12 || Looking From Afar

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"Agh, the Sports Festival is coming up."

Chatter. Chatter. Chatter.

"Just for all those 1-A students to show us up..."

Chatter. Chatter. Chatter. Chatter.

"I wanna ditch it so bad!"

Chatter. Chatter. Chatter. Snore. Snore. Snore.


Y/N peacefully lumped over her desk near the back of the classroom, while the chatter clacked all the way down the hallways.

Snore. Snore. Snore. A smile appeared on his lips. A form of likeness bubbled in his heart the more his gaze locked onto her. Bubbling up, his ears began to tint red.

"Oi, Shinsou, what ya lookin' at?"

He turned his head to meet a pair of grins.


"Ho~ Y/N, huh? So, that's your type..."

"A man of culture! Hahaha!"

They bantered, while he tucked his chin down in a small haze of embarrassment. She was just cute, that's all. Aside from that, he wouldn't say he really knew her. He turned away bearing a stoic expression as the bell rang.

Pop. Pop.

Y/N pulled her head up in a fit of sleepiness. Lightly, she rubbed her eyes as the bright lights blurred her vision. Slowly, she widened her eyes to-

"Good afternoon, Y/N..!"

Intensity grew as Todoroki's burning stare continued. Tightly in his hands, he gripped a standard convenience store bought boxed lunch. With both hands, steadily but rigidly like plastic, he propelled it forward.

"This is for you..."

Y/N's head spun. What was with this boy? He was exactly like this yesterday.


"Master, what are your plans now?" Todoroki races over as she dragged her feet out the school tiredly.

Y/N's sweat dropped as he huddled by her side, together walking out the gates of U.A.

"I said, you don't have to call me master..." She scratched the nape of her neck in slight embarrassment. "Y/N is fine." she smiled.

"Ah, understood."


"Oh and mas- Y/N, I brought you some water. Please stay hydrated."

They stopped walking on the sidewalk. Odd motherly behavior acknowledged, blankly, she took the bottle from his hands. Taking a moment to look back at his anticipating and expecting eyes. Wait-

She looked at the bottle. Then back at him. Bottle. Him. Bottle. Him.

Pressure mounted over her head. What was with this pressure? His eyes were practically sparkling. Did he want her to drink it now?

Cold sweat flooded down. She opened the bottle to take a swift sip and then peeking back at him to view his reaction.



Stars shimmered in his eyes.

"Ahem ahem..."

Sharply, he swallowed the growing lump in his throat and cleared his throat. He continued his stoic, serious expression although his gaze flickered from her face to the cement as they continued down the street.


With a deadpanning expression, she blinked at his offering and accepted it.

Whisper. Whisper. Whisper.

"Are they together...?"

Whisper. Whisper. Whisper. Whisper.

"Can't believe Todoroki came back to visit Y/N during lunch again..."

Whisper. Whisper. Whisper. Wobble. Wobble. Wobble.

With a small wobble, Y/N got to her feet and began heading out of the classroom in a bored expression as gawks remained at the pair. Shinsou stuffed his hands into his pockets with a modest aggression and jealousy and followed in suit, still peeking from afar.

Pacing down the corridors and hallways-


Y/N let out a small comment at the ever growing crowd of students flocked by the front of the 1-A classroom, scouting their competition.


"Ahhh! He's just giving our entire class a bad name! OI! BAKUGOU!"

The uproar continued as Y/N squiggled her way past the bodies of gaping students, Todoroki tailing.

"Move it!" Bakugou's shoulder shoved Y/N-


Y/N stood still, staring with her signature deadpan gaze. Blink. Blink.

"I said, move!"

Aggressively, he ripped his hand out of his pocket and placed it on her shoulder.


He pushed Y/N-


He pushed-


He took both hands out and placed them on her shoulders, pushing with his whole body. His shoes scraping against the floors. His burning and raging state of self pride and dignity made everybody sweat. He wasn't gonna give in.

"..?" Y/N only gave him a look of confusion.

"!?!" He continued with his struggles.


"..." Y/N stared. "Woah."

His eyes were intense.

He snapped his enraged eyes up to meet her face.

"Ah! It's you!"

Y/N looked down at her body as if to check if she was still her.

"... Yeah."

"I want a rematch!" His palms crackled and the crowd's uproar rose.

"Ah!" She stamped her fist down on her palm. "You're that guy!"

He lunged at her as she stepped to one side. She pulled a sour look. She didn't like where this was going. At this rate, her lunch was going to somehow get even colder than it already was.

She frowned at the thought of a cold lunch.

She picked up the pace and power walked down away from the classroom in a fit of worry. Her speed making her merely a wisp to the eye, while Todoroki and Bakugou races after her; sprinting. Todoroki in silence. Bakugou in a fit of rage.


Everybody panned at the trio's exiting bodies as their sweat dropped. Their eyes lingered on the ghost of their figures once they left view. What just happened?


Shinsou kept quiet with less than zero emotion on his face. With his dark bagged eyes, he gazed at the ground in thought of the girl who had just withstood Bakugou's strength and Todoroki's speed.


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