Bakugou Katsuki; Akiyama and Two Gremlins

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  Glancing at her. Looking forward. Glancing at her. Looking forward. Katsuki Bakugou's eyes danced to-and-from the side of his classmate's head and the pizza slice in front of him. His eye twitched at the not-so-quiet snicker from Mina. He probably should have tried harder to kick her and the rest of their friends out of his room if he knew information of his love life was going to get squeezed out of him.

  Silly Mina dragged her friend out to the pizza diner during Y/N's shift in hopes that Bakugou's love life would only advance from hereon out. Because the boy was more of a coward than she had thought, the least she could do was at least help him ask her out.

Antsy to watch her friend finally confess to the love of his life— as much as he hated to admit it— Mina swung her legs back and forth underneath the table, ready to jump out of her seat when she spotted Y/N push through the gate that separated the kitchen from the rest of the diner. She perked up, and to Katsuki Bakugou's dismay, she called out to her– too quick for him to turn Mina back around to face the table.

Y/N whipped her head to the side and speedily walked over to their table. She deserved employee of the year for being so quick to tend to her customers.

"Is everything okay?" she asked as she scanned the food on the table. "Is there something missing from your order?"

  Mina snickers and sweetly reassured her best friend that everything was perfect. In that small customer-to-waiter moment, her eyes kept glancing at Bakugou, wanting for him to hurry up and make a move on the girl already. Bakugou crossed his arms while leaning back in his chair and looking down at the table, legs spread and easy for Mina's foot to reach out and kick his shin. He cursed inwardly and glared at Mina. If he weren't so conscious of Y/N's presence, he would have kicked her back and maybe even start a full-on fight.

  "I'm glad! My shift is ending, so I'll be taking my leave. Enjoy your food!" Y/N bows like how she was taught by Akiyama and turns to retrieve her stuff from the staff's locker room. Bakugou hadn't said a word; Mina furrowed her brows at why he didn't say anything.

  "Look, she's already leaving— Hey, Y/N!" Mina stood from her seat and waved her arm. This time, Bakugou stood as well and tried shoving Mina back in her seat.

  "No, stop– what are you doing– stop!– hey–" Bakugou grumbled until Y/N was eventually standing in front of them again.


  Bakugou looked at her and froze. She's always been pretty, but lately, she's been looking a little too pretty– enough to make Bakugou's heart beat like crazy. Maybe it was just love.

  "We, rather Bakugou, had something he wanted to ask you." The three employees standing in the kitchen behind the register perked their ears up at this. All motion had stopped in the kitchen, three heads leaning in and listening closely. Hanamaki almost dropped the pizza he was putting into the oven.

  "Oh?" Y/N turned to the boy who slightly turned his eyes away out of embarrassment. "What is it?"




  Mina couldn't take this.

  "Oh, silly you! Did you forget what you were going to say? Ahaha!" she awkwardly laughed and lightly slapped his back. He didn't do anything about it, though; he was too nervous about what was going on. "You were going to ask her to go to the park tomorrow, remember?"

  Akiyama lightly gasped to which Matsukawa had to cover her mouth. They couldn't blow their covers as eavesdroppers right now, not in a critical moment like this.

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