10 || Behind Her Power

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"Y/N... She... There's no way... But how... Quirkless?..." A muttering mess as he propped his chin on the palm of his hand. He paid only a quarter's worth of attention as he wandered the streets of Musutafu. With a heating head, he plopped down on a nearby bench by a barren park. His eyes fell down to his hands. "It's got to be her."

The Crab Villain Incident. The Nomu Incident. The Boros Incident. She was there for all of them. No sense in denial. No sense in delay. As soon as school came back on, he'd confront her.

The Boros Incident... It had been just about a week since the devastation and all pro-heroes were called to aid the reconstruction and search for citizens within the wreckage. U.A. was called off for the time being; he slumped his shoulders at the thought. A halt on his hero endeavors. Midoriya frowned before standing up once more.

Wandering. Wandering. A thought. The secret behind her power. Wandering. Wandering. A question. What could it possibly be? Wandering. Wandering. Y/N inside a convenience store.


His body zipped him behind a nearby wall. Just like a magnet against a heavy piece of iron. He wasn't quite sure why, but he quietly peered around. He wasn't spying, however. He shook his head, reassuring himself. No, he wasn't spying on her. He was just curious about what she did with that power of hers. He had questions and he didn't want to get in the way of potential answers.

Observing her pick up a particularly odd purple and silver cup noodle, Midoriya continued to spy on Y/N while she walked up to the cashier.

"Ah...! Could it be that cup noodle is a sign for something else..?" A mumble left his lips– a step forward to get a better view– as he watched the cashier take the cup from her hands.

Perhaps, she had certain ties...


"Excuse me, this cup noodle is expired."

The cashier fumbled around, checking the bottom of the cup. "Ah, oh dear, I'm very sorry!" The cashier took the cup off her hands. "Thank you very much for informing us."


Y/N was turning back around. An irked sweat. He couldn't let her see him. Midoriya hurried to the closest wall and hid-

"Ah!" A classic thud. Another body.



An unexpected encounter.

"Haha! What are, so uhm, what are you doing here?" A fumbling mess. He hadn't been caught observing Y/N had he?

The taller male's eyes had only briefly traveled to the girl comparing two cup noodles. "...Nothing."

There was no way Todoroki could admit he was spying on Y/N.


A stroll. A breath of fresh air. Todoroki took time to think. Gazing at the blue sky above, down to the- His shoulders has irked slightly, his feet stepping back at the hasty sight of Y/N. That girl. Dressed in just a yellow hoodie and shorts, a casual attire, looking suspiciously around a vending machine.

What was that girl doing?

She soon left and Todoroki jogged over to the vending machine, mimicking her actions. He checked around the vending machine. Was there some kind of hidden device? Could it be how she contacted the people responsible behind her power? Was she made in a lab?

What kind of ties did she have? What were her origins?

Todoroki flashed back around, Y/N in his sights. He followed her.

Around to many vending machines he went.


The boy ruffled his red and white hair, midst of his fiddling embarrassment.

"Well- I need to..." Midoriya's sight flew back, Todoroki's doing the same. Just enough time to catch Y/N leaving. The two of the choked.

Y/N leaving?!


  30% off cup noodles and 100 yen to spare. What a lucky day. A small smile, with a light bounce in her step. She had never felt luckier. With a white plastic bag packed in with three cup noodles inside, she began to exit the convenience store.

  Y/N stepped outside, dragging her feet along. A small feeling of uneasy tension rising in her stomach. Y/N got on her guard.

  A low growl.

  She patted her stomach. "Ah..." sighing. Hungry. Hungry. Hungry. Hungry, she walked back to her apartment, daydreaming about eating cup noodles. She went down the streets and was finally outside of her apartment building.

  Midoriya and Todoroki trailed not too far behind to meet the cruddy looking building. With power like hers, did Y/N really live in such an apartment? The kind of small apartment complex of no more than fifteen rooms.

  Midoriya's face was a flushing royal pink. Following a girl all the way to her apartment... what on Earth was he doing? He shook his head; a literal attempt of shaking off his embarrassment. "I... I'm going to go now!" a random stutter of words left his lips.

  Todoroki nodded only a quick acknowledgement. He stayed put.

  "What... what are you going to do?"

  "I have something I want to ask Y/N."

  With puffing green hair, Midoriya looked at him with uneasy curiosity before heading away.


  He didn't know what he was doing. Standing outside of a girl's apartment, in which he discovered the apartment by following the girl back home.

  Was this creepy? Pretty much.

  What was he going to say if she asked how he found out where she lived? He didn't know.

  His usual cool head seemed to be blazing as he racked it around, a lingering hand about to knock on her door. Todoroki cleared his throat, attempting to wipe his mind in the process. He needed to know how she got that power of hers. Behind that power. If he could achieve that power as well then...



  Silence fell as he took another deep breath. A knock on the door.

  Y/N opened it.

  Eyes meeting. He bowed as she blinked.

  "Please let me be your student."



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