47 || Overhaul

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"That... That's my name..." she repeated louder this time, thinking they didn't hear her earlier; she sweatdropped. Why do they keep calling her name?

Heavy footsteps were heard, getting louder as they came closer; she turned her head around, seeing Mirio back on his feet and getting ready to swing a punch at the man who Y/N still didn't know.



Y/N turned back around, seeing a gun in the man's hands. Aiming it at Mirio, his index finger was ready to push down onto the trigger. As if her thought process was more delayed than usual, Y/N could only watch as the bullet popped out of the head of the gun, the small ball flying towards Mirio; the little ball was close to its destination. She didn't have to think twice before she ran in between the older boy and the bullet, swerving as a human shield for Mirio.

Feeling a little pressure push down onto her shoulder blade, she sighed in relief. It didn't hit him, thank goodness.

Silence filled the air, Overhaul shocked at how she fast was to get in the way. Mirio's eyes were widened, his eyes looking at Y/N in the eyes before they travelled to where the bullet had hit her. A small splotch of red was seen around the bullet wound, the fabric of her costume absorbing the blood. Her wound looked painful, but she looked as though she didn't feel pain at all. Midoriya, however, felt pain just seeing her get shot. Not only had he imagined how much it must've hurt getting shot, but his heart also aches seeing her get hurt.

"That was close." Y/N smiled as if nothing happened. "We can't have you getting more hurt than you already are." She, once again, carried Mirio back to where Sir Nighteye was resting, wanting him to wait there as well. She observed the deep red slash that was carved into his arm. She pat his shoulder before going back inside. Take it easy Mirio.

Midoriya looked at Y/N with distraught and terror in his eyes. Why did she come back? He was worried that her wound would get worse. Y/N on the other hand did not care that she just got shot. In fact, a shot to her was like a paper cut to others. Of course it still hurt, but it was merely a small injury to her.

"Interesting..." Overhaul stands from his squatting position. He observed the girl with dark eyes. Her aura screamed for him to back off, but it only intrigued him more. The power she held, the power she used against All For One at the ward, the information she leaked about herself, her quirkless self that beat the one who possessed such a mess of quirks. What an interesting girl, indeed. Although stating that she's quirkless, He couldn't help but feel suspicious of her. Is she really quirkless as she stated to be? Was she just saying that to hide her true secret? He wanted to know her secrets; all of them. He wanted to know more about her. He was obsessed.

"Y/N, get out of here, it's dangerous!– Ugh!" Midoriya fell backwards from the shaking of the ground, the cement cracking and splitting apart, separating the two from each other. Y/N thought for a bit, feeling a sense of déjà vu. Hadn't Amajiki told her the same thing earlier? Was... was she stealing his thunder too...?

"Midori- I mean Deku, are you okay- oh." An arm wrapped her waist, dragging her along to the rocky platform a little girl was sitting on. She looked to her captor; bird-man cosplayer. He didn't care if she had a bunch of germs on her, especially since she's bleeding right now; he needed to get her while he could.

Still feeling lazy, she let him drag her to the platform. "What're you doing?"

He looked down at her, chuckling behind his mask. "What do you think?"

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