Todoroki Shouto; Ramen Shop

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Drops of salty, hot broth splattered as noodles were slurped into Y/N's mouth. A dopey, content face was displayed on her face, lips moving up and down along with her jaw, teeth breaking down the strings of cooked flour.

Todoroki glanced at her then back down at his own food, a barely noticeable smile on his face as he chewed his own noodles. He, indeed, was happy to see her eat. He always was.

  "How's your food?"


  "This is my favorite type of broth."



  Slurp. Slurp. Slurp. 

  The shop owner listened in on the two, looking up at them every now and then. Their conversation was bland and awkward, the same as their first conversation in this shop. As well as the rest of the conversations they had after the store was renovated– he thought. This time, though, there was a slightly lighter tension between them. Same awkward teenager energy, but comfortable, familiar ambience. A good pair, indeed– he nodded.

  This time, Y/N glanced at Todoroki, catching him drop a loose buckwheat noodle in his bundle into the sauce. Now that she thought about it, he always ordered soba, hot or cold.

  "Hey Todoroki," The boy lifted his head up, stopping himself from eating the bunch of noodles he was about to put in his mouth. He look at Y/N then at the noodles hanging from her chopsticks that was put close to his mouth. "Do you wanna try mine?" Hesitant at first, Todoroki examined her noodles. It's not like he hasn't had regular ramen before.

  But since she so kindly offered, he wrapped his lips around her chopsticks and pulled the noodles into his mouth, slurping them in. He chewed, the familiar taste lingering in his mouth, noodles broken down into smaller pieces. Noodles from Y/N. Noodles from Y/N's chopsticks. Noodles from Y/N's chopsticks that she's been using. Noodles from Y/N's chopsticks that she put into her own mouth. Noodles from– was this an indirect kiss?

  A sudden warmth slowly spread across his cheeks. Y/N, seeing the slightly evident redness, put one-and-one together and softly exclaimed.

  "Ah! You're experiencing it! My cheeks turn red when I eat something good too! It feels like nirvana, right?!" She happily smiled, taking off to dreamy foodland again.

  "Being with you is like nirvana..." he mumbled.

  "What was that?" Y/N snapped back to reality and looked at him, not able to catch what he had said. Alerted, Todoroki instinctively looked at a table far off in a corner of the shop.

"Nothing." Oh, how he wanted to hit himself for even thinking about such a line like that. Y/N curiously tried looking to where he was looking, but he turned back and grabbed ahold of her head and faced it towards him. He wanted her attention on him— and so she wouldn't see the group of classmates that came to support them.


"Hm?!" Her eyebrows raised, slightly surprised at Todoroki's sudden actions.


"SSSSHH!! They'll find out we're here!" From that corner table, a short brown-haired girl put her hand over a taller blue-haired male's mouth. Todoroki jumped at their voices, looking at Y/N, then deciding to drag her outside of the shop.

"Huh-?! Todoroki, where are we go-"

"We'll be able to finish our noodles soon. I just need to tell you something."

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