Fuck. Me.

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Tears made me weak. And if I was going to be weak infront of anyone, it would be my brother. That's who I was saving my tears for, and that's who I was apologising to next. I turned around and faced my friends. "Did you guys wanna come to see Ace with me?" I asked. Secretly I was begging that they would, so I wouldn't be alone for this, and I almost burst with Joy when they all mumbled yeah's and sures. Before I could turn around, I was stopped and pulled back by Rebekah. "We're in this together, Katerina. Stop worrying if we'll leave you alone, cause' we won't." She told me, and I looked to see them all smiling at me. I nodded and turned back around to walk towards Ace's room. But before I would knock, Renee opened the door with a big grin on her face and screamed "KAT!" and tackled me to the ground with a hug.


Katerina's (P.O.V)

"Good lord, get off me you fatty." I teased and wiggled beneath her. She laughed and jumped off and pulled me up to my feet. "Welcome back to reality lil' bitch." she smiled and hugged me tight before walking back into the room. I blinked and shrugged, walking in behind her to see Ace. He smiled at me and walked across the room to hug me aswell. "I missed you." he told me. I hugged him tighter. "I missed you too." When we pulled away, we both sat on his bed while the rest of my friends sat around his room on whatever they could. It was strange to be gone for what seemed like forever, being a walking shell, the coming back and everything just being the same as it was. Well, besides the face I felt extremely drawn to Kol, and I had no idea what I should do about it. Or I did, but I didn't. Shaking my head free of my battle with myself, I looked to my brother. After a long explanation of what happened when I seen mom and dad, he was silent just starring at me. "You really saw them again?" he breathed. I nodded. "I'm so sorry Ace. Leaving you behind, it was selfish of me. I know now that you can't run from your problems, but that you have to face them dead on. It wasn't just me who lost mom and dad, it was you too, and me going off the wall wasn't the best thing for you. I'm sorry, I love you." I cried and hugged him again. "Hey, whoa, it's okay. I new you'd come back. Sh, it's okay." He told me and rubbed my back. It was mindless conversation for awhile after that. Everyone was telling much they missed me, and after I begged for Renee's forgiveness, everyone was on my good side.

"Hey guys, since everyone's here, can I explain something?" Stark asked, halting our conversations. I smiled at him. "Sure, what's up?" Rebekah asked. "Well, you all know the story I told you about why I left Kat and Ace so long ago. My mate dying, my parents making us move, yatta yatta, blah blah. Well, it's not exactly true." He said scratching the bakc of his head, and I felt my face fall in confusion. "The truth is I never found my mate, until today. My parents did make me move, but.. they made me move when they found out I was.. gay, not because I was depressed." he said slowly. It took me a few minutes to understand what I was hearing. But when I did, I pretty much glowed with happiness. More and more odd things happening, so maybe things weren't so the same. "So wait, you're gay, and you have a girl mate?" Ace asked. Stark met eyes with him and then me. "Not exactly. Uhm, I have a guy mate, who is... also, gay." he said equally as slowly as before. "Aw, really who is it?" Rebekah asked, a smile matching mine. Stark scratched the back of his neck again. It took him a while, stuttering and opening and closing his mouth like a retarded fish on drugs. "Uh........" he muttered as if trying to find the right words. But before he could say anything, Cliff spoke up and said "That'd be me." making everyone choke on there spit.

"Are you serious?" Joel asked in utter shock. "I mean not that I care or anything, I'm not judging... but are you serious!?" he added with wide eyes. "Yeah, I'm serious. That scent before, that got me aroused, yeah that was Stark." Cliff said back to him and shot daggers at Stark, but all he was doing was smirking, looking strong and intimidating. I wonder who was the man in their relationship. Cliff was always a player, strong, independent, he pegged me as always being the dom, but then Stark... I mentally shivered. He scared the shit out of me. "Congradulations!" Bekah pulled them in for a big hug, and I snapped out of my head thoughts to grina nd join in, tackling them with my noddle arms. We were all smiles while Ace and Joel were all confusion. "I'm sorry, can we just rewind for a second here... uhm..." Ace said squinting his eyes while Joel pulled at his lip. "Okay. I'll break this down for you. Really slow alright?" Cliff said, facing the two no brained dorks. They both nodded, trying to wrap their heads around it. "Me. Stark. Mates. Gay. In love. I prefer penis. We good?" He told them, and after a few seconds of thinking, it hit them both and they grinned, 'man-hugging' eachother.

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