5 || Hidden Punch

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  "Caught..." A grin masked on his face.

  Time seemed to slow. Ringed around her neck was his hand. Nothing happened. Flickered eyes traveled to Eraser Head. Kicked out. Unconscious. It wasn't him. There were no disabled quirks.


  No effect.


  Her neck seemed smooth, perfectly healthy. His eyebrows furrowed, he should've had her by now. Her throat, torn away; suffocation. She should've disappeared. He wrung his hand around her further, binding it tight-

  "Hey, this is uncomfortable. Could you-" Eyes widened. His face met with hers and-

  She was going to disappear.

  He didn't want that. He was going to save her. Y/N. Midoriya's ears; stuffed. His gut; bloated. His eyes; determined. His body moved on its own. A zip of air, a mighty punch. His fist made contact with something much stronger. A bulking dark figure, a distortion of muscle. Bulging red-veined eyes, a visible brain. An amalgamation of bird and human.

  A man-made monster.

  Recoiled. On his feet, he shielded her, his right arm outstretched in front of her- His right arm? He peeked at his right arm, undamaged. How-

  "Nomu..." A slight peek of words, a malicious smile. Shadowed begins the massive figure, with a simple raise of an arm, the amalgamation thrashed around, a storm of sand and dust building. A grand slam, powering down-

  Another hulking figure, a bright shining aura of justice.

  "All Might!" Midoriya's eyes glimmered with joy.

  "Midoriya, take your friends and get to safety!"

  Running, jogging, halting. Y/N fell into a distressed state.

  Her pen had fell out of her pocket.

  Speed-walking backwards behind the rest of them, her face blanked looking back at her pen as it faded into a roaring sandstorm. What if it broke? That thought had hit a vein. That was the only pen she had. There was no way she had spare money to get a new one easily.

  Stopped. Regrouped with the rest of the class. Midoriya gave out a smile, chest heaving. A puffing red face as he turned around; Asui, Mineta and- Y/N?

  The boy blinked. An outline of her figure blinking by his side. "... Y/N...?"

  Fading into the monster-made sandstorm, there she was. Midoriya choked, his body beginning to hash into the messy storm of sand and dust.

  Y/N let out a small smile. She had gotten her pen, she held onto it tightly, securing herself to it. A hand wrapped around her neck once more, pushing her down- pushing- pushing her- pushing her down? She stood firmly upright.

  She stared at her opposition.



  A male, messy light blue hair. Clearly frustrated. What was with this girl? He let go of her, antics interrupted by a vicious slam. He tucked away within the hectic battle, unknown whereabouts. The hulking figure of All Might tossed on the ground, barely enough strength to hurry away; trying to regain strength, to regain hope. Weak, he was getting weaker.

  All Might hunched down on his knee, blanketed on the outer ring of the storm; east.

  Midoriya found himself at the scene, the other side of the central plaza; west.

  Y/N scratched the back of her head, eyes squinting as she searched for an exit; north.

  Nomu, the monster, in the center. Raging. Itching to rip and tear.

  The battle hidden underneath the storm. Silence had fallen, with only the gushing winds shouting. A tense atmosphere, seemingly dense enough to suffocate.

  Perhaps, if she just went straight then she could find herself back with everyone else. Y/N smiled lightly. She took a few steps forward. An encounter with the hulking figure. It raged. Slamming, cracking the ground. Thrashing about. Shrieking. Large muscles pulsing, bulging out.

  Y/N pulled a sour look on her face.

  Her figure within the sandstorm. A large figure? A large figure. That fatherly figure that Midoriya knew all too well. Silently, he cheered, keeping a lookout for Y/N. All Might. Worried yet trustful eyes watched.

  Her figure within the sandstorm. A small figure? A small figure. The growing figure that All Might familiarized with. All Might clutched his stomach in pain. Midoriya. Was he the one fighting?

  Skillfully dodging the attacks. A battle speeding off. Midoriya's hero fighting off a menace. All Might's pupil releasing his potential.

  A wondrous moment of illusions sealed by a battlefield of dust and sand. What really remained underneath-

  Y/N's face wrinkled; her pen, she had accidentally dropped it. Crushed under the feet of the monster.

  Her only pen.

  Her only punch.

  No flinching. No hesitation. The amalgamation's guts splattered, its body breaking unable to hold the pressure. A hurling screech. It was over.

  It had burst, and as the wind churned around, slowly clearing the sandstorm, Y/N had removed herself from the area, furrowing her eyebrows. She carried her broken pen in her steaming hand before taking an idle, random seat on the outskirts of the battlefield; crossed legs. She inspected the pen closely; the fading sandstorm aiding her sight. She deadpanned.

  What a seriously bad start to her day.

  She fiddled around with the pen's remains. Heavy sighing.

  Now, maybe if she had some glue then...


  The dust settling threatened him. He grunted, swiftly retreating from the scene. Warp. He ruffled his light blue hair, leaving. That punch. The power behind that punch.

  All Might. Was he getting stronger? Was Nomu weak?

  A game over. He clenched his hand, before relaxing in thought. A conclusion.

  That punch...

  It wasn't All Might's.

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