50 || Early to the Fight

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I'm putting the A/N at the top today so it won't bother you at the end, hehe. Anyways, I just wanted to write that "Gravitic Love" is stuck in my head, and I miss Tsukiuta. 😔

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~3 weeks later~

This was not good. This was not good at all. Y/N walked into something she knows she shouldn't be in alone right now. Specifically the battle the teachers at U.A. were informing all of the students about and preparing the students for. Better yet, this was more of a war. Not only were the students in the hero course receiving training, but the others in the general ed department, as well as the others, were given training for self-defense. This was one of the most intense fights of their time.

But that wasn't what Y/N was worried about, not at all; her real worry was way more troubling to her than accidentally joining this fight earlier than the others. She looked down at her clothes. An exasperated sigh mixed with the essence of a curse escaped her lips.

"This is the only hoodie I have. It'll be costly to get a new one if this one gets destroyed...."

She didn't bring her hero costume.



All eyes went to the frantic Midoriya Izuku who urgently jumped into the common living space where everyone was waiting for the cue to leave.

"Where's Y/N?!"



"She's not here?!"

"We're going into battle soon! Where is she?"

"I think she texted me earlier saying she was going out to buy cheese." Jirou spoke up.


Everyone turned their heads to Aoyama. The latter gulped, starting to sweat profusely.


  Screams, cries, yells of terror. All of it was heard, and all of it was present here in Musutafu.

  Y/N walked around, her usual mindless self being woke into what was currently happening. Her footsteps stopped, unable to comprehend what was happening.

  "Help me!!!" Y/N gasped, waking up from her trance; her eyes frantically searched around for the voice who called out for help. There she spotted an elderly man under a heavy pile of broken cement pieces, an elderly woman screaming for help as she kneeled in front of the man while trying to push the cement off.

  Y/N wasted no time in dashing over to the two, immediately lifting the heavy chunk of debris off of the man who was gasping for air. Y/N looked ahead; a group of villains were on their way to cause more ruckus. The large piece of cement that was once in the girl's hand was now on its way to push back the six delinquents into the ground before they could do any harm. She then pulled the man up to his feet, taking the two elders and slinging them both over her shoulders.

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