Mind tricks.

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"We should get your hand cleaned up so you can heal." Stark said, snapping me from my thoughts. "Then were going to get you something to eat. Because from the puke stench you're carrying, there's no doubt you're wearing everything you ate from the past 7 years." Ace added, teasing. I frowned, wondering why I didn't do this sooner. "Ace... I forgive you, you know." I told him, leaning into his chest against his shoulder. "We'll see about that after I pull out every peice of wood from your hand." he said a kissed my forhead before they both worked picking and plucking.

Stark slipped a back-pack from his shoulders and started pulling out rubbing achohal, and bandages. All things medical, and it had me confused as to how they knew I was even hurt in the first place. So I asked. "Kat, I know when you get your period. Why wouldn't I know you would lash out on everything around you whne you raged like a teenage girl with hormones on over-drive?" Stark said matter-of-factly and I felt myself blush the deepest red. "And even though I didn't always act like it, I'm your brother. I know you just alittle bit better than boozo over here." Ace said pointing to Stark. He just grinned and cheesy smile before pouring rubbing achohal directly over my hands.

I flinched, yelping and gasping but I ground my teeth together against the pain, knowing I would heal faster this way. But that didn't mean I had to like it, god just end me now!, I screamed in my head. And then it was over and both my hands were wrapped in white gauze. I flexed my fingers sighing , utterly defeated. "Don't worry. It'll all work out. C'mon, let's go back to the house and get your friends. Were gonna head out to the diner and get soemthing to eat, sound good?" Stark asked. I nodded, smiling. "Oh, nice tats." Ace said, running his thumb over one of my wrists. I shrugged. "I need to talk to them about this. I-I'm not sure what it means." I admitted.

"Well I do. It means you have two official protecters. Basically, anything happens to you, physically speaking, like pain wise, it happens to them." Stark sumed it up. I stared at him. "How could you possibly know that?" I asked him. "Well, I was rogue for awhile was I not?" He winked at me and I laughed un-easyily. this is what I needed. Laughs and smiles not pity and tears. I breathed a sigh of content this time. "Oh, and the coolest thing is. You have your own connection, linking wise. Almost like an un-breakable barrier between just you three. No-one will know what you say to them through your mind from the outside." Stark added, and I grinned at the thought of privacy.

"Do you think you'll be okay?" Ace asked me, pushing hair away from my face. "I'm mateless, and I feel completely broken. I don't know if I'll ever be okay." I admitted, my voice faltering slightly. "I just.. I need something to make me feel whole again. Everything keeps slipping away right before my eyes, and It's like.. It's like I can watch it! But I can't do anything about it! It's just dangling before me, just out of my reach." I said, my eyes crinkling with saddness. "I--uh. I was gonna wait till your birthday, but. Six days early isn't that bad right?" Ace said, scratching the back of his neck in wonder. My brows furrowed. "Wait until my birthday for what?" I asked un-sure. He slipped his hand into his pocket, his face pursed as he searched for something. And when he found it, a smile formed on his lips and he met my eyes again. "For this." he told me, and dangling between his fingers was a necklace. No, scrap that my necklace. the one he gave me the day mom and dad died. My snowflake. I gasped my wide eyes meeting his calm ones. "If tha-" "The original. I went on a little fishing trip two days ago. Found it wedged between a two rocks. It was rusted, and it still is, but I figured it's the thought that counts." he told me a shy look on his face.

I beamed at him, taking it in my hands grinning before throwing myself at him with a hug. "Thank you, Oh my- this is amazing." I told him, not able to stop myself from smiling wider and wider. "Well, I figured with your...power thingie.. and all... it kind of just.. worked." He told me. "Who would have thought someone who loved winter so much would get a munipulation gift for it, huh?" Stark added in smiling. "I love it." I said, and passed it to Ace to put around my neck. It felt bare, from the moment I ripped Elijah's necklace from my neck it felt alone, empty, and now it was radiating with warm. I couldn't help but squeal in excitment. I didn't care that it was rusty, it was beautiful none the less. I loved it, just like I said I did. I beamed to them. "How's about that food now?" I asked them. They both laughed. "C'mon kiddo, let's go." Stark told me and wrapped his arm around my shoulder, leading me down the bleachers. Ace packed up the back-pack, then joined us, following quietly behind. I guess you could say I was lost for words. But we didn't need any. Everything was already said, and the silence wasn't awkward. But of course, I had to say something. It was killing me.

"So you guys made up?" I added lamely as we started walking. They shared a look, and then starred at me. "No. We hate eachother, and that's why we came to find you together acting nice." Stark said sarcastically and I frowned. "Suck an egg." I pouted. "Aw, c'mon you know we love you." Ace told me and kissed my temple. I sighed. "I'm scared." I told them honestly. "Of what?" Stark said, grabbing my hand instead of wrapping his arm around my shoulder. I sighed again. "I'm scared to see him. I'm scared to take a deep breath and accept reality." I said, my body hurting, and my heart crushing under pressure even further. "No-one is going to hurt you, Kat. Not him, not Tamara. No-one." Ace told me sternly. "How could you possibly know that?" I exaggerated. "Because we won't let them. When are you going to get it through that thick skull? Were in it for the long run, baby. Elijah can go fu-" "Don't. Let's just not talk about it, or him. Please?" I cut Stark off, and said with sad eyes, looking at to them both. "Whatever you want princess." Ace told me and I nodded, and stalked off ahead. Only to stop dead in my tracks at the person who stood infront of me. No... that's impossible! but when I blinked  he? she? it? was gone.



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