18 || No Limits

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  The timer had begun and he stepped into the stadium and treaded with heavy feet towards the center. His mind had been set on this ever since it was announced. He had come this far. The Obstacle Race. The Cavalry Battle. He had managed to get this far. He wasn't going to back down, even with Y/N as his opponent. With his quirk, he could end it quickly.

  He had faced it a long time ago. He wasn't strong. He couldn't be. That's how the world worked.

  Everything was bottled in.

  Nothing had been said. Shinsou kept his words to himself. Finally, he had found himself there. Face to face with Y/N.

  Even with the cheering crowds behind him, they stood in the middle of the court, only a meter or two apart. Shinsou's eyes couldn't help but avert away from her.

  Few words exchanged. It was going to be over soon. She began walking away mindlessly.

  It all happened so fast, yet the seconds turned into hours for Shinsou. It stilled, while everything else came rushing in.

  Everything begged to spill.

  Hands that couldn't help but shiver. Knees that increased in weight. Ears that heard he could never be as strong. A heart that ached. Ache. Ache. Ache. He couldn't remove the sickly feeling that pitted in his stomach. He couldn't be strong. He was never strong. That's why, he had to use tactics like this.

  "I'm sorry Y/N..." a voice softer than a whisper.

  But he wanted to be a hero as much as anybody else.

  He had to do this. He gazed at her figure as she emptily stalked away; robotic movements. No matter his quirk, he could be a hero. Could he? Could he? Doubt. Doubt. It swelled inside him.

  "I wasn't born strong. I wasn't born lucky." All the pain came back. Why now? His body trembled with seismic pressure, everything flooded back. "I..."

  "I'm sorry, it had to be like this Y/N..."

  "Hmm? What why?"

  A heart that skipped. A sudden pulse, Shinsou jolted. Sharp breaths, panic. She was back; zipped back before almost placing her foot over the white line with nothing more to comment than a simple: "Oh. That was close..."

  Y/N tilted her head at him as he stared with widened eyes. A mind that blanked. Pouring feelings.

  He wasn't strong. He wasn't strong. "I..."

  Such pained eyes.

  He couldn't be strong. He couldn't be strong. Brainwash. Just brainwash her. His head screamed. He couldn't be strong. He couldn't ever be strong.

  "I can't be strong. I can't."

  He wasn't born that way.

  "I wasn't born that way. I just wasn't..."

  The world revolves around luck and he wasn't one of the fortunate ones.

  "I wasn't gifted. I..!" He clasped his hand into a tight fist until it burned into a deep red.

  He had been speaking aloud and he had only realized it when his throat tightened. Just get her off. Get her off of the platform. Out of bounds. He could be a hero. He hated this feeling. A desperation. He attempted to push her.

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