52 || Take a Bullet for You/Dream Come True pt. 2

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Sorry for the long wait! This was going to be published sooner since I was already in the middle of writing it, but I got my heart broken by someone I've liked for four years and had to take a small break LMAO so anyways—

A quick little note: the bold italics in between the dialogue in one section of this book is meant to be flashing back between reality and the dream Bakugou had; just wanted to clarify that in case some of you get confused as to why it's written like that, haha. Happy reading!


The air was thick, atmosphere tense, hearts painfully pumping and pounding against ribcages. The blue messy hair of a man was being blown from the slight breeze of Musutafu. Two childhood friends stood behind him, anticipating his next move; it didn't show on their expressions, but they were nervous–scared even–of what the man would do next.

Cold sweat, burning scrape wounds, aching feet. None of these could compare to the discomfort Midoriya felt when his neck was trapped in Shigaraki's hand back at their previous meeting in the mall; he could remember the fear building up in him, as he was one fingertip away from disintegrating. A big, heavy gulp went down Midoriya's throat.

Bakugou, on the other hand, held his fierce stance, ready to take on whatever Shigaraki had planned. Despite his aggressiveness, Bakugou knew he was scared too. However, his violent nature was bigger, scaring his own fear back down into his gut. Bring on everything you've got Shigaraki because he's not going down without a fight.

"We meet again."


Y/N held her breath as she laid in the moon crater she was thrown into. Standing up, she tried her best not to stray too far off the ground. Noticing a rock flying towards her, she caught it in an instant; she locked eyes with her target, proceeding to throwing the rock back with twice as much force as she would use on Earth because you know, gravity and stuff. Unfortunate for her, he caught it. The rock was then thrown back at her.

'What is this? A moonrock fight?'

Having had enough, Y/N shielded herself by grabbing a chunk out of the moon and putting it in front of her so that the rock that was thrown would collide into her makeshift shield. She then threw the giant chunk of moon at the iron knight with frustration. Seeing little spurts of gas and fire pump out of his elbows, she assumed he had little blasters to project himself forward. He collided with the giant rock, obliterating it into pieces, accelerating towards the girl who's dreams he visited way back when.

With minimal effort, Y/N put her hand out in front of her in to stop him. The top of his metal helmet pushed her arm back; a few pops were felt in her shoulder joint. With disbelief, Y/N looked at the man with the top of his head against her palm. She had already been thrown back down onto the surface of the moon before she decided to push back. Annoyed, she stood up once again and popped her shoulder back into place.

"What? Don't tell me you're done fighting. I've seen what you can do, Wakayama. Why? Are you that scared of finally losing a battle after obtaining this so called 'strength' of yours? How foolish of me to think you were all that when you can't even fight back." The iron knight laughed, but stopped once he realized she wasn't listening to anything he was saying.

'First I get my hoodie ripped and dirty, now I get moon dust all over my pants? This is going to be hard to clean. At least I'm doing okay on oxygen. I'm glad I took up those free competitive diving lessons at the community center.'

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