7 || An Icy Warm Talk

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  He'd be home in just a bit, he had messaged his father. Unread, 2:23 PM. He supposed in the end it didn't really matter, nobody really cared, as long as he'd come back to train. The same amount of hours, the same kind of heart-wrenching practice. It didn't matter. Cold eyes gazed at his phone before he switched it off. A heavy sigh, a phone stuffed in his pocket. He stepped into the casual ramen shop.

  Greeted with a warm bursting "Welcome!", he gave a small nod to the store owner. A small response within the small bustle of the restaurant. A boy with a head of half white and half red hair. A silent exterior.


  "Y/N! Take this bowl out to the front counter table, seat 10!"

  "Alright." A warm ready bowl of noodles. Don't tip the soup, that was the important bit. Teetering around, out the kitchen, towards the front counter table. A boy from U.A., half white and half red hair. Musutafu sure felt like a small city sometimes.

  Y/N placed the bowl on the table, a small smile etched on her face. The boy had only stared at her, a small thanking nod in response. A cute girl garbed in the U.A. school uniform, an apron around it. Pretty cute. He turned away. She was looking good in that uniform too...

  "Alright, boss, that should be the last customer for my quota!"

  Untied apron. Handed back to the boss of the shop. She sat down, next to him; Todoroki Shouto.

  "Ah, yes I see! You've done great, I'll go and get your payment."

  It just had to be the seat next to him. His gaze fell down. But she was none of his business anyways. Definitely. Just some girl. It's not like he had never seen a girl before. Nothing new to see. Just some girl. That was all it was.

  The boy stared at her intently.

  "Here you go! A big bowl of ramen for your work! Thanks for helping us out, Y/N!" The large man gave a hearty chuckle as he placed the bowl down in front of her, standing over the counter table. She returned with a small, "No problem.", and began to eat.

  "What's wrong, son? Not hungry? Your food is going to turn cold at this point! Hahaha!" With a casual friendly smile, he turned to the boy. Todoroki broke his gaze momentarily, silently beginning to eat. Without even realizing it, he continued to burn holes into the girl next to him.

  The feeling of eyes on her. Y/N turned, returning his gaze with her blank, curious one.



  "Oh, you're in Midoriya's class, right?"

  He gave a short reply. A nearly inaudible; "Yeah."

  "What's it like being in the top hero class for your year group?"


  "You must be pretty smart and strong then." she smiled, a small gush of admiration. His eyes flickered away for a bit, a small gush of embarrassment.

  "What does your quirk do?"

  "Ice and fire generation."

  "Really? Sounds like a cool quirk."

  The man standing over the counter had never seen a more bland and awkwardly tense conversation. He glanced over the two of them once more. He wasn't quite sure if they were aware of the awkwardness themselves. The girl who still held the same small smile of interest despite receiving nothing in return from her questions. The boy who couldn't take his eyes off the girl but only responded with no more than four words.

  The man had dropped his shoulders however, bringing in an amused smile. Perhaps, it was actually a rather nice fit. The two of them.

  A girl who didn't mind his short responses, his natural quiet behavior.

  A boy who didn't mind her questions, still paying close attention to her.


  Their conversation had continued, until silence fell upon them. Oddly, the quiet boy disliked that silence. Seeing the girl looking ready to stand up and bid her farewells, Todoroki continued the conversation.

  "What class are you in?"

  "Class 1-C, in the General Department."

  "What's your quirk?"

  "Oh, I don't have a quirk."

  "Are you aiming to be a hero?"


  Despite the girl's small smile, a sour feeling washed over him. A quirkless girl wanting to be a hero, in the General Department. A sad thought. He didn't say anything but his bets of her dreams becoming a reality were on the negative side. Not in this world full of people with power dominating quirks. He didn't look at her as he spoke.

  "I see..."

  An alarming situation. A nearby explosion, a sound that made eardrums ripple in discomfort. A police officer rushed inside to shout.

  "Everybody this is an emergency! Please evacuate the area now!"

  Many feet scrambled out, a looming presence entertaining the streets of Musutafu sadistically. Todoroki had only jogged along, turning around to see Y/N as she stared at the monstrously humongous villain, pacing at her own casual speed.

  What was that girl doing?

  Authorities were shouting, among the rubble of noise, her ears perked.

  "... ranked villain!"

  "Run, it's a... villain!"

  "Where are the heroes?!"


  "Somebody get the pro-heroes! It's an S-ranked villain!"

  An S-ranked villain?

  Y/N blinked before staring at the villainous hulking brute of bulging muscle, crushing buildings with ease.

  "Woah, an S-ranked villain..." She didn't think she had seen one of those before. Perhaps, people really do see new things everyday.


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