32 || Lavenders and Honey

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  Y/N stared at the empty interior; plain white walls, wooden plank flooring. She hadn't expected the room to be so big. It was at least three times larger than her previous home. Heck, the closet was close to the size of her apartment.

  Rolling out her flat plain-white futon, she laid down on it for a brief moment before sitting up. She scanned the area, her small table, mini refrigerator, and futon not taking more than even a third of the room. Her small baby blue alarm clock sat on top of the wooden table. She crawled to the mini fridge to see if she packed any snacks in it. Unfortunately, it was empty. She sighed and stood. Might as well check out the new dorms.

  But before that...

  She stood in the center of the room. Spun around three times, arms extended. Ah, yes. Being able to spin around without knocking anything over or bumping into the wall. Such space, she had.

  Exiting her room, Y/N took the elevator down to the third floor where the common room for the whole class was. Considering there was a small kitchen, there might be food. She remembers she heard that there was a complimentary basket of candy and other snacks left in all of the dorm buildings.

  Sniff. Sniff. What was that? It smelled... sweet.

  Y/N followed the sugary scent, meeting a metal tray of fresh cookies. Just looking at them made her mouth salivate. She reached her hand out, the cookies calling her name– wait. Could she take these? She didn't even know who made them and who it was for. It would be rude to take them. But two cookies were already gone from the tray. Y/N's hand started moving towards the tray again, but was quickly slapped away by her other hand. No. She couldn't take them without permission. Her mom taught her to not take what wasn't hers.

  "Y/N..." Dang, was she caught?

  "Oh?" Her head quickly spun to the side. A familiar lavender-head was leaning against the common room's couch with a plate of cookies in his right hand and a mug in the other. "Hello Shinsou." she smiled.

  Walking closer to the boy, her feet was sinking into the fluffy carpet of the common room area with every step she takes.


  Close. She was very close. They hadn't been this close since the sports festival.

  "Umm..." Shinsou's started, but his breath caught in his throat once he lifted his eyes from the ground to her eyes, his stoic yet indifferent composure crumbling. He cleared his throat. "Would you like some cookies?" He held the plate out to her. "I was going to bring them to you, but you weren't in your room..." Shoot. Why'd he say the last part? He should've just said that he didn't know where she was. She'd probably think he's creepy for knowing where her room is.

  "Oh, sorry, I just came down. Thanks." She smiles gratefully at her friend before taking a warm cookie off of his plate. He released a breath he didn't know he was holding.

  "I uh, I also made some tea... I don't know if you like jasmine, but I just took a wild guess. I also added some honey to make it sweet... I should have asked Todoroki since he practically sticks to you almost everyday, so he should know if you like this or not.." Shinsou looked down into the tea, not wanting to look at her because of the increase of temperature in his face.

  "Eh? Todoroki?" Y/N tilted her head, confused as to why he'd suddenly brought up her friend. "But thanks, I love honey jasmine tea. My mom made it for us a lot since we didn't have a lot of money to buy any other sweet treats besides the watermelons in our farm." Y/N took the mug from Shinsou, feeling grateful and content as her stomach was filling up with the yummy treats.

  She plopped down onto the couch, careful not to spill her tea. Shinsou sat down on the other end of the couch, reaching for his own mug that sat on the table. He glanced at her while contemplating whether or not to bring up her strength and All For One. She looked so happy and peaceful in this moment that he didn't want to disrupt it. Although feeling rather awkward being alone with her, he was happy to have seen her again after such a long time.

  "So..." he starts. He didn't mean to speak, but his curiosity of her got the best of him. He really wanted to ask, but he didn't want to suddenly make her uncomfortable. Plus, he already tried brainwashing her and asking for the secret to her power; she even announced the same thing during her fight with that one villain from Camino Ward. It was too late to back out now. He drove his eyes to the side to see the happy girl already looking at him. Heating up, he asked, "How are the cookies?"

  Her eyes twinkled as she nodded in approval. "They're the best ones I've ever had." she smiled yet again, making Shinsou's heart weak.

  "I'm glad." Not that it was obvious, but it definitely made him smile a bit.

  "I was going to get some earlier, but I didn't know if I could. I didn't want to take any without permission, haha." Y/N rubbed the back of her neck with her free hand, the cookie long gone and now resting in her stomach.

  "Take as many as you want. I... I made them for you." Lavender boy looked back down at his steaming cup.

  "Really? Thank you, Shinsou." He didn't see it, but he knew she was smiling. "I was really hungry, so you practically saved my life, haha."

  Silence. But a comfortable silence.

  It was funny to Shinsou that she was saying this when she literally took out one of the strongest villains just two weeks ago. All he did was bake her cookies.


  "Hmm?" she hummed in response.

  "You..." Shinsou paused. "You're really strong, you know that?"

  Her eyelids lifted as her eyes grew in size. Yes, people have always asked how she's gained such power, but they never straightforwardly told her she's strong. The simple sentence Shinsou told her was something that made her heart clench. She felt something she hadn't genuinely felt in a long time. She felt proud. No, it wasn't the same kind of proud she felt whenever she found a coin around a vending machine, but a kind of proud that made her want to fully smile.

  "Shinsou," she starts.

  "Hmm?" he hummed back.

  "Thank you."

  And so she sat in the common area, comforted by the presence of her lavender-haired friend and the scent and taste of honey jasmine tea. For the first time in awhile, Y/N was able to sleep peacefully without any nightmares.

  She was strong.

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