(Special Chapter!) 38.5 || Office Building

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  Toga dreamily stared out the dirty window at the girl dueling with three other boys. "Y/N..." She sweetly coos, a sickly lovestruck smile on her face. "Say, isn't she so great? I just want to be part of her.." Twice looks at the blonde, knowing she had developed another 'crush'.

  "House of Evolution? What kind of crappy business was this building used for?.." Dabi pulled a sour face, reading an old pamphlet he found in one of the drawers. Reading further into the pamphlet, he guessed the whole 'bankruptcy' facade he found out earlier was to cover up that they probably just gave up on this House of Evolution thing. Continuing to mess around with the stuff on the desk and in the drawers, an open leather notebook peeped out from under a bunch of crumbled balls of loose paper. Hm? What was this?

  "Isn't this the girl that fought at the ward?" Dabi stared at the page full of the girl's pictures– very candid by the way– with dates of when they were taken along with messy notes observing her and her power. A picture of her slapping a giant mosquito woman, resulting in the blood-sucking lady's end. A picture of her hitting a blow to a giant pile of muck, resulting in a messy aftermath. A picture of her... eating cup noodles? Dabi shook his head and continued reading the notes; it started with how she was able to take out any villain with one hit. The writing then evolved into figuring out how she got the power and how they could find a way to create that kind of power for evolution. Formulas, calculations, more candid shots, scribbles of ink overlapping words and numbers, a big red 'X' over a whole page; a conclusion written in red pen on the next page. It was written awhile back.

  'She was able to defeat our strongest creation with just one punch. Not just any punch. It was her punch. We've run into a sort of power that cannot be recreated through formulas and chemicals. I give up on evolution. Thank you.

  -Dr. Genus'

  Dabi felt his sweat go cold, remembering the young prodigy after seeing his name. Was she really that strong to make this brainiac give up?

  "Uh, this doesn't look too good!" Twice announces while pointing out the window, catching everyone's attention. Shigaraki's eyes widened as he saw the girl about to throw a punch.

  "Kurogiri!" On cue, Kurogiri opened up and sucked everyone in, migrating them all to the third hideout All For One informed him about.

  Punch. Blow. Crumble.

  The building crumbled to dust right after the League had escaped to current location.


  Y/N stood there, bored. The giant blood-thirsty creature standing tall in front of her. What was she doing here? She was told there were free food samples which is why she was here. She's starting to feel like they were lying about the food. Shrugging, Y/N walked away, paying no attention to the creature in front of her causing him to go into a state of confusion and panic. He rushed to stop in front of her.

  "W-Wait! Aren't you scared of me? Aren't you going to act more afraid than that? You're walking away because you're scared right? I can crush you to pieces with one punch; you know that and that's why you're walking away right?"

  Y/N, uninterested, stared at the creature before walking around him. The creature himself grew fearful at her lack of response and interest. Maybe... she was stronger than him which is why she wasn't scared. The creature's senses tingled, feeling a powerfully scary aura surrounding the teenager. He backed up to the wall as the girl continued walking to the exit. She yawned, about to leave the room until a man in glasses stopped her.

  "Don't be afraid, Carnage Kabuto. She's just a quirkless girl. How much harm can she possibly do to you?" the male smirked. Y/N was confused as she looked at him. How did he know that? And wasn't this the guy that said there were free food samples? What a jerk. Poking fun at her for being quirkless and for lying to her that there were free samples. If there weren't any free samples, what did they even bring her here for?

  "Is that so? Then... let's have some fun." Carnage Kabuto cracked his knuckles, charging at the bored girl. Y/N yawned once again and dodged his attack. This continued like a game of tag until Carnage Kabuto turned green and purple, making the room go into lockdown mode, trapping the male wearing glasses inside the room as well. Carnage Kabuto then grabbed ahold of the girl, swinging her around like she was a toy doll, throwing her to the ground, left, right, forward, backward, and every direction he could think of, leaving damage on all of the walls. He grew irritated as he saw the girl didn't look the least bit fired up from the fight, neither injured from all the throwing around. She just yawned again.

  "Let's Just get this over with. I'm hungry." Y/N jumped up with her fist raise above her. Carnage Kabuto looked at the tiny fist coming towards him.



  As simple as that. Y/N plopped back down onto the ground. Looking bored, she left the building through a giant hole in the wall made by the explosion of Carnage Kabuto. She didn't even spare a glance at the man in glasses.

  "Should I get cup noodles?" she mumbled as she continued to stroll out the building.

  The man watched as she left, holding his slightly bleeding arm.


  He'll just give up on evolution..


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