst of confidence either, but I couldn't dwell on that, because the door was opened, and standing infront of me was a large, built, handsome to say the least, man. After a second of reconizing the same scent that was on Melonie, I knew I had found him. Her mate. I supressed the urge to narrow my eyes at me, and smiled sweetly. "Hello." I greeted, and he looked down at me with a note of shock. "Er.. Hi?" he asked. I shrugged and pushed past him. "Nice room." I commented, looking around in a circle before facing him.

"Ah. You must be the impulsive, very odd, very... strange Luna." he said, running a hand threw his hair. I cocked my head to the side. What have my friends been saying about me? I wondered before dimissing the thought. "So, how old are you?" I asked, taking a seat on his bed. "I'm sorry, who said you could even come inhere, let alone ask me questions?" he asked me, and I rolled my eyes. "Luna, remember?" I teased, and I only did it to hide the fact I wanted to rip his throat out. "I'm 22." He stated, giving me a long look. I nodded. "I see... and exactly how long have you been an abusive, egotistic asshole?" I growled, finally narrowing my eyes at him like I wanted. He flinched for a second, before slamming me against the wall, his face close to mine, his lips brushing against mine aswell. "Don't test me little girl. Luna or not, I don't give a fuck." he snarled, and his lips ran over mine as he talked. "Are you done?" I asked, and he pressed himself further into me. That was all it took. Wiggling my finger tips, I felt them cool, getting colder, thinking about making his blood freeze over. He stepped back, dropping to the ground holding his head as he screamed out in pain. It was my turn to growl at him, and I stomped my foot on his chest.

"No. You don't test me. Listen here, and listen good. If you so much as touch.." I contained my anger slightly before I killed him. "...Touch Melonie again and I will rip your heart out of your chest, and feed it to you before I watch you die. Got it?" I snarled, and pressed deeper into him, cutting of his air supply. He nodded slowly, and I pulled my foot away, and smiled sweetly at him again. "Now you have a nice day." I told him, and with a small wave, I left the room feeling satisfied with myself. Now that I had that off my chest, I walked towards the elevators. It would be around time for dinner, and I was absolutly starving, no thanks to Kol. I took a minute to scold myself. Why did I need him so badly? I was throwing myself at him, seeming needy and clingy. I shouldn't be so desperate.. I should try and live up to being a good luna, because if Ko-- When Kol marks me, I'll be responsible for this pack just as much and him, Elijah and even Tamara. And suddenly my bravery was all gone, and I was feeling open to a wave of sad, horrid emotions. Which reminded me.. I had to talk to her. I had to talk to Tamara. Beg her to come clean to Elijah instead of threaten her again. I wondered idealy to myself if Melonie really new Tamara was pregnant. I know that everyone else in the living room that day we found out is really on the outsof weather it was true or not, but Bekah and I know the truth, and just exactly what Tamara wants to do with her first born pup.

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