40 || Ladies' Night

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"Y/N!" Uraraka called her over, her hand motioning for her to join them. Y/N made a beeline walking to the seats where all the girls were after; the tea's scent flowing in the air danced all the way to her nose.

"I made lavender green tea." Momo poured Y/N a cup of the 'sleepy juice', as she liked to call it. Jirou scoot a bit to make room for Y/N to sit down. "My maid sent over our family's favorite homemade biscuits by our chef at home. Please take as many as you like!" Momo beckoned her classmates to take the sweet treats sitting on a dessert platter tower. Y/N's eyes glimmered, immediately grabbing a cookie. Ah, yes. Much better than All Might's.

  "Wah, this is nice. It's been awhile since we've been able to kick back and relax." Jirou leaned back while closing her eyes.

"Now that I think about it, have we ever done something like this? Just us girls hanging out on a Friday night?"

"You're right! It is our first time relaxing together like this; and it's thanks to Y/N." Uraraka smiles at the girl stuffing her mouth with tiny cakes. She smiled back, mouth closed and cheeks full.

"So, what do you gals wanna talk about?" Mina perked up at the question.

"Y'know, the normal girl stuff." Hagakure excitedly agreed with her pink friend.

"Normal girl stuff? Kero?" Tsuyu put a finger on her chin just below her mouth while tilting her head in confusion.

"Yeah! Like... c r u s h e s ?" Mina and Hagakure smiled evilly– not that Y/N could see Hagakure's smile, but she knew it was there.

  "I don't have any interest in my love life right now." Tsuyu told the two.

"Who's our first victim, Kure?" Mina stood and creeped around the girls, eyeing everyone to see who she would ask first. Jirou looked nervous, trying to avert her eyes as Mina got closer to her.

"Jirou looks like she's aching to spill the tea!" Momo was worried at Hagakure's use of slang. Spill the tea? Why would she want to spill the tea? Was her tea not good? Momo moved the teapot closer to her end of the table.

"You heard her, spill." Jirou looked away.

"Are they in our class?" Jirou looked at the girl holding a plate of three cupcakes. Was she curious too? Her blush deepened looking at her.


"What?! Really?! Who is it?! You have to spill!" Mina got closer and closer until their faces were practically three centimeters apart. Jirou glanced at the other girls, stopping at Y/N causing her to go into gay panic.

"It doesn't matter. It's just a silly crush that'll go away soon... hopefully...."

"Eh? No fun~." Hagakure whined, stretching the vowels out. "Captain Mina, we failed to make this one speak."

"Onto our next victim then," Mina turned dramatically causing her next victim to jump slightly and widen their eyes. "Uraraka~,"

Y/N's chocolate-bonbon-haired friend blushed. Oh geez, this girl talk had a whole lot of blushing. This was new information to Y/N as she's never done girl talk before– let alone have female friends to talk to.

"I p-promise I don't have one! Although, my heart has been stirring up these days..."

"That's called love! You totally have a crush!" Mina exclaims, Uraraka spewing out words rhyming with 'love' in a frantic state, thinking she might've misheard something.

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