51 || Dream Come True

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  "I found you." A dark shadow was cast upon the upper-half of her face, the glare she wore becoming much more intimidating.

"So I see you remember? I sent that telepathic-dream-wave ages ago. I'm surprised you kept me in mind." A low voice chuckled, coming out muffled behind his iron armor.

She stepped forward. Step. Step. Step. Continuing to move forward until she was a couple meters away from him. Her intimidating aura never wore off making her look more stoic than ever. The two stood there, silence being exchanged between them. The background noises of nearby fights were heard. The clad iron man laughed through his nose, slightly shuffling his foot into a stance that proposed he was getting ready to take her on.

"I suppose you're ready to-"

"My precious wallet!" The girl exploded into bubbly fits of laughter, overcome with joy and relief. Her once scowling face was taken over by a peaceful expression that looked as if she were running through a field of flowers on a sunny spring day. "I finally found you, my love!"

This was the wallet she had dropped when delivering the pizza to the nice elderly lady in the cottage. This was also the time those villains photobombed her sunset photo. Such a frustrating time.

Y/N took out the coins in her pocket and dropped them into the slot she appointed would be the space for where her coins would go. Happily tucking in three money bills in the opposite slot, she closed her wallet shortly after. The cat paw at the end of the strap that wrapped around her wallet tickled Y/N's heart with joy. She was indeed sick of taking money straight out of her piggy bank; it broke her heart every time. And about that time she said she would just buy a new wallet? Nope.

Remembering this was no time to be dawdling around, she shoved the wallet in her pocket and quickly walked down the road to see if there were anything she could do. No doubt she was still feeling overjoyed at the discovery of her lost wallet.

"Wha-?" The armored man choked on his words, a surprised expression being worn behind his helmet. Did... did she not see him? That couldn't be possible. She was standing directly in front of him! She literally glared at him! Could it be her glare was directed towards the wallet and he just misunderstood their whole exchange? Oh, how embarrassing!

He held his iron-covered cheeks in embarrassment, the chance to look cool being missed. Who knew this big iron dude gets embarrassed so easily?


  Poor Kaminari was shaking like a dog that just got out of the bath. He's always dreamed of fighting out front with the other big heroes he looked up to as a kid, but now that it's actually happening, there's nothing more Kaminari wants than to disappear under the comforter of his bed. Palms sweaty, knees weak, lungs on fire. Kaminari just wants to go home.

  A flash of tape was seen sticking onto the side of a building as the person dispensing the lengthy strand of sticky material was hopping down from his previous standing point on top of the building. Making his way towards the fellow teen boy, Sero called out to his friend. "Kaminari!"

  His simple greeting wasn't enough to snap the 5'6" teen out of his trance. An arm was slung around Kaminari's shoulder, spooking the living daylights out of him.


  "GAH!" Sero placed a hand over his heart. Kaminari's sudden yell of surprise caused Sero himself to yelp out as well. "What the heck dude?!"

  "What? You were the one that scared me!"

  Sero sighed before unwrapping his arm off of Kaminari. "Why are you standing here all–" Sero makes a blank face in the middle of his sentence. "–anyways? Aren't you supposed to be with the other heroes that already went up north?" Kaminari ever-so-slightly dropped his head, a shaky breath escaping his lips. His hands trembled in fear. "Bro? Bro?! Are you okay?!" Sero reached to put a hand on his shoulder only for Kaminari to take a step back.

  "I don't think I can do this."

  Kaminari received nothing but silence. Sero was stunned. What did he mean he can't do this? Sero was speechless. He merely couldn't say anything, and he didn't. Kaminari's head remained tilted to look down at the ground, yellow hair slightly covering his view. This was his stance for the next few seconds; head hung low, hair creating yellow lines in his vision, a pair of his own feet being the only thing he sees besides the cement of the ground. Another pair of feet came into view, a pair of worn-out sneakers. Kaminari looked up, widening his eyes once his eyes land upon the face of the owner of the beat up shoes. His face felt like it was lit on fire, his nerves from before replaced with nerves that popped up for a different reason.

  "Yo, Kaminari." Y/N smiled at him.


  "Geh." Sero gawked at the quick change of his friend's expression and mood.

  "Whatcha doin' here?"

  "Hm? Oh..." Sero, once again, gawked at how fast the electric-filled being could change moods. "I'm supposed to be out with the other heroes... fighting villains, y'know?" Kaminari's eyes slowly started to fall back down to the ground.

  "Then why aren't you with them? You were put in the front line for a reason, right?" Kaminari's eyes stopped, a small sound etched with the essence of a confused-tone escaping his mouth. "They wouldn't have asked you to be in the front of you were just some random guy with a mediocre quirk."

  He didn't say anything, only looking at the girl in front of him.

  "It'd be a waste not to show off how cool your quirk is, so—" She put a hand on top of his head and ruffled his hair, making him slightly sink in her touch. "Get out there and do your best, Chargebolt."

  You can't see them, but there were definitely hearts floating around Kaminari; the aura he emitted was way different than the aura he emitted just seconds ago.

  Y/N removed her hand, dragging Kaminari out of the state of euphoria he entered when her hand was on top of his head. Sero unbelievably watched, wondering how a simple head rub could make someone so happy.

  Y/N greeted a small "hello" to Sero himself, giving him a small head rub as well before walking off and saying she'll catch them at the dorm later.

  Ah. So that's the state of euphoria Kaminari entered. Sero' own imaginary doggy tail was raised.


  Stomp. Stomp. Stomp. Iron being clashed against the ground with every stomp. He followed her smaller frame, specifically following her for the past seven minutes. He's not letting her off the hook for leaving him standing alone like a fool back there.

  Meanwhile, Y/N was strolling down the city, seeing if there was anyone that needed help or any loose villain without a sparring partner. Her peaceful stress was soon interrupted as a familiar-yet-unfamiliar figure appeared in front of her.

  "So we meet again."



  "Who are you again?"

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