Kirishima Eijirou; Manly Confession

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This was not a good idea. Kirishima wasn't feeling the manliest he could be right now. He felt like puking in the large trash bin next to the cotton candy stall. He watched as Y/N knocked each can down in the shooting game she was playing against Kaminari. The vendor cheered and handed her a giant stuffed penguin which was then given to her opponent.

"Tsk." Kirishima couldn't help but let jealously influence the little sound that came out of his mouth. He didn't know if he was jealous of Kaminari for getting the penguin or jealous of the fact that Y/N had managed to shoot down all of the cans on her first try. It took him years of his childhood to even manage to get two cans down.

He shook his head and slapped his cheeks, the small gift box hitting the left side of his face. He wasn't here just to watch her have fun with other guys. He was here to confess his undying love in a very, very manly way—he just wasn't too prepared for it. After all, if it weren't for Mina overhearing his conversation with himself about a confession plan, he wouldn't have been here at the festival worrying his butt off. His mind was in a scramble; he invited Y/N to spend the night with her at the festival, yet he couldn't look her in the eye or speak to her when waiting in line for yakisoba. How could he when she looked so pretty in her yukata?

"Nnrgh, what should I do?" he grumbled to himself.

"Man up and tell her you like her already."

"Wah–!" Kirishima whipped his head around and found Mina standing right behind him with a candied apple in her hand. "When did you get here?!"

"Just as soon as you started mumbling to yourself." She took a bite of the apple. "What's gotten you so conflicted?"

"I–" He paused and ruffled his hair in frustration. "I don't know what to do. I can't even approach her, let alone look her in the eyes." Kirishima looked up at Mina. "How am I supposed to confess to her in this state? I feel like a loser."

"You are not a loser!" Mina slapped his back and took another bite of her apple. She continued with her right cheek full, "I dragged you here so that you could tell her what you really feel. Remember what happened at the dance last year? You chickened out on your confession, and she thought she did something wrong when you suddenly left the hall all of a sudden!" Mina momentarily placed a hand on her forehead, remembering the situation. "We're already second-years. If you don't say anything now, then when will you? She might be swept away by the time we're third-years, Kiri!"

"Swept away?!"

"Yes, swept away! Do you know how many people have fallen for her?"

"Then what chance do I stand? There's so many more suitors besides me." His head dropped along with his shoulders.

"Kirishima!" Mina slapped the back of his head. Kirishima's self-deprecating words reminded her of his old self, triggering her anger and causing her violent actions. "This is not the manly man I know! So what if there's other dudes that like her besides you? She might reject you, but at least then she knows how you feel about her! What happened to living like it's your last?" Kirishima looked up at Mina, processing her words.

"I just," Kirishima sighed. "I just don't know how to do it. I want it to be perfect, something memorable for her. It's pretty lame if I tell her just like that." Mina looked around trying to scavenge ideas and areas for her best friend's confession to her other best friend.

"Oh!" Mina stamped her fist on the palm of her other hand. "Fireworks!"


"The fireworks show! Confess to her then!" Mina pointed up to the sky. "I've seen a lot of shows where the main lead confesses to their love interest with fireworks in the background. I think it has something to do with the mood or something."

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