31 || U.A. Dormitories

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  Y/N happily savored the chilly soft-serve ice cream Uraraka bought for her. Despite her friend's financial state, she felt thankful that the chocolate-haired girl went out of her way to treat her friend to a small treat.

  "Thank you, Uraraka." Y/N smiles warmly.

  "No problem! Although it's not much, I have to thank you for the hot pot last time."

The two girls walked down the road in comfortable silence, a small plastic bag of treats swinging in the grip of Y/N's left hand. It's been awhile since Y/N cruised down the path peacefully to her apartment. She hasn't felt as relaxed as she looked recently; the nightmares she had at night kept her awake.


"Look at you..." Crack. "Hopeless..." Bang. "Small..." Smack. "Weak."

She brought her hand up to wipe the blood spilling out of her mouth. Everything was stinging. Everything aches. Everything felt like it was breaking.

"I... I'm going to-"

"'I'm going to be a hero too' is what you were going to say, wasn't it?"

Inching closer.

Breathing heavy.

Air becoming too thick to breathe in.

It hurts.

"I-I will! I'll become a hero!" she coughed. The figure dressed in metal armor in front of her laughed sadistically.

"I think it's easy to say that will never happen. Even after all of the training you've been saying you did... tell me, girl; why are you still so weak? Is this really how powerless yet stubborn a quirkless human can be?"

She stands up, not wanting to believe that all of her training didn't do anything for her. She gets into a stance, raising her fists, ready to fight.

"Hah... silly girl."

Cold metal makes contact with her bare arms, shivers going up her spine. Suddenly, she's picked up and thrown to the concrete wall of the factory. "If you can't even stop me from that simple action, I doubt you'll be able to do anything to save anyone in this world."

She stands once again, limping towards the figure. "I'm not weak..."

Raising her fist, pushing forward, her knuckles clash with a hard silver chest-plate. Although broken and bruised, she continued to fight, no matter how much she knew she wasn't making any impact on him.

"Haha... just give it up already."

A giant iron fist casts a shadow, ready to fall onto the girl. The armor adding extra weight and impact, the fist came closer to her, ready to smash her into the ground-


Ah, a dream. Y/N laid back down, turning herself to lay on her right side. What if she'd meet an opponent that was as strong, maybe even stronger, than she was? So strong that she couldn't do anything to beat them? So strong that her two years of hardcore training would mean nothing against them?

Her heart pumped furiously, the feeling thrilling yet terrifying at the same time.

She'd meet her match one day. Just hopefully not soon. In the meantime, she'll just continue to work hard at her job to simply survive.


"Bye Y/N! See you at school!" Uraraka waved. Y/N waved back, half inside the door already. She saw Uraraka off, her bonbon friend soon disappearing into a tiny speck.

Y/N slipped her shoes off, throwing away the paper that held her ice cream cone.

Tossing herself down onto the ground, she laid there, taking in the cooling sensation from the wooden planks into her body as the summer sun blazed outside.

  "Bzzz.." Ah gross, a mosquito.


  Y/N slapped the bug down with her hand, not wanting to get up from the floor to get her bug swatter or bug spray.

  This felt like a familiar situation. She remembered when she still lived in Saitama Prefecture with her family and a giant mosquito lady with a bunch of mosquito minions came trying to suck her blood. They also tried to snatch away all of the watermelons in the farm. Fed up, she punched the mosquito lady and furiously sprayed away her minions.

  Ah. Good memories.

Knock. Knock.

  Y/N perked her ears up at the sound.

  "?" She walked to the door, opening it to see All Might and Aizawa. What could they be doing here?

  "Young Y/N! It's good to see you. Your homeroom teacher would have come to visit you, but we wanted to see you instead."

  "Oh? It's good to see you as well. Please come inside." Y/N opened the door wider and stood to the side for the two pro-heroes to squeeze into her tiny apartment.

  "Sorry... I don't have chairs." Y/N rubbed the back of her neck in embarrassment. "Would you like some refreshments? I mean... I only have water but..."

  "We're fine. Thank you for the offer." Aizawa says.

  "Oh! Please, you're welcome to sit." Y/N kneels on one side of her small wooden floor table, facing All Might and Aizawa.

  All Might glanced around, wondering if she's been okay living in this small space. Aizawa slightly shoved the frail man with his elbow as a warning to stop looking.

  "Is everything alright?" Y/N asks the two, eyes confused.

  "Ah... yes. We were just swinging by to ask for permission for you to come move to the newly-built dorms at U.A. We were supposed to ask for your parents permission but-"


  "Eh?" All Might was startled at her sudden answer.

  "When do I pack?"

  "U-Uhm, don't we need your parents' permission first?" All Might started sweating.

  "It's fine. They're in Saitama, and I'm already living alone anyways. I don't have much stuff, so it'll be an easy move." Y/N smiles.

  "Ah... okay."

  Silence. Awkward. Awkward silence.

  "We'll be off now. Make sure to start packing tomorrow. The moving truck will arrive to pick your stuff up and drop it off on Sunday." Aizawa suddenly speaks up, the awkwardness creeping up on him even though it doesn't show on his face– unlike All Might.

  "Okay. Thank you for coming by."


  "I didn't expect her to live in such a place." All Might mumbles.

  "You know, it's quite rude to judge one's home."

  "I can't help it. I thought it'd be different with that power of hers..."

  "What did you imagine?"

  "I-I don't know! I just thought it would be different.... She really is an odd one, isn't she?" All Might chuckles.

  "That's what makes her special."

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