34 || Night Market

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It was hot. Not just because it was summer. But it was hot even with the A/C running. Y/N has been under the discomfort of being glared at for the past three days including today. They were here again, eating the same pizza they ordered from their previous visits. Tiny drops of sweat sprouted on her forehead as the temperature in her face got higher. A small blush starting to form, she wiped away the sweat on her forehead with her shoulder.

  "Oi, stop staring at her." Sero whispered to Bakugou.

  "Don't tell me what to do." the hothead grumbled.

  "Just let him be, Sero. Even with my teachings, he hasn't made progress. All we got out of this was pizza for three days straight." Mina sighed, knowing she failed at getting Bakugou to talk to the 1-C girl. He was hopeless in Mina's eyes.

  The angry face of Bakugou Katsuki was not-so-subtly growing into a deeper scowl as the girl would not look at him. Not like he wanted her to. But he was getting tired of just looking at her. Y/N shivered as a chill surfed upon her skin.

  "Wakayama!" Hanamaki tapped the cold-yet-hot-at-the-same-time girl on her shoulder causing her to turn her head around. "Akiyama said you can take off now."

  "Oh? Why?"

  "She said we're closing early. A maintenance guy is coming to fix one of our ovens."

  "Oh. Okay. Oh, and you don't have to call me Wakayama. I'm used to everyone calling me Y/N." she smiled.

  "Alrighty Waka-Y/N." Hanamaki lazily smiles.

  "Oi, don't combine her name like that Ushiwaka guy." Matsukawa laughed.

  Hanamaki walked back into the kitchen, smacking Matsukawa's back as he passed him. Y/N walked through the swingy door that separated the kitchen and register area from the other side of the store where customers would usually line up to order. She walked to the locker room, feeling her schoolmate's glare still on her.


"Cut it out dude! You're getting creepier by the second!" Kaminari whisper-shouts across the table.

"Bakugou, the other employees are staring at you. They might think you're a stalker or something-"

"So what? I don't care what they think of me. They have nothing to do with this." Bakugou leaned back in his chair.

Suddenly straightening up as he heard the creak of a door open, he looked back to where he was previously staring. Y/N came out in her yellow hoodie, lazily dawdling to the entrance of the store to take her leave. She waved to her fellow coworkers and greeted them goodbye, Bakugou Katsuki still glaring at her while his schoolmates argued over whether or not they should get different pizza sauce next time. She left the store, flinging her hood over her head.

  "Hey, are you gonna eat your crust- huh?! Where's Bakugou?" Kaminari bolted up from his seat as soon as he saw that one of the five of them went missing from their shared table. Catching the attention of the others, Mina groaned in frustration, realizing she let her 'student' escape. Grabbing her paper cup filled with Coke, she rushed to the door.

"Oi, Mina!" Sero called out while running after her.

"Thank you!" Kaminari, Kirishima, and the three Pizza-La employees exchanged thanks before the two hero students exited the pizza shop.

"So," Akiyama started, leaning back against the register counter. "Do you think that spiky blonde boy likes our Y/N?" She crossed her arms and looked at the two third-years, curious to hear their response.

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