20 || Determination-Driven Defense

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Kirishima, honoring the gentlemen's code, waited for Y/N to strike.


He waited for her to strike-


He waited for her-


He waited-

She didn't move. Was she possibly waiting for him to strike first? He couldn't. He couldn't possibly strike first. Ladies first. It was the gentlemen's code.

But she didn't move. She wouldn't move. What was he supposed to do? This battle transformed into a public staring contest. Kirishima was going crazy. His desire for a battle grew by the second, weighing his patience down. No. This is wrong. He can't make the first move. He can't make the first move. He can't make the first- When was she going to move? Kirishima's own thoughts of striking first were eating him up.

Y/N stood there, slumped shoulders and blank face as usual. When was the festival going to end? Were they going to have another break after this? Her stomach was still empty, not even a single bread crumb in her. Sleepy, hungry, and bored. She wanted this match to end so that she could return back to the break room to get some shut eye.


Kirishima charged towards her, body hardened. What was he doing? He was definitely going to scold himself later for going on offense first.

One swing. Contact with skin. Kirishima had hit Y/N on the arm.


Y/N didn't move an inch. She looked down at her arm where Kirishima had hit her. Thank goodness. No sort of any rip. She really didn't need anymore damage to her loaned uniform.

Kirishima cursed himself. He attacked a girl. A girl who just stood there and took it. Somewhat manly. He couldn't stop himself. No matter how hard he tried, he kept attacking with no stop. The girl before him dodged every hit with ease. Without knowing it, he was the one giving this match his all. The girl just simply did not want Shinsou's uniform to get destroyed.

"Kirishima just keeps attacking! Y/N dodges every attack he throws!"

"At this rate, Kirishima will tire himself out before Y/N gets a hit in... That's if she's even planning to attack..."

Just as Aizawa announced, Y/N kept dodging Kirishima's strikes; the said boy losing stamina.

"What an intense battle!!"

"Will the match ever end!? Which one of the two will win the food vouchers?"

Food vouchers?

Kirishima watched as the girl stopped. Too caught up in his own adrenaline, he saw an opening and took this chance to get a hit in.

He stepped back and ran towards her with full speed.

Y/N's determination boosted. Food vouchers. Meals that she could get without spending anything.


Kirishima felt a sudden wave of strength radiating off Y/N. The aura around her seemed different from a second ago. Her face was the most serious he's ever seen her, different from her usual dull expression. Was she finally going hit him?

With Kirishima still running towards her, Y/N raised her hand, tip of her index finger pressed onto the pad of her thumb. She had to defend her food vouchers.

Only a few steps away.

Only a few seconds away.

Kirishima's arm raised, ready to swing. Y/N's index finger ready to glide across her thumb.




Kirishima flew backwards toward the southern entrance. His back collided with the tall wall that enclosed the space of the center of the stadium.

"Kirishima is out of bounds! Y/N will proceed to the next round!"


She took him out with one flick. Kirishima was sent flying with one flick. Not even a punch. A flick. The crowd burst into shouts and cheers, most being shocked by the effortless power the girl in the oversized P.E. uniform displayed.

"Woah! What was that!?"

"What's her quirk?"

"She took him out with one flick!"

"I wonder if she'd be interested in interning at my agency..."

Midoriya and the rest of the students of Class 1-A stared in shock. Kirishima came back up to rejoin his class, a look of defeat on his face, an ice pack held onto his shoulder.

"Kirishima!" Ashido called out to him. "You totally got your ass kicked by that chick." she laughed, amused that the muscular redhead lost against the small careless girl.

Kirishima, feeling slightly embarrassed and regretful at his loss, just laughed along, ignoring the feeling in his gut and the scolding thoughts in his head that called him an idiot for attacking first. "Haha, yeah..."

That girl, she released so much power with one small movement. Having lost the battle against her, Kirishima couldn't stop thinking about her. Y/N was extremely strong, very manly indeed. She also looked pretty good in that P.E. uniform.


Todoroki looked at his hands. He knew she was strong. He's seen more power extruded from her. But this... this reminded him of how much more power the girl probably held.

He watched the current match unfold; Bakugou versus Tokoyami. He waited for his next match, also dreading it.

He was going to fight his mas- Y/N. The girl who flicked Kirishima into a wall as if he was merely a bug.

He had felt such power when going against Midoriya. Midoriya had also released huge amounts of power just by flicks of his fingers, but she was in control of her power. She didn't break any body parts unlike the green-haired boy.

He was determined to win. But his heart ached. Why did it hurt so much?

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