11 || Upcoming Days

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  He stared back at her. Cold eyes, dominated with an intense determination. Her power; what he could achieve. His ambition, the fiery depth of it all. Slowly, he inhaled. A heave of his chest before shutting his eyes slowly. Exhale. Opening his eyes to return his intense gaze. He awaited her response.

  What? Closed eyelids. Open eyelids. Blinking. Staring. What was this guy going on about?

  "Me?" She pointed to herself.




  "You must have the wrong address." She stepped back inside to close the door. A foot jammed in.

  "Wait, please consider. I can make it worth your while." He let out a hasty breath; he knew that it wasn't going to be that easy to get her to give up her tricks. With such immense power, he would have to-

  "Oh, alright then, come on in." She eased herself, leaving the door wide.

  The boy took himself back. He glanced at her up and down. Was she trying to test him? Already? What would she do if he were to step inside? Gradually, he lifted his foot, sliding it over to step inside. A careful step inside. One foot.

  He brought his other foot to do the same. He lifted it. Then set it down. Crossing the barrier of the anarchistic hallway and the domain of the powerful. He let out a small accomplished smile.

  Y/N shut the door.


  Alright. Okay. Yes. Indeed. Sure. This was indeed happening. Just as easy as that. Y/N waddled into her small apartment; he tailed along after taking off his shoes. Casually, she hopped down into a cross-legged position on her futon.

  Despite the boy's icy nature, he seemed to be sweating a river. As stiff as a surfboard stuffed into the sand, his gaze began to burn holes into her head. Looking. Staring. Gazing. Gaping. Blushing-


  Her face performed a mild scrunch at his odd behavior. Was her floor that dirty? Did he despise sitting on the floor? She couldn't fit any chairs in her tiny apartment. She pouted in thought.

  "Ahem..." shakily disrupting, he cleared his throat. Gulp one. Gulp two. Gulp three.

  All the words just stuck inside his throat. A never ending loop of gulping ensued.

  "Are you okay?"

  Finally, she stood. Close quarters, face to face. An odd sensation came crashing down, akin to a meteorite shower on the moon– with meteorites the size of the sun. That's odd. The apartment suddenly seemed a lot smaller all of a sudden.

  He inhaled sharply to finally speak a form of guzzled words.

  "So, about this whole thing..."

  While his face was stoic, his trembling hand barely managed to scratch the nape of his neck sheepishly.

  "Ah yeah. I guess I don't mind if you become my student. But I still think you have the wrong person though."

  "Also." Her gaze ran about him before giving a small gentle smile, positioning herself down. "You can sit down too."

  He sat with a swift thump, legs politely tucked underneath him with a body sling straight, uptight. "I don't have the wrong person. I'm certain of it. It's you."

  But, she had only gave a slight pucker, slight pout and scratched her head in confusion. "Hmmm-"

  "I am willing to pay and promise to make it worth your while. Please teach me what you know!" He balled his fists tightly.

  Her ears perked at the sound of his words. Although, she sighed. She felt like some kind of scammer. Y/N only shrugged. "I'd feel bad for taking your money..."

  Tighter and tighter, his fist curled in a pot of desperation, a sudden icy mist formed. "..!" Their gazed snapped to his hand. Despite the ice chunk that frosted over his arm, his face burnt like the sun. "I- uh, I-"

  "Woah, ice! Ice!" she wooed and chanted for a moment. Rushing, she hurried and grabbed her bottle, half full of water. "Could you put some in here?"

  "O-Oh... alright..." Shyly, he shattered them and added some ice to her bottle. His eyes flickering back to her face as he did so. She was gleaming like a toddler.

  She chugged as the remaining ice clinked her bottle. "Pwah!" Cheeks flushed with a slight reddish hue. She hadn't had a pure ice cold drink from the comfort of her own home in such a long while.

  "Thank you!"

  Y/N's smile caught him off guard and so did her following words.

  "I don't know what you're talking about, but if you can give me some ice every once in awhile, I'll tell you whatever you wanna know."

  This was it. A new door had swung right open for him. Sharp inhale. Sharp gulp. Sharp bow. Sharp standing. "Thank you very much."

  She gave him a small beam of a smile. "Don't worry about it."


  "Their quirks aren't on record, making them members of the underworld. We've had no luck so far."

  "So you're saying we don't even know when the next attack will be..."

  "If maybe we can get some info on their leader..."

  "And as for Nomu?"


  "All Might?"

  All Might blinked, waking up from his trance. Oh yeah, that's right. Principal Nezu. Midnight. Eraserhead. Snipe. Cementoss. Conference room, meeting, recent U.A. attack.

  "I'm sorry. My mind was just still set on that punch. It... it wasn't really mine."

  "We all believe you All Might, but perhaps, your body's state had been taking a toll on your mental state. If nobody was seen doing it, I think it's safe to assume it was in fact you. You don't have to doubt yourself." Cementoss suggested.

  "It's an odd phenomena. Almost seemingly miraculous if it did come from nowhere. Or perhaps, a student..." Snipe was the second to add. "But, perhaps for now we need to ensure that the next U.A. attack can be handled with ease. We have no other information on this incident. We must just proceed with higher caution and work quickly to retain U.A.'s security."

  "Right. Now let's move onto the next topic. Principal Nezu." Cementoss gestured.

  "Ah yes, so regarding our upcoming Sports Festival..."




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