Letting go..

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Katerina's (P.O.V)


When I reached the woods, I ran, further, farther, shifting mid air, then much further, and much farther. Feeling the wind through my fur was angelic, and I pushed myself up the cliffs, and moutains around the pack house, right to the top. Starring over my surroundings, it was all... beautiful. Actually really beautiful. I never thought I could feel, or see beautful again. "Kat, what have you done my little girl?" A voice whispered from beside me. Turning my head, I gasped at who was infront of me. Or.. the who's, who were infront of me.


Katerina's (P.O.V)

"Thats impossible." I breathed. "Nothing is impossible, sweetie.", my mother cooed. I didn't breathe this time. I couldn't breathe this time. All I could do was stare at my parents. Bradley and Jennifer Bathas. The dead parents that were infront of me, and indeed not looking so dead. I couldn't speak, or blink. Nothing. "What have you done?" My father asked. But his voice wasn't rough or harsh, it was gentle, soothing even. I shook my head. "I didn't do anything, how are you here? You are supposed to be dead." I asked. I must be going crazy. I'm seeing ghosts now. Oh hell, I need therapy. "We are dead sweetie. You're hallucinating. When you turned off your emotions, you left yourself open to more. More of the world that you keep fighting against, more of the world that others can't see." My mother was trying to explain, but I didn't understand. I don't think I wanted to understand. But my father was going to try and explain this time. "When you shut, out your reality, you can no longer feel anything around you that you would normally feel. So you start feeling, and seeing, unnormal things. Things like the dead. Like us."

I blinked. Finally able to do something other than stare in shock. "But I seen you before, at the park. Atleast, I thought it was you Daddy." I mumbled to myself. "Well sometimes, when you feel empty, sort of in a depressed state, that's when your mind, your body is debating turning off your emotions all together. You caught a glimpse of your father, only because you were so down about yourself, baby." My mom looked at me with sad eyes and I nodded, letting it sink in just a little bit. "You weren't supposed to die, it should have been me! Why did you have to leave me." I screamed. "Oh hunny, things that happen are always meant to happen. It wasn't your time to die, it just wasn't your time." My mother told me, and pulled me into a hug. I wanted to struggle against her, but I didn't fight the warmth that rushed through my body.

To say I felt selfish was an understatment. Because even though my mother was here holding me, while my father stood slightly behind her smiling in my direction, I couldn't let my emotions flood back into my system all the way. I felt little. Very little. But that's only becuase this was so much to take in that it felt like my barriers, my wall that's keeping me from mushing down with guilt, had a crack in it. Tiny enough to go unnoticed, yet still very effective. And I couldn't let it lead to any more cracks, because the possibilty of feeling everything ive done wrong, well, it scared me more than the fact I could feel and see the dead. Is what my mom said true? That things that happen are always meant to happen? Was I meant to be rejected by my true mate, and decieved and lied to by my second mate? I shoke my head just as my mom let me go. "So why am I hallucinating you now? I mean there must be a reason." I asked. My parents shared a look before looking back at me with worried eyes. "There is." My dad looked at me with a half smile, half grimance, and I wasn't sure what to expect.

I squinted my eyes. "Well?" I asked. "Oh, right. You want to hear it." My mom laughed, practically glowing. I had to brace myself she looked so stunning. I had no idea where I got my looks from, but that was the least of my worries at the moment. "Well duh, of course I'd like to know." I replied. She raised her eyebrows at my tone and instantly I added "Please." She smiled again and nodded at my father who took a deep breath. "We're here to convince you of something." he started. I sat there, listening, scrunching my hands around the grass that surrounded me, as my feet dangled over the edge of the moutain cliffs. "Convince me of what?" I asked, looking out into the view again. "Something you should have done a long time ago, that is meant of you, that everyone is expecting you do to." he added. "Jheeze, no presure there." I muttered under my breath. I sighed. "Okay, so whats this big, cruciel thing you need to tell me?" I sideways glanced at them. "We don't have to tell you anything, we're convincing you to turn back on your emotions, baby girl." My mom said. I shoke my head.

"No thanks, I'm not ever going to be convinved." I told them both. "You know the best thing about being able to touch you sweetie?" My dad asked. I shrugged. "What?" I replied slightly confused. "The fact that if we can't convince you, we can force you. Dead or alive, we're are still your parents." He added, looking me straight in the eye. I gasped and as loud as I could, I screamed "No." The ground rumbled, tree's shoke, and I cleared my throat. "I didn't expect it to be that loud.." I said to myself. Shaking my head I added to my parents "I'm not asking to see you, I don't want to turn my emotions back on." "Well if you keep them off, you will loose everyone who cares about you. Do you really want to go through that baby?" My mom asked, stroking my hair. Thinking it over, I didn't know what I wanted. "This isn't fair either way." I raged at them. "Dead or alive we are still your parents, Katerina!" My dad belowed. "But you're not alive, you're dead, and that's the way you should stay!" I screamed back.

"If you think that so much, turn your emotions back on, we'll be gone if you do. If you want to remember the way we died, forget all that's happened just now, turn them on, let yourse'f feel again, and the moment you do, you can get the goodbye you wanted, a chance to let us go for good, the real way, the better way." My dad told me. "Katerina, we didn't want this life for you. Please know that we were meant to die in that river, not you. You were meant to live a full life, a life with your mate, and cubs, not living with a seal on your humanity." My mother added in before I had the chance to respond. The love radiating off them, it was all just sinking in. "Please, don't stay this way. Look at it from Ace's point of view, sweetie. Do you want him to go through life without parents, and without a sister as well, or do you want him to have some kind of family?" She said. I blinked, and then felt a drop fall on my arm. I looked down at it, then back up to the sky. "Is it raining?" I asked, my voice was hoarse and I cleared my throat looking back at my parents. "No hunny, those are called tears." My mom soothed my hair back behind my ears.

"I can't cry though, I don't feel." I said, sniffling and wiping my nose. "This is only the first step..." My father added. "What's the second step?" I asked, wiping my nose again. "Saying goodbye." he said. I shoke my head. "You can't just leave me again." I gasped between hiccups. "Oh sweetie, don't think of it as leaving, think of it as a first goodbye." I look at my mom, tears running down my face, my neck, and soaking my shirt. "We love you...." My dad said to me. I closed my eyes. "I love you too." I mumbled. "Let go..." My mother whispered into my ear, and I took a deep breath. With that, I felt my walls shatter completely. Guilt, the sadness, the alone feeling, rushing through my blood, fueling my soul with emptyness. A cool rush of wind krept up my spine, I tightened my eyes, urging to freeze over my core again, begging anything and everything to seal it up but it wasn't working. I could feel again. I could feel everything. My eyes shot opened and I looked around me. "Mama, Daddy?" My neck whipped back and forth looking for them, but no-one was around here but me. I took another deep breath, and headed back towards the pack house. I had a lot of apologies to make.



So, Kat's emotions are back on, who do you think she's going to apologise too first? :P

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