16 || To Be A Hero

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???, 2:00 PM; ???, ???

To be a hero.

"..." Y/N could barely get up.


"......." Her eyelids felt heavy.

To be a hero.

Barely managing, she got to her knees.

"Hmm? You can still continue? I can at least admire your willpower." This mass of black sludge. Eerie eyes stared down at her body maliciously.

"I want to be a hero." Desperate. She was desperate.

"And yet you're quirkless? Give it up. We live in a world dominated by luck." It closed in on her. "You're either born with it, or you're not."

A disgusting grin.

"Why choose a hard path? I'm sure a girl like you could get a good job as some kind of cashier or something." it taunted.

"I'll train everyday! I-I... want to be a hero too..."

"..." Y/N stayed silent.

It cackled.

Distant voices.

A world of black.

???, 9:21 PM; ???, ???



Y/N sighed as a tear had found its way onto her shirt once more. Third time this week.

A shrieking call. "Help! Help! Someone! Please!"

Y/N began to hurry to the source. It sounded far away. She needed to hurry-

"Eh? Oi! Wannabe hero girl! Are you just going to ignore me?!" the villain growled, anger running down his veins-

One punch.

Flying up into the sky.

"Sorry, no time."

???, 9:23 PM; ???, ???

Black sludge towering over the high school boy. His body had half way sunken deep into the black sludge.

"Is everything okay?" Y/N arrived just on time.

"Oh!~" With its red eyes, the villain cooed in amusement.

"Please help m- Ack!" Tossed to one side as if he was no more than something to play with, he stumbled and ran for his life.

"My lucky day! I was hoping for a girl to eat instead!"

Y/N kept her peace as it began bubbling towards her.

"Do you remember me?"

"Huh? ... Ah! Yes! The quirkless girl... who got lucky and saved. You're still doing this sort of thing? Girlie, it's been nearly a year!"


"So, did you get a part-time job? It's never too late to change careers!"


Y/N finally spoke. "When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a hero. Not some cashier."

She paced forward; desperate.

"I'll train everyday! I-I... want to be a hero too..."

"The kind of hero who could send villains like you flying with one punch."

Aiming up.

"Awww~ Well, keep tryin-"


A punch to break through the clouds. A body of black sludge that was no more. A villain that could taunt no more. A corner of the street that damped as the sudden rainfall poured down. With a heavy breath, she looked down at her steaming fist.

She scratched the back of her head quietly before looking down at her dirtied and ripped tracksuit.

"... I guess I better go back and fix this."

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