Secrets revealed?

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I burst through my bedroom door looking around itching to see him. "Elijah!" I shouted and ran at him catching him off guard. He smashed against the wall and I wrapped my legs tightly around his waist and my arms around his neck pulling his face to mine. He didn't even have time to gasp before I crashed my lips to his with sudden urgency and need. He held onto me, responding slowly, which I'm guessing is because he was confused. I pulled away and hoped off of him. He was breathing heavy, running his hand through his 'just had sex' hair. I smiled. "Sorry... It's just. Well." I told him about what Rebekah had done, and she was right. He wanted to kill her. I told him it was okay, leaving out the part about my gift until now. "I want to show you something." I told him excited. He nodded. I extended my hand, palm facing the ceiling, placed between the both of us. I swirled my fingers around in a circles in it, cupping and curling my fingers, urging what I wanted to happen, and praying that it would and that I wouldn't embarrass myself. And the it appeared.

It was a wolf. Mist and fog swarming around the little ice statue that looked as if it was howling at the moon. He jumped back surprised and snapped his eyes to mine. "How?" He asked a smile tugging at his lips. "It came to me in a dream. Your parents, suggested I try practicing. That's what I was doing this s'morning. That's what Rebekah was helping me with, why she said what she did. It was too get me mad enough so it would break free. We had an idea of what it was, so the hard part was already acomplish. Your mother said... she said I'm a 'Winter munipulator', atleast she just made up the name. It's mainly element munipulation, but only winter-y things. Snow, frost, fog, mist, winter in general, the cold." I told him all in a long breath. He picked me up and spun me around, the icey wolf shattered to the ground, but I ignored it. I giggled as our noses touched, him smiling at me in awe. "This is amazing! You never cease to amaze me Mrs. Bathas." He told me after my feet hit the ground again.

I laughed un-easy. "I'm glad baby." I told him. "Me too." He winked. "I have to go talk to Tamara, somethings come up. I'll tell you all about it later. I just wanted... to make sure you were still here. Still mine." I told him and pecked his lips. "I'm always going to be here." He told me, our foreheads leaning against one anothers. I nodded meekly and smiled kissing him again before walking out of the room and down the hall to Joel's. I knocked and stepped back waiting for Tamara to answer. She opened the door with red rimmed eyes and a tight smile. She ushered me in, and I obeyed and slowly she clsoed the door behind me. We both sat on the bed in silence for a while. "So...." I said awkwardly. "So." She mimicked her voice flat, though. "How're you holding up?" I asked her, not wanting to get to the point too quickly. "I'm okay, I guess. I mean it's not like Joel was my mate, but I did like him." She told me, a real half smile this time. I nodded understanding.

"So, T, how did you know?" I asked her, getting confused all over again. "Ooh. That." She said and started pacing at the end of the bed. "Well. It's my gift. Just like you and Rebekah have one. Mine is... that one touch, and I can know everything about a person, everything they've seen through their eyes since the day they were born. When I touched Bekah.. I knew. I seen how it hurt her, why she had hated me. I knew then that I had to let go of Joel, push him. Since he didn't know about them being mates, when I touched him I didn't know from him, so that's when it clicked that I had to let her be with him, I would want the same thing if it were me and my mate. If the positions were switched and swaped." she explained. "Jheeze, what's with everyone having gift's in this pack? I get what Mr and Mrs. More were saying now." I told her rubbing the brig of my nose. She laughed un-easy. "Yup. I guess that's three huh?" she told me and sat down beside me again.

"Are they okay now? did they make up?" she asked me. I thought about explaining it but instead held out my hand. She took it hesitently, but soon she was understanding with sadder eyes than before. "I never wanted that to happen. She was supposed to tell him and they would fall happily into eachothers arms." She gushed. I looked at her with my eyebrows raised like she was nuts. "Are you feeling okay? Since when are fairytales real?" I asked her. She laughed throwing her head back. "Well werewolves are real, are they not?" She smirked. "Okay, you got me their, I have no come back." I told her. She smiled. "So do you think you're going to be okay?" I asked her. "Yeah, I think so. Congradulations by the way." She winked at me like Bekah had. I blushed. "Thank you." I laughed and cleared my throat. "You should forgive Ace." She said suddenly.

I starred at her in horror and shock. "Despite what he said, it's a lot worse. He bumped into me earlier. If pain had a definition... it would be your brother, Kat." She told me. "I want to forgive him, I do. But how can I, I needed a brother, someone to save me until my mate came along, and he did nothing but contribute to it. And then my mate rejected me, and Ace did was nothing. Again." I told her, my heart constricting. "I get it.. I do. I mean, I don't have sibilings, but I know how hard it can be to battle with yourself over two things." she told me. "Exactly. I'm debating with myself. On one hand, I love my brother, but I can't let him back in my life. He's hurt me over and over again, every time I needed him, he wasn't there. He was never there, and I hate him for it. On the other hand, I love my brother, and I want to forgive him. I just need time, time to let myself let him back in with open arms." I told her... or maybe I was telling myself. I sighed rubbing my forehead.

"Take the second option. Give yourself time, but forgive him. Even if it takes weeks, just make sure you forgive him. I know nothing would make him happier. And I know how much he deserve's it." She told me. And walked into the bathroom of her's and Joel's room. I couldn't help but believe her. She practically seen everything he ever went through, it must have been horrible with the way she's describing it. She wasn't even his mate, Renee was, which meant she had no reason to feel this on purpose, so that meant she must really want it. Really mean everything she was saying. My heart constricted again, how badly had I hurt my own brother? As bad as he hurt me? I didn't understand. I was so confused, how messed up was everyone when I left? It can't be as bad as I'm thinking, I mean Kol doesn't give a rat's arse about me or anyone but Melonie and maybe his parents. But Ace... I seen it in his eyes. The was they lit up like lights on christmas when he seen me.

How loving he had been, the bags under those eyes, how strained and scaryily sick he looked. He still looks that way too. I wiped some stray tears from my eyes. I didn't know what to do anymore. I missed him, maybe more than my mate. No, diffinately more than my mate. My brother was the only family I had left, despite everything I couldn't help but still love him. No matter what, I still loved him, I always would. I just needed time. Sighing I put my head in my hands. I also needed food. I used way too much energy last night, and Bekah had me woken up at 7:00 am in the fudgin morning. I blushed at last night's memories. Breakfast, breakfast sounds amazing, I thought shaking out my previous ones. I grinned and rushed out of the room and back to mine to get Elijah so fast I don't think I was even visible.


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