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Katerina's (P.O.V)

In 4 day's time, I heard the first crack of a twig that wasn't done by me. I was far, far away from Ever Falls. I had shifted three times, back and fourth to human and wolf as I travelled in and out of towns. I was now in wolf form again, walking through the woods looking for something, anything to drink. I was dying from dehydration and I swear my tongue hung out of my mouth like a sloppy dog. Pun intended. The crack had me whipping my head around, a growl erupting from deep inside my throat. I barked, as if to ask who's there. I wish I hadn't, because no sooner than I did, I was faced with three wolves. All in the formation of a triangle, coming at me. A black one, large than the other two, at the front of the triangle, a grey one, at the right of the triangle, and a white one, to the left of the triangle. I watched there lips pull back from there teeth in a snarl as the patted over to me. I cowered away in fear, my nose touching my front paw's, my butt and hind leg's still in the air to show I surrender. I cast my wolfy eye's down at the muddy grounds of the woods, and waited to be killed.

Bone popping. No, bone cracking. They were shifting. I still kept my eye's down. "Shift." A voice of authority rang and I felt my body quiver in fear. Insinctively I shifted, curling into a ball on my knee's to hide my body. "Our eye's are closed, you may get dressed." He told me, the same voice who told me to shift. Quickly, I slipped on some random clothes from the bag and got back down on my knees. "I'm done." I said slowly. "You can stand up you know. We won't bite." Another voice had said. I got up, finally meeting there eye's. They gasped. "Who are you, rogue?" The Authority was ringing in my ears again, I figured he would be the Alpha of the pack. "I'm Katerina." I muttered to them. They were all very good looking. No shirt's, just jeans, like Jacob Black and his pack members. I cocked my head to the side. "Katerina what?" The one who told me to stand up asked. "Bathas. Katerina Bathas." I said quickly. They looked at eachother, sharing looks I didn't know how to identify before looking back at me.

"I'm Elijah. This is Cliff, and Joel." Cliff was the grey wolf, Joel was the white, Elijah was the Alpha, and black wolf. I nodded not understanding why they took the time to introduce themselves. "You came across our territory. Why?" Cliff asked me. "I didn't realize there was another pack close by here. I ran from home, I'm only on the run. I swear." I defended myself. "Were not going to hurt you, stop cowering away from us. And there is another pack close by here, The Untamed pack. My pack." Elijah said and I felt my gasp before it happened. "I didn't.. I didn't know. I'm sorry." I told him, looking him in the eyes. He rolled his. "I don't care that you crossed it. Clearly you mean us no harm if you're just about ready to run and hide. I was just wondering why you had crossed us, and now that I know, I'd like to ask you what's up with your bruises." He said clearly, his eye's traveling over me. I cleared my throat. "Fell." I said flatly. Once again, they all looked at eachother with a look I couldn't identify.

"First, never lie to an Alpha. Especially one who is soon to be your's if you accept. Two, I can easily tell that those bruises are all from different time periods, so unless you have two left feet, or three extra toes, I suggest you re-think that answer of yours." Elijah told me smoothly. My eye's grew wide. "Me? And inviation to your pack? The strongest pack in the entire pack history?" I asked in a small voice. "Yes." All three of them said flatly at the same time. I blew up. "Are you nuts?! Why would you even think about excepting me into your pack. I'm weak, hell you all must be on drugs. Me? Me!? You must be out of your minds or extremely desperate. I can't fight, I'm meant to be faught, and I'm always meant to loose. My, oh my this is crazy talk. Holy crap." I rambled on and on, pacing back on forth. When I looked back at the three of them, they all looked extremely amused. I stopped.

"What's so funny?" I asked in bewilderment. "You are. Of course we know what were getting ourselves into. You can be trained. Someone as slim and muscled as you can easily be taught to fight like a badass." Cliff said smirking at me. My eye's grew wider - if that were possible. "Now I'm sure you're on drugs. There is no way in hell anyone in the world would classify me as slim and muscled." I said matter of factly. They shared another look, this time I knew what it was. It was confusion. "Uh, okay then." Joel said. "And to answer your question, I was abused." I told them. I watched there whole facial expressions shift into one's of rage. I flinched but soon they were calming themselves down. I cleared my throat. "So anyway's, are you accepting, or not little wolf?" Joel asked me, his arms crossed. I met eyes with the Alpha, he was smiling, a nice non threatning smile. "S-sure." I stuttered helplessly. And they ushed for me to grab my bag and follow them.

"Again." I shouted to Cliff as I stood up from the grass. "C'mon. Take a break for the day, you've been working non-stop for the past 6 weeks Kat." He told me enveloping me in a hug. "Yes, but that's what training is. Non-stop working out and training." I told him hugging his waist. He stroked my back and then suddenly I was flat on my arse on the grass again. I groaned. "That's no fair, I wasn't ready." I told him. "Werewolve's were born ready. Learn to use all five of your senses, it makes a huge impact." He told me. I pushed my red, fiery hair out of my face and stood up. I smiled as I let it slip through my fingers. I remembered discovering it, how shocked and happy I had been.

The day Elijah, Cliff and Joel found me in the woods, they lead me back to the pack house. Wow, I can't believe that was two and a half years ago. But it was, I'm eighteen and a half now. That night, while I was washing up, I noticed something bright in the mirror. When I met the gaze, I realized my whole outlook had changed. My hair was still straight, but it was more alive, and bright, fiery red. My eye's were no longer a dull green, instead they were also bright, a nice bright emerald green with glowing grey specks. My lips were fuller, more pink and plump. My cheeks were slim and curved, just like my figure. My hips were tucked in the just right places, and my thigh's could no longer be classified as thunder-thighs. I had a flat stomach, perfect teeth, flawless skin, and an utterly clean complextion. My chest was completely risen, and I was now at a C38-D instead of a B36. Even my butt was bigger, more round and sculpted. When I had asked Elijah about what had happened, explaining how I used to be, he told me that once I found my mate, my whole body changed physically. Only it took a little more time than usual. I felt beautiful then, and I feel beautiful now. Utterly beautiful.

"Cmon. Let's keep going. Breaks are for suckers." I told Cliff, coming out of my day-dream down memory lane. He groaned but came at me in a charge. Instinctively I ducked and pushed at his chest. He flew backwards, but I was already infront of him again, grabbing him by the throat and slamming him onto the grass my arms shaking. I let go immediatly and smiled in triumpth. "Nice job!" He grinned and started charging me again. This time, without any struggle I used one hand to flip him over like a sack of flour and onto his back. I stepped my foot onto his throat for a second and then stopped. He grinned at me again. "You're getting so good. I'm so proud of you." He told me and pulled me in for another hug. "Thanks." I smiled into his chest. We ran plays and senario's for another hour or so before walking into the pack house and taking the break Cliff needed from getting destroyed by me. I felt giddy the whole time we ate dinner.


MY THIRD CHAPTER!! It kind skipped ahead half way through it, so sorry if it's confusing!!




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