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Kol's (P.O.V)

I love you.

Three words.

Eight letters.

Three syllables.

Five vowels.

Three consonants

Two nouns.

One emotion.

And many meanings.

And the only meaning it meant to me, was Katerina. Telling her I love her, and hearing her say it back, made my life.

I was currently lying on my back, Katerina fast asleep on my chest, her nose all scrunched up, her eye browns furrowed, as she snored and drooled softly. It was the most adorable thing I had ever seen, and I'm guessing this is how she felt when ihad been sleeping on her the morning of her... bloody arrival. I had to bite back a chuckle at the thought. She was beat red! Everything about her is just too cute. The way her face flushes, how many facial expressions she can burn trhough in under a minute, how she bites her lip when she thinks, her incredible smile, her infectious laugh, the way he eyes glo- I winced as her nails dug into my side. Suddenly she felt tense as she lay on me, like a brick, or a deer caught in headights, fear striking through her body. I could feel it radiating off her in waves. I tried to move from under her, so that I could see if she was okay, but with a burst of realization, I noticed she was still fast asleep and having a night mare. Her nails were practically drawing blood, and I tried not to let it bother me, I tried just focusing on her, my beautiful mate who was shaking, convulsing with unknown reason, but it was hard not to cry out in pain like I did.

"Baby, wake up." I urged in a strained voice. Her breathing became heavier, and I wouldn't if her nightmare had anything to do with why she was so upset last night. And even though I knew it was wrong, and an invasion of privacy, I wasn't doing it for my own selfish reasons, I was doing it because no matter how hard I tried, and I was ten minutes into trying, she wouldn't wake up. So I used our connection as mates to sink into her thoughts, her head, to view what she was dreaming, or nightmaring? No that wasn't a word. Focus! My wolf shouted at me, and I nodded, biting my lip against Kat's imprinted nails, and let my mind watch hers, like a movie on a screen, or a play in a theater. Not caring about crossing boundries, I needed to know what haunted her for her entire life, and I needed to know so I could protect her from it. Oh lord Kol, you sound like a pussy whipped dork, I scolded myself.

The walls were long... and practically empty. Wooden, shiny floors, lines of doors, and I noticed it was the packhouse, the old packhouse. But it looked different, like... before when Katerina was around, but when I hadn't realised she was my mate. Everything looked so spotless, and my heart constricted when I remembered why. I ordered her as alpha to clean everything, spotless, just like it looked. The image of her on her knees, scrubbing, and bawling her eyes out. shuddering I quickly dismissed it. It was almost like I was walking around invisible, no-one could see me, but I could see Katerina. And I could see Ace? She had been walking downt he hall when she brushed passed him in attempt to avoid contact, and he knocked her over so hard she smashed her head off the side of the wall, blood trickling down her temple. My wolf growled, fury building up.

Watch it, fat ass. Holy fuck.

He snapped at her, not even giving her a second glance to see if she was okay before walking away. I looked back at Katerina who was just trying to lift herself up. Her shirt was a little risen, showing off her little bump of a belly. She didn't even look fat, how could I have not seen that? She just looked a bit chubby. And her hair, and her eyes, I mean sure they were an odd color, and kinda of dull looking but look at her now? They're still an odd color, just more vibrent. How could I have let any of this effect how I treat- I see me. I'm walking towards her. I don't remember this day, but maybe that's because I was always trying to forget how badly I had hurt her, or maybeit's just because it was almost 3 years ago. Starring at how different I looked back then, I watched myself stop Katerina from going forward. And evil glint in my eyes. I even wanted to cower away.

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