23 || Hot Pot

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"Oh, Todoroki, you made it." Y/N smiled as she caught sight of familiar bi-colored hair come into the shop.

"Oh! Todoroki!" Midoriya waved at his classmate, Uraraka following his actions.

"Hello Todoroki!" Iida stood and chopped the air with his hands.

"Hello..." Todoroki quietly greeted.

Shinsou nodded, acknowledging his presence. Todoroki nodded back.

"We just ordered. I hope you like shabu-shabu or miso broth."

Todoroki nodded. "I'm fine with anything."

"Pardon the wait!" The waiter placed down two pots of broth, another waiter coming in with a tray of a variation of meats, vegetables, and more.

"Wow..." Y/N stared at the food feeling her mouth salivate.

"Thank you for the food." everyone prayed before throwing in plates of meat and noodles.


"Thank you for the food, Y/N! Let's hang out again some time! I'll take you to the mall with me." Uraraka proposed as she walked off in the direction of her train station.

"Let's hang out again, too! Thank you, Y/N! See you on Monday!" Midoriya waved and also walked off.

"I thank you for the meal! I will see you again on Monday! Farewell, Y/N!" Iida waved his hands in the air as he walked off.

"Thanks, Y/N... I'll see you at school." Shinsou pet her head and walked off in the direction of his home.

She smiled. Only 10,000 yen spent. She was about to walk off to her apartment until she saw Todoroki still standing next to her.

"Hm? Aren't you going home too, Todoroki?" She stared at him. He stared back. Staring. Staring. Blushing.

"Well..." Todoroki started, his eyes shifting to the ground then back up at her. "Do you have time today? I'd like to train with you..." Todoroki felt himself grow nervous as he looked at her staring at him. He didn't know why he felt so nervous. It wasn't as if he asked anything weird.


He stared at her expectantly.

"Sorry Todoroki, I'm kind of busy this weekend."

"Ah... I see..."

He was kind of disappointed that he wouldn't be able to train with her today. He had been looking forward to their next sparring lesson. He felt so much adrenaline pump through him during the sports festival battle. He truly felt passion like he never has before in the heat of the moment for the first time during a battle.

"How about tomorrow? Wait, but you said you're busy this weekend, so you might be busy tomorrow, and you might get tired if we train afterschool, but I don't know about the following weekend..."

Y/N stared in shocked silence. She's never seen him this way before. He started to somewhat look like Midoriya with all of his muttering.

"Hey, uh," Todoroki stopped his mumbling to look up at her. "I can schedule a training session after I'm done with what I need to do this weekend. I'm not sure what my schedule is going to be like, so I can try to set up a suitable time for both of us."

Todoroki's eyes sparkled. "Yes, of course." He bowed at her. "Any time works for me."

She once again stared at him incredulously. Why was he so formal? They are of the same age, yet he's acting like she's his boss of eight years.

"So, um... see you?" Y/N awkwardly bid her goodbye as she started backing away in the direction of her home.

"Yes, I'm sorry to keep you here. If you'll excuse me." Todoroki stood up and bid a simple, "I'll see you at school, Y/N." before walking off in his own direction.

Y/N sighed as she walked down the sidewalk.

Let the job-hunting begin.


Y/N was about to give up. All of the places that had ads for needing part-timers already found their employees. She was so desperate that she traveled all the way out to Hosu City.



Y/N waddled over to the flier, taking a picture of the address and inputting it into her maps. She needed to hurry if she didn't want to miss her train.



He wanted her.

The almighty power she had. She could do a whole lot for them if she were to join their side.

Knock. Knock.

Is anyone in there? There had to be someone. It wasn't closing time yet.

Knock. Knock.

"Hello? Is anyone there? They can't have closed yet, have they?" she mumbled the last part.

Carefully, cautiously, slowly, the door creaks open. A light-blue haired male peeks through the crack-

What was she doing here?

"Oh? Are you guys open? I came here because I saw your flier. Are you still accepting part-timers?"






Y/N looked at the address on her phone- hold on.


She went the wrong way.

"Oh. Sorry. I must have the wrong address. Excuse me." Y/N walked off.

"Kurogiri!" the blue-headed male looked towards a warp-man dressed as a bartender, said male opening up a warp portal as soon as the light-blue haired male looked at him.

He watched through the crack of the door as the girl stopped in front of the portal, physically jumping in shock. The male grinned at her surprise.

"Twice!" A man in a black skintight suit surged his arm through the portal in attempt to snatch the girl.

The girl jumped in shock as she saw her clock. Oh no! There were only four minutes until Y/N's train would arrive. Pizza-La would have to wait.

She dashed around the giant weird purple thing that had a hand coming through it.

Probably just someone with a mutant quirk.

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