30 || 4 to 9 Shift

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  Y/N stood at the register, all alone in the pizza shop after telling her coworkers that she would close up the shop as an apology for missing most of her shift. With much convincing, Y/N finally managed to make them go home to get the rest they deserved. So here she was, standing. Standing. Standing. Only thirteen more minutes of standing.


  The glass door of the shop abruptly opened up revealing a glassy-eyed boy with a curly head of green.

  "Y/N!!" He ran up to the register counter.

  "Oh. Hello, Midoriya." She smiled. "What would you like to order?- Oh?"

  The girl was engulfed into a giant hug by her friend. Half of her body awkwardly dangling from one side of the counter, the other half being pulled into the arms of Midoriya Izuku. She wrapped her arms around him.

  "Is everything okay?" she asked, worried about the boy more than her uniform that was being dirtied by his tears.

  "You're safe...." he chokes out.

  "Eh? Yeah.." She became confused at the sudden statement. Of course she was safe. What could possibly be dangerous about standing at the register of a pizza shop besides possible robbery or napping while a customer walks in?

  "I was worried about you..."

  "??? Why???"

  "What do you mean why?? You were with All For One! Of course I'd be worried! He's a dangerous person, I don't know what I'd do if you were to get hurt, I-"

  "But I'm fine aren't I?" Midoriya pulled back, wiping his tears as he looked at her. She was indeed safe and well, standing perfectly fine in front of him.

  "Yeah..." He returned a small smile.

  They stood in silence.

  "Uh, do you want anything to order? I still have ten minutes left of my shift. I can make a quick pizza for you." she offered, not sure what to say as he just stood there. He smiled and shook his head lightly.

  "It's okay. I don't really feel like eating after everything that happened, haha..." Midoriya looked down, a pink shade surfacing on his cheeks.

  "You should get home; it's pretty late. Oh yeah, I think I saw you earlier. I didn't know you could fly." Y/N smiled.

  "Eh? Ah, no, not really.. I just... jumped up really high..." Midoriya had trouble finding the words to explain, and once the words came, it felt stupid saying them out loud.

  "Oh. That's cool." Y/N gave a thumbs up.

  "Heh, thanks."


  "Uhm, do you wanna go to the train station together after your shift?"

  "Yeah, sure."

  "Hey, uh, Y/N... I-"

  "Y/N!!!" Another figure burst into the shop with another figure being pulled behind them.

  "Eh? Manager Akiyama? I thought you were having a date night. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to skip half of the shif-" Y/N was pulled into another bone-crushing hug by her manager.

  "You were so cool out there!" Y/N spotted a man in a navy blue button-up shirt behind her manager giving her a thumbs up.

  "Oh. Thanks, but I let Matsukawa and Hanamaki go home early. I missed a lot of the shift and I wasn't able to get the 6,760 yen from a certain customer, so you can just take it out of my pay-"

  "Y/N do you think any of that matters right now? You just took down a life-threatening villain!"

  "But the 6,760-"

  "Don't worry about it!" Akiyama shook the teen's shoulders, her fiancé trying to stop her.

  "Take the day off tomorrow. You deserve a day full of rest."

  "Eh? Who's going to take my shift-"

  "Those two goblins from tonight will be here tomorrow. I'll give you a paid day-off; just please get some rest." Y/N stayed silent, thanking her manager shortly after.

  "Now shoo, I'll close up the shop."

  "Eh? What about your date-"

  "We're going to hang out at home.  I don't think we really wanna stay out after what just happened." Akiyama laughed. "Now go! Your friend outside has been standing there for quite some time now."

  Outside? But Midoriya was inside. Y/N didn't have time to question it before Akiyama pushed her to the locker room to change back into her regular clothes.


  Y/N and Midoriya exited the shop, turning right to go to the train sta– Bakugou!?

  "Eh? Kacchan!?" Midoriya shook, stepping back a bit.

  "What took you nerds so long!?" Bakugou grumbled, walking ahead of the two to the train station. The blonde listened to the conversation behind him.

  "So why were you at the fight?"

  "I was delivering an order and turns out my customers were the villains. They took the food and ditched without paying, so I followed them to get my money. But I ended up fighting that dude and not getting my money..." Y/N laughed sadly.

  "Idiot, you could've gotten hurt..." Bakugou muttered quiet enough to be inaudible... not that he cared if she heard or not.

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