A lot of love

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Everything was everywhere. In our hair, over our clothes, up our noses and in our now squinted with laughter filled eyes. All over the ceilings, walls, floors, fridges and the oven. I couldn't breathe, I was on the floor leaning my weight against Elijah as we laughed together. When we had settled down a few moments after just grinning and gigling for a bit. "That was fun." I muttered happily. "That was more than fun." He said and lay me on the floor and crawled over me. "Ever done this before?" He asked. "Done what?" I wondered my heart beat picking up. He sprayed my neck with whip-cream. "This." He said and kissed it away following the trail down to my shoulder. I squirmed in anticipation. "N-no. Nope. Never done that before." I told him and smeared the whip-cream away from his eyes. He smiled. "C'mon. I got one other thing tha will be a first for us both." He told me and lifted me from the floor and took me upstairs to the bathroom.

We had a quick shower together to wash off the remaining whip-cream and such. It was very sticky, I'll admit that. He was so sweet, washing my hair for me, rubbing my back, it felt amazing, I'll admit that too. He was quite good at it, and he also respected my space too, he touched but he never grabbed or begged, he was gentle and tender. We sure made a mess, our shower was really colorful with all those sprinkles. I laughed at the memory as I kneeled in the same kitchen floor cleaning up our mess. I would do it all over again if I could, and I wouldn't change a single thing, I thought to myself smiling. Elikah was in his office doing work for the rrangements tommorow. I got Cliff and Bekah to help me clean up, I even told them both exactly waht had happened. Cliff teased about the shower, Rebekah ooh'd and ahh'd. I smiled at that memory too. We were just about done, thank god. It took us three hours at least, because some mothers from our pack came in moments after we finished to start serving. We ran out of that kitchen so fast you couldn't say "Barbra love's pigs." Then we sat down at the dinning room table for our last dinner as this pack.

I moaned and took another bite of mash potatoes. Elijah's mom Esther was smiling at me. "Is it that good, hunny?" she asked me. I swallowed and blushed. "Yes m'am. Sorry." I said and took a sip of water. Elijah's mom and dad lived in the pack house with us, even though they don't run it. She's such a nice lady, and I seriously love her to death. Elija's dad kills me, every waking moment I swear he's cracking a joke. Or atleast these day's he is, before he was so serious. Or so Elijah tells me. "Good, eat up, you are just skin and bones." she playfully glared and I scooped another thing of potatoes onto my plate and dug in. Elijah held my hand under the table, rubbing his thumb across it. It felt good. I smiled sideways at him and he winked. "Oh you guys are so cute." one of the little girls from the pack said. I blushed again and hid my face while eating my food. "Hey, don't hide." Elijah's dad Ron pulled my chin up and smirked at me. "You look very adorable like that, darlin'." He chuckled as I hid my face in Elijah's shoulder.

"Dad." He groaned. "Oh hush, you know your father loves that girl like his own." Esther scolded her son. I laughed, pulled away and began eating again. "How's training going?" Esther asked me. I swallowed. "Good, I can beat Cliff and Joel without a second to spare." I grinned ear to ear. Both Mr. and Mrs. More jaw's dropped to the table. I grinned wider if it was possible. "Don't remind me." Joel muttered. Cliff laughed. "That girl right there." He pointed to me. "Is an amazing fighter. She picks things up so quick!" He gloated. I laughed blushing again. "She even beat Elijah. Twice! It was crazy." Joel muttered shaking his head and taking a bite of roast beef. "She sure is special." Rebekah smiled at me. Joel glared at her and I seen her whole body slum. Why was he being like this? All she did was talk. "If you'll excuse me please, I don't feel well." Rebekah mumbled and rushed out of the dinning room. "Oh, poor dear, is she alright?" Ron asked. I nodded slightly. "She will be....once the dog is taken out." I muttered the last part. I heard Cliff laughing, I noticed that he had tears in his eyes. I smilked slightly.

