39 || Big Three

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Everyone stared at the third-year who just challenged the whole class to fight him all at once.

"Oi, Mirio..." Amajiki called out.

"Mr. Aizawa, will that be okay?" Aizawa yawned before responding to the boy.

"I don't care as long as they come back in one piece."

"Okay, it's settled! I'll meet you in Gym Gamma then!" Mirio smiled brightly before dashing to the location he stated, the two other third-years following him.

"Mr. Aizawa... will it really be okay for all of us to fight him at once?" Jirou asked cautiously. She sweatdropped, not knowing if the guy was just overly-confident or if he was overly-strong. Maybe he was as strong as Y/N? Who knows.

"Judging from his skill and power so far, I don't think he was joking. Mirio is the top student in all of U.A. and has the potential to surpass most of the high-ranking pro-heroes out there." The class shivered, wondering what level of strength he possessed for Aizawa to say that. As nervous as they were, they were also determined to win. After all, they were up against the top hero-course student in all of U.A.

Todoroki looked back at Y/N, thinking whether or not the third-year's level matched his master's.

"Put on your costumes, and we'll meet them at Gym Gamma." Mr. Aizawa then looked at 1-A's transferee. "You too. Your costume arrived yesterday." Y/N excitedly nodded, her eyes brightly shining after hearing 'costume'. It wasn't a very original idea, but she wanted that classic superhero look. Bodysuit, gloves, cape and all.

The students grabbed their cases with their costumes contained in it. As soon as she saw her name on the case, she grabbed it immediately, happily making her way to the locker room.


Y/N watched the fight beside Todoroki in her yellow costume, cape being pressed against the wall by her back. She didn't know why Todoroki wasn't fighting, but she decided to stick close to him. She observed as the punches and kicks aimed at Mirio went through his body as if he was nothing but an afterimage. She awed in amazement when he fell through the ground and popped up behind Jirou. What was with his quirk? Whatever it was, it was pretty cool.

  "You two aren't going to join in?" Mr. Aizawa looked at the both of them. Y/N looked at Todoroki to hear what he had to say; after all, she wasn't fighting only because Todoroki wasn't fighting.

  "I didn't get my license so..." Mr. Aizawa then looked at Y/N.

  "Oh, I didn't get mine either." she explained. Todoroki looked at her.

  "But still, won't this be a good opportunity to display your strength during a class? So that the teachers have input on how you're doing?"

  "He's right." Mr. Aizawa nodded. Y/N paused and thought; then nodded at the both of them. She guessed she could try taking him on. Besides, he was beating her classmates left and right. Maybe he could be a worthy opponent. Before joining, she watched as Midoriya was able to detect that Mirio was coming in from behind and tried kicking him... before getting dodged and punched in the gut.

  "Wow! That was cool, Midoriya!" Y/N gave a sincere thumbs up to the boy. Midoriya smiled weakly, holding his gut, and returned the thumbs up. Y/N then strolled her way over to the battlefield where Mirio was taking the close-combat fighters out one by one. "Say, you're pretty strong." she says, right behind Mirio.

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