Fed up

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I sank to the floor with a cracked heart. Scratch that. A completely shattered heart. The crowd formed around me was laughing and mumbling the same comments, only this time, his name was mentioned in them. Well, some of them didn't know what mating was, let alone that werewolves existed, so there comment's were questioning.

"What a loser. Good for Kol for rejecting her."

"He rejected her." Laughter, laughter and more laughter.

"She deserves everything she gets given to her."

"What's so big about being rejected?"

"Stupid little girl, always the loser."

"When did they even start dating, how can she be rejected?"

"I don't see why she's even alive. Honestly, no-one like's her. Not even Kol. Worthless excuse for a werewolve." Ace had said with a lot of vemon and hate in his voice.

"She should have died with her parents. They died because of her, it should have been only her. Not them. Kol doesn't want her. Her own brother doesn't even want her. Fucking pathetic."

That last one stung. More than the one my own broher had said. The tears that rimed my eyes were now falling freely down my pale chubby cheeks. The hallways was now totally empty, and I was left alone. I was hyperventalting. I was just rejected by my mate. My brother hates me, he practically blames me for our parent's death. Everyone in this stupid school is set out to make me regret living. And the funny thing is... everything they say about me is right. I am fat, or atleast I am overweight. I'm not at all skinny, and I'm not even saying that because the've convinced me of it. Even before my parents died, before my brother started hating me, I knew I was a little too big for anyones liking. I wasn't attractive either. My hair was a dull, dead, burgendy red. My eye's were such an odd color. An also very dull, diariah green with grey specks. My own reflection made me want to hurl at the sight of it. Everyone was right, I should have died with my parents. No, correction, I should have died instead of my parents.

I slapped away the tears from my face and scrambled up to a stand. Ignoring my backpack that lay on the ground, I sprinted out of the school doors and back down the street until I felt the gravel rocks beneath my thin, worn out converse. I slowed my walking into a fast speed walk as I past the familiar driveway. I stepped into the empty pack house, and holding onto the railing, stormed up the stairs skipping two steps each until I reached my door right above them. I burst through it, rumaging through the broken drawers of my broken dresser to take out the few clothes I did have and shove them into a duffel bag. I grabbed my mom and dad's picture from under the matress that lay directly on the dirty floor, dusted it off, and placed in the duffel bag aswell. I zipped it up, slummed it over my shoulder and sighed. One thing I had to do before I left was visit Renee's room. When I reached her white, flowery door, I stopped. New tears flooding my eyes.

I had left a very breaf explanation as to why I'm leaving for her on her bed. I wrote the note out myself, and told her how she would never see me again, how I was sorry, and then left the room with new tears. When I closed the pack house front doors behind me for the last time, thinking in my head "I'm leaving Kol Night's Fallen Moon pack", I felt my soul shatter. I was now officially a rogue wolf, and I knew the Alpha, along with the whole pack would feel I was leaving. Not that they would care anyways, I thought to myself as I approached the woods. I knew the instant I crossed from my normal territory, to an unknown one, I would feel another shatter, and so would the pack. Then would they know I was truly gone. So that's exactly what I did. Placing the duffel bag near a tree, I shifted, feeling my human clothes rip and tear to shrivels of cloth as a brown/beige fured wolf took place. My bone's felt free. The kind of release you feel only when you shift after 5 years of being trapped inside a human form. It was nice to be in contact with my wolf again. Her voice rang in my ears as I picked up the bag with my teeth, and ran through the tree's and off the territory, away from Ever Falls.

Kol's (P.O.V)

When we burst through the pack house doors, every pack member rushed around looking for anything they could find that Katerina might have left, by my order. Anything to see where she was going. We felt it when she left, the physical pain had the whole pack crashing to the grounds in classrooms and hallways of the school. It was pur torture what we all felt the moment she left for good. No soon after 10 minutes of seraching, Renee, was rushing down the stairs, a sobbing wreck with a loose sheet of paper in her shaking hand. I took it from her and what I read had me reeling over in pain as my eyes started blackening furiously.

Dear, Ren.

I'm sorry, but I'm leaving. I can't do it anymore. Please, don't come find me, and you won't see me again, I promise you, Ace, Kol, and the whole pack that. I swear it.

I didn't wan't to leave like this. I didn't pick this life to live. Ace hates me, my own brother hates me, Ren. Can you believe it? It all feels like a nightmare sometimes. Kol turned out to be my mate, can you believe that?

He left me broken, Ren. Everything in me is broken. He rejected me, he doesn't want me. No-one does anymore, it all hurt's too much. My whole center shifted when he left me there crying, I felt destoryed, souless. Ren it was the worst pain anyone could ever experience.

Oh, I'm going to miss you so much. Thank you, for never listening when I told you to get out of my room, for being my only friend despite what Alpha said. Live your life Ren, live it with a loving mate, and adorable pups running around.

I'll be living mine, maybe, hopefully in heaven with my mom and dad. Wouldn't what be something, Ren? I'm smiling at the thought right now.

Hey Renee, could you tell Ace I'm sorry? That I wasn't a better sister... someone he could be proud of. And could you tell Kol I'm sorry I wasn't good enough? And that, I formally and officially accept his Rejection. It's better if they never see this, so could you just pretend like I told you this before I left, please?

Like I said, you won't see me again, I promise.

Love always,

Katerina <3.


So that was my SECOND chapter!! Please tell me what you think, I love the comments!! Thankyou!!<33



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