8 || Guts Splattered

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  "Behind me is the infamous S-ranked villain by the name 'Boros', his quirk ability allowing him to grow in size and in power the more people he's killed!" A villain wanted all over the world; a large bounty.

  Midoriya's eyes glued to the screen. Another villain attack of this size, on the same day. His breathing was uneven as he further observed, sweaty forehead, quivering hands. The camera had cut to the gigantic villain. In his hands, Boros grasped-



  Dangling upside-down from the hands of the infamous Boros, Y/N sighed in relief. She was lucky she wore shorts underneath her skirt today. Dangling. Dangling. She pouted. When was she allowed to leave? The villain's rampage continued.

  "Could you just stop for a moment?"

  "Huh?" the hulking muscular brute growled. "Think about your position, little girl! You've got guts to command someone like me at all, in fact!"

  He tossed her towards the ground; a solid hurl. Y/N frowned. Disappointed, she crossed her arms feeling a cooling surface underneath her back. A free cooling slide down to the ground, her body tapped on the cracked concrete below her. Eyes met with a set of cold ones.

  "Get up, we need to run now." A strict command. A head of half red and half white hair.

  "Oh, thanks Todoroki." She got to her feet, a small grateful smile.

  "What were you thinking?" He began to bring himself away from the scene, Y/N not following behind him. Not following behind him? Not following behind him.

  He snapped around. His eyes searched the area, finding her underneath the foot of the villain. Y/N held it up. Todoroki's gut felt a heavy punch. Holding it up? Y/N?

  "Please make a run for it, Miss." The girl spoke with ease, a small smile of a hero.

  "Thank you!" A screeching mother, carrying her child in her arms, dashed away, teary eyed.

  Y/N let go, stepping out; a small sour feeling pitting knowing that she has just touched a foot that had most likely never been cleaned before. "Ah, sorry, Todoroki, were you saying something?" She walked towards him, dusting her hands on her skirt. Todoroki recoiled; taking a step back, a large hand emerging from above.

  She sighed. Again?

  "You have impressed me, girl. But you are nothing more than a small road bump. An ant. A pebble in the sea." he spoke to her, as he had her gripped around his hand. "Are you worthy enough to even challenge me?"

  He set her down next to Todoroki. A bragging monologue that was certainly not asked for. Y/N zoned out. Blanking.

  "I have traveled through many countries, many pro-heroes have tried to stop me, and their fates end up in the cemetery. I, who have been blessed by the heavens with this power, with my unstoppable quirk, I will strike fear into every living creature and present my own order. I will rule over this planet, awaiting the day somebody from another universe will come and try to end me."


  "It is I, Boros, who is feared. I will be respected. I will be worshipped. My power is not to be questioned. I have been blessed, and I will cleanse these lands! There will remain nothing but my rule. Life and death are my words! My power! Nothing will get in my way! There exists no such hero that can withstand my power. Not even All Might! That pathetic hero! I AM ABSOLUTE POWER! I AM POWER ITSELF!"

  He released a violent screech. A determined thrash. An intimidating glare. Boros turned to the girl that had unknowingly challenged his power, to which her reply would be..!


  A blank face as she scratched the back of her head. She wasn't quite sure what to say to that. Not exactly a loss for words but a lack of care. Cool, she supposed. Him killing people definitely wasn't cool though. She didn't want to praise a villain for such an accomplishment of power. Plus, bragging about it so loudly was pretty lame. She slumped her shoulders. This guy was pretty annoying actually.

  Offended. He, Boros, was no laughing stock. How dare this girl. He swore to hurt her, damaging everything she cared about. He would start with that boy. Her savior, surely he meant something to her. He growled, throwing a slamming punch towards the boy. Todoroki had expected it, but he would not be granted a time to react to his sudden safety. A good few feet away from the slam.

  "Are you alright, Todoroki?"

  Perhaps, it had just been the light, but he had never seen her look the way she did. A heroic face of worry, yet determination and confidence that everything was safe. Her face sprung to life, her eyebrows seemed more refined, her eyes unlike their usual blank tone. A face of sharper, heroic detail.

  Next came a punch. Her punch.

  That was the end of Boros; reduced to nothing but guts that dirtied the city of Musutafu.


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