54 || Dance With Me

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Separate endings will be updated one at a time; the book will officially be ended when it has the "completed" tag :')

~the following week~

  Eyes. Eyes. Eyes. It was as though Y/N was an exotic sea creature at the aquarium with copious pairs of eyes staring at her. Distant passing voices that said, "Look over there!" or "Hey isn't that...?" were repetitive phrases heard throughout the morning–not that she heard them, though. Y/N mindlessly chewed on the straw of her juice box, staring hard at the ground. At this point, the ground was likely to blink first.

  "Psst, Y/N!" Mina nudged the girl's arm with her elbow. "Pssstt!"

  "Wakayama." Shoji's baritone voice snapped the girl out of her trance. Her eyes travelled up to the boy, then looking back and forth between him and Mina.

  "Huh? Is our train here already?" She stuffed the stash of convenience store snacks into her schoolbag in a hurry to get onto the train. The–still wrapped–melon bun she planned on eating for breakfast was in the crook of her neck, chin pressing it down onto her chest to keep it from falling; it was a surprise the juice box didn't fall out of her mouth.

  "Hurry up, ya slowpoke!" Mina teased and stuck her tongue out. Y/N was able to squeeze her way past the bunch of people crowding onto the train, then standing in between Mina and Shoji with the help of him saving room for her. She sighed and unwrapped the bun with a few crumbs falling back into the wrapper. Mindlessly taking small bites of her breakfast, she began to have a staring contest with the ground once more.

  Click! Shutter! Snap!

  Shoji looked around to see many of the passengers with their devices out, taking pictures of the three students with small "ooh"s and "ahh"s coming out from their mouths every other picture. Mina seems to have caught on too, as she suddenly perks her head up and starts looking around as well. Unlike Shoji, however, she gets comfortable and poses for the pictures. Just then, a pair of small feet appears in Y/N's line of vision, asking for a photo; however, that wasn't enough to bring her back into reality.

  "Um...Miss? Are you okay?" The little girl tugs at the hem of Y/N's school jacket–which was her first time wearing it, by the way, since she usually wore her yellow hoodie over her uniform.

  "C'mon Kanari, I think we should leave her be. She doesn't look like she's in the mood for a picture right now."

  "But, Mom! I wanna take a picture with the hero lady!" Mina takes notice of the little girl and subtly bumps Y/N's hip with hers. Y/N snaps her head up at Mina, then looking down at the girl holding her jacket.

  "We're sorry! She's just a bit tired, haha." Mina waves her hand at the mother and daughter. "She's fine now, though. Right, Y/N?" Confused at what was happening, Y/N nods at Mina, apologizing to the two citizens.

  "Now, would you like to take a picture?"


Y/N was silent along the whole walk to the hospital. Although she was just discharged, her mentor was still hospitalized. Her two classmates silently glanced at each other with concern. Was she still shaken up by the war? Was it because she was afraid to see the state Miruko was in? Shoji glanced at Mina, telling her to check on the girl; he would have done it himself, but he's not the best with his words.

"Uh, Y/N?" Mina cautiously reached out and hovered her hand over her shoulder. "Are you okay?" At this, Y/N's head slightly dropped but came back up to look at Mina. The latter slightly gasped seeing Y/N's depressive gaze. "Oh my, Y/N! What's wrong?" Mina pulled her into a side-hug; they continued walking like that. She was silent for a while, making Mina worry. "Is it about your injury? The war? About Mi-"

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