The K's.

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Katerina's (P.O.V)

I had grumpily gotten in the back seat of Joel's car with Rebekah. Kol had been infront with him, and Cliff and Stark took there own car, as did Ace and Renee, and Elijah and Tamara. As if anyone cared about then though. I was determined to keep a good mood on, otherwise anything people said toay would get me pissed off, or upset, and I couldn't make the my reputation for the entire year. Ah, grade eleven. This should be loads of fun. With Kol, Elijah, Ace, Stark and Cliff all being in the grade higher then Joel, Rebekah, Renee, Tamara and I, well what's bound to happen should be loads of fun also. I wonder how much it's changed, how different it could be. Were kids the same? Were teachers the same? God, I was going to give myself a migraine thinking about all this crap. "Hey, you okay?" Bekah nugged my shoulder and I looked at her. "I guess so. It's just odd, ya'know? After all these years, going back to the same old school, I just don't know what to expect... especially since MY MATE IS A DICK." I added the last part kind of loud, so I knew he could hear me clearly. But all he did was laugh, Joel joining in and I glared at them both. "I think it will go fine. With me being your best friend, and us both being strong as hell, nothing could possibly go wrong, as long and pathetic humans stay the fuck out of our faces." she said monotone, and I laughed at how blunt she was.

And she was right. We were an extremely strong pair together, and it would be hard to mess with us in the end, because off al this anger, and hatred we both had built up for people like highschoolers to begin with. And for the first time since ealier this morning, I smiled a real smile, finally feeling someone happy about facing this hell hole...






Okay, I take it back. I was standing infront of the car, starring at the huge highschool before me. It looked bigger, like some more area's were added in renovation or something. It still looked like death though. Cheerleaders, jocks, nerds. The whole cliche played out right infront of me, and I wanted to puke at the sight. "Here. They were mailed to us a few days ago." Elijah said, passing around our sceduales that were printed on a purple sheet of paper. "Try not to kill anyone you guys, please?" He stressed, and I roled my eyes ignoring him before turning to Rebekah. "English first period?" I asked, hope in my voice. Her face fell, and small sad features replaced it. She sighed. "Yup!" she shouted suddenly, and I breathed a sigh of relief. After talking to everyone, having 10 minutes before the bell, I found out who in the pack I would have classes with. And to say I was dissapointed was saying very, very little.

First period: English: With Rebekah.

Second period: History: With no-one.

Lunch: With everyone.

Fourth period: Math: no-one.

Fifth/last period: Food and Nutrition: With Rebekah, Renee, and Joel.

Since it was a semestered school, we had four classes each semester for two semesters. Yes, I had Rebekah in two of my classes, but I was alone with no-one for two aswell! It was going to be torture having to sit there by myself and not know anyone. Trying to to dwell on it, the bell rang, and everyone scattered away to find their first period calsses, while I linked arms with Rebekah, and we walked off to English.




It took us awhile to find room 109, but we were just on time as we rushed through the door and to the only available seats in the back row. "Alright class, now that everyone is here.." the teacher gave us pointed looks. "I'll start by saying, Welcome, and I'm Mr.Beck, your new academic english teacher for the rest of the semester. We're going to start with a 'get to know eachother' exercise, voulenterr's to go first?" he asked the class. Rebekah's hand shot up faster than you could say 'barbra loves pigs', and so Mr. Beck called on her to start. "Just say three things about yourself, and then it will go around the room." he told her, and she nodded. "Okay, uh... My name's Rebekah, I tend to be demanding... I'm currently taken... and I love learning about the elements." she said, and I couldn't help it, I laughed. Soon she joined in and we were being shushed. I rolled my eyes but complied. It was my turn, so I cleared my throat. "I'm Katerina, my favourite color is green, I love everything about winter, and I hate math." when I finisheda few people said littel agreements bout the math comments, but soon everyone else was going on and on about themselves, but I couldn't be bothered to pay attention, so I just trailed my finger across the desk, and waited the last few seconds for the bell to ring.

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