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"Where did you go?" The voice snapped at me. I looked over at Kol. I cowered away from Ace and into Elijah's arms again, playing with his stomach the moment I got comfy. Cliff and Joel came up to stand beside up. "I ran." I told him and looked into his eyes. "I know you ran, I can see you ran. I'm not fucking blind." He said his voice not loosing it's edge of fury. "I just told you." I said softly. "You left with a note, one that talked about you seeing your parents again! We though you were dead! I though you were dead!" She shouted. I whimpered and Cliff stepped forward growling. "Leave. Her. Alone. You have no right to talk to her that way." He snarled. I pulled the sleeve of Joel's plaid shirt. "Don't hurt him. It's not cause I don't want him to suffer, it's just cause it will hurt Kat." Elijah told him and I let go frowning deeper, realizing he was right. Joel growled and yanked Cliff away from Kol. "He's not worth it." He told him, and Cliff came at me pulling me into his arms glaring at Kol. His face fell at the sight.

"Cliff, I'm okay." I told him. He glared harder. "Clifford." I whispered and he looked at me with sad eyes. I nodded and he let me go back into Elijahs arms. "So you're with him?" Kol asked glaring. "What's it too you?" Joel asked rudely. "Nothing. I was just asking." He spat back. "Enough. Yes I'm with Elijah. 4 day's, 3 hours, 27 minutes." I said non chalently. "That was seriously hot." Elijah muttered slightly stunned. I smacked his chest bu he just peck my cheek grinning. Kol growled. "Shut up. You wouldn't want your mate to get mad." I told him glaring. "You're right. I wouldn't. Too bad she's not here in the room right now huh?" He said after a moment of thinking. I flinched slightly at his agreeing but hid it with a snarl. Elijah kissed me neck slowly. "Relax, baby." He said sort of loud, I liked that he was making Kol jealous. Good for nothing ass, I thought starring at him.

Kol's face was strained, it looked weak, it softened out though and this time he whimpered. "I thought I lost you." He said. "You did loose me, Kol. You lost me when you said those three little words. And you can't expect to gain me back. Not now, not ever." I raged at him and Elijah held me back. "I didn't mean to make you run... I wanted you to stay." He said and I heard the honesty in his voice. "Yeah, well I didn't. When my mate rejected me I felt like killing myself. I was broken and bruised inside and out. I had to leave, I wanted to leave. And I'm glad I did." I screetched at him. "I'm sorry... Kat I really am, please believe me." He begged. His eyes were longing. Burning into mine. My wolf whimpered, bu she didn't want to go to him. She wanted Elijah. Only Elijah. "Go fuck yourself." I spat, venom itching in my voice. Kol flinched and I pushed past him, bumping his shoulder like a child having a temper tantrum, and stormed out of the room.

"Babe, calm down." Elijah told me rubbing my hair. We were in the living room sitting around. Rebekah was trying to calm down Cliff, and I thought how much it must hurt knowing you can't help your own mate, since Joel's girlfriend was doing that job. "Don't tell me to calm down." I growled but whimpered after I realized I was mean to him. I held onto him tighter. "I'm sorry. I'm just angry, and sad, and tired." I told him nuzzeling his jaw with my nose. "I fucking hate that guy." Cliff said it as if it was the smartest thing to say in the entire world. I laughed. "Feeling's mutual." I muttered. "I wanted to hit him with a tree trunk when he started yelling at you." Rebekah said with rage. I laughed. "That would have been funny to watch, sadly I would have felt it ten times worse." I told her. She sighed. Tamara was being offly quiet. I frowned. "What's wrong T?" I asked. "I just.. I fell so bad. You looked terrible up their. And then your brother... I just can't imagine what you're going through." she breathed her voice cracking.

Joel pulled her closer to him and kissed her. "It's okay baby, she's a tough cookie." He told her and Tamara nodded. "Besides, if I can beat Elijah, I'm pretty sure I could take Kol. Not that it would come to that, but I'm just saying. I have a few tricks up my sleeves." I told her smiling. Rebekah winked at me and I smirked. I just had to figure out how to use these tricks since I have no idea at the moment... I thought grumpily. "Is this place even going to be big enough for us?" Cliff asked. "Well.. I don't know. I was thinking about that too. Two of the largest packs in one pack house.. not so smart, and not so roomy. We should start looking for something bigger, there's gotta be atleast 100 from our pack alone, right?" I asked looking up at Elijah. "Yeah, something like that." He told me. "Well then we should start looking tomorrow." Joel added. "I agree. The faster we do this, the faster were wedged away from the mutt's downstairs." Cliff glared in that direction. I laughed. "Alright. Sounds good to me." Rebekah and I said at the same time. I grinned at her.

"Oh, Elijah. Sometime today, do you think I could steal your girlfriend?" Bekah asked him. He blinked then chuckled. "Uh, sure. What for?" He asked confused. "Girl stuff. Ya know, cramps, pads, tampons, period blo-" "Uh. stop. Please." Cliff threw a pillow at her cutting her off. I laughed. The look in her eyes meant that she wanted me to start my practicing. But I didn't understand why I had to start it now, meaning today, but whatever, I didn't dwell. "As long as you bring back my baby in one piece, you can have her as long as you want." Elijah told her grinning. "No problem. Blue hair, tattoo and a couple piercings and w'll be back in no time!" She teased excited. His face fell. "I'm kidding, I'm kidding. Don't get your boxers in a bunch." She told him causing us all to laugh. "I just love this girl right here, anything happens to her, and you take your last breath." He told Rebekah playfully. She smirked. "Gotcha Alphy.".

"I love you too, by the way." I told him. He smiled. "Oh I know, I'm just that lovable." He said. "Whatever helps your ego, big boy." I patted his cheek. He glared and I smirked eviliy. I kissed his lips, catching him off guard. He was frozen for a moment. I tried to pull away but he held me their moving his lips with mine smiling. I puffed out my lips causing him to get blwon in the face with air. I heard Cliff chuckle. Elijah then started tickling me making me laugh and try to squirm away. "S-s-stop..." I breathed and wiggled. "Nope." He grinned and tickled away. "P-please." I wiggled again. Smiling, he kissed my whole face. Starting from my forehead to my nose, my cheeks, and then my lips. I was giggling uncontrollably the whole time, my friends not helping me at all. "Well, well, well. Look what the dog pound brought back." a snarky voice said from behind us. I turned around and my heart started beating fast.



CHAPTER 21 !!!

Who do you think it is?

What is Kol doing? He just got his mate back safe and sound and he's still treating her like crap!?




AND FAN!! <3:D


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