"Katerina hunny, I wanted to ask you how you were dealing? With the packs moving and such." Esther asked me. We now had dessert infront of us, Triffull. It's jelly rolls, pudding, jello, whip cream and cherries. It tasted amazing. The second the question hit the table my body froze over. "I'm... okay." I replied picking at my dessert. "Oh, I promise, nothing will happen to you baby girl." Ron told me. I nodded slowly. "Everyone keeps telling me that." I laughed nervousily. "Well maybe you should start listening huh?" Tamara added in. I rolled my eyes. "Seeing is believing." I muttered grumpily. "What are you five? There's no imaginary faries flying around, when I say i'll protect you will every ounce of my energy, I mean it." Cliff snapped. He had Jello on his moutha nd I burst up laughing. "Oh, Clifford. When are you going to learn? Food goes directly into the mouth, not directly on the face." I said scopping some pudding into my mouth smiling. He wiped his mouth with a napkin and blushed.

"Kat! I didn't even notice, what a pretty necklace." Esther told me. I looked down at the charm and grinned. "Thank you, Elijah gave it to me." I told them feeling proud. "Well done, son. You sure know how to pick em'." He winked at Elijah. I wondered what he was talking about... the necklace... or me. Then I started thinking about Elijah finding his mate, and how he wouldn't pick her, he would be given her. He would have to love her for everything and anything, like Kol should have loved me. Instead Elijah was stuck with some dork of a girlfriend for fun and games till he got what he wanted. I found myself thinking this, and my heart ached with release. Elijah squeezed my hand and brung it to his lips to kiss it. The thoughts floated away like a cloud and I was left feeling good about myself again. How could I be so lucky? I smiled and kissed his lips. The world went away, and I pushed myself and all my passion into this one effection. Then there was a flash and I pulled away embarrassed. "Sorry.." I smiled to them. Cliff had snapped the picture with his Iphone and I glared. "Oh what QT's." he laughed and wiggled the phone at me. "I'm sorry Esther, Ron. You might ust loose your Beta." I growled and lundged for Cliff.

"You win, you win! MERCY! MERCY! ALPHA, ELIJAH!! ANYONE, MAGIC FAIRIES HELP!" screamed Cliff from the tree. I had him hanging up sidedown by his foot on a branch. "Giving up so soon?" I teased him. "Yes!, yes let me down." he begged. The whole pack was surrounding the tree he hung from. I stood there arms crossed admirring my work with Elijh leaning his head on my shoulder and hugging my waist. I looked around and spotted group of girls. I reconized them as the same group Cliff tries to impress everyday. I looked back to Cliff. "So, are you ready to apologize?" I asked him. "I'm sorry! Kat, I'm so so sorry. Please forgive me boo? Please." He begged again. I almost gave in. Almost. Instead I reached up for a branch on the tree and pulled myself up beside him. Putting the branch between my knees and fell back dangling beside him. "I figure... since you like to mess with me, I should teach you a lesson once and for all. But not just by beating you up, by embarrassing you like you did me." I told him playfully. Fear struck his eyes and I unbuckled his belt, and pulled up his jeans to his ankles, throwing myself back into a sitting position.

I tied the jeans to his ankles and heard everyone start giggling and ooh'ing. Oh perfect! Cliff had on his Diego boxers! I smiled happily and jumped off the branch. Elijah pulled me into his arms and we waved goodbye to Cliff who was screaming for help again. We walked into Elijah's room and he closed the door behind him and started changing. I closed my eyes and covered them with my palms giggling. "Hurry up you bum, I wanna change too." I told him. "Alright, alright. I'm done." He chuckled and kissed my lips pulling my hands away. He was in boxers and smirking at me. I gigled again and ran to his dresser. I grabbed a baggy shirt of his and ran to the bathroom to change. When I was done I found him lay on teh bed with his arms behind his head. "Ooh, that's a sexy look." I told him teasing and ran and jumped into his arms. "Isn't it? Worked on it for all of three seconds." He told me grinning. "Nice work..." I mutered and kissed his lips. He kissed back for a few seconds and pulled away. "I love you, you know that." He told me. "Pinch me." I suddenly said. "Huh?" He asked laughing. "Pinch me!" I urged. He pinched me and I yelped. "Oh good, this isn't a dream." I muttered.

"No, this isn't a dream." he told me leaning closer and closer. "This. This is all real." He smirked, his breath washing over my face and neck and he ran his nose along my jaw. I smiled. "I love you." I told him and met his lips again. He smiled against them and hugged me tight before pulling away. "Get some sleep baby, we have lot's do to tommorrow." He told me and kissed my cheek before pulling my back to his front after I turned off the light. I closed my eyes. "Night." I yawned to him. He chuckled. "Go to sleep." He told me and started rubbing my arms till I started getting fuzzy vision. I think I fell asleep some time after that.



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