26 || End of First Term

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"Y/N!" Y/N turned around, seeing a head of familiar chocolate-brown running towards her.

"Oh. Hello, Uraraka." she smiled.

"Are you heading to the train station?" Y/N let out a simple 'eung' and nodded. "Great, Let's Go together!" Uraraka linked her arms with Y/N's.

"I can't believe first term is over! It felt so long because of how tiring it was, but it felt so short at the same time." Uraraka sighed.

"By the way, Y/N, I've been meaning to ask you this..." Mentioned girl looked at her friend.


"What's your relationship with Todoroki? You two hang out quite a lot, so I'd be surprised if you two were more than just schoolmates. I mean, he barely talks to anyone without them talking to him first. What's up with you guys?" Uraraka giggled. But then stopped once she heard nothing come out of her friend's mouth. "Not that you have to answer my question! It was really out of the blue, I'm sorry!" she waved her hands around frantically.

It wasn't that Y/N didn't want to answer. She didn't know how to. If she told her he was her student, that'd be kind of odd. Friends? They hung out enough to be classified as friends. Friends it is.

"We're friends." Y/N replied, catching her flustered friend's attention.

"Oh?.. Oh, o-okay!" Uraraka settles with her answer, not wanting to push her any further.

"Oh! Did I tell you that we had to fight the teachers for our final exam? Aoyama and I went against Thirteen. I'm not exaggerating when I say I almost died-"

"Y/N! Uraraka!" The two girls looked back, seeing two- no, three boys running towards them. The two girls stopped to wait for them to catch up.

"Hey Deku!" Uraraka smiles.

"Hey!" said boy smiles back.

"Y/N! I apologize for not checking in on you at an earlier time! I didn't see you at the hospital after the incident, and we've been so busy with finals that I haven't found a suitable time to ask about your well-being! Are you okay?" Iida chopped his hands around while waiting for his fellow schoolmate's answer.

"Eh? I'm fine. What about you guys? You seemed pretty hurt that night."

"We are fine!"

"That's good to hear." Y/N smiled.

"Master..." Midoriya and the other two shivered at Todoroki's deep voice as he called out to Y/N.

"Oi, how many times did I say you didn't have to call me that?" she sheepishly asks.

"I'm sorry... Y/N."

"Nah, it's fine. It's just embarrassing, heh." she laughs and pats Todoroki's head.

"You weren't with us during lunch. Is everything alright?" Todoroki asked with concern laced in his voice.

  "Yeah, I was just napping. I didn't get enough sleep this past week, haha." she rubs the back of her neck.

  "It's not healthy to not get enough sleep and skip meals! Please sleep earlier, Y/N." Iida butts in.

  "Yeah, sorry." she smiles again. She glances down at her phone, widening her eyes.

  "!!!" She hurriedly shoves the phone into her blazer's pocket. "Sorry guys, I'll have to go ahead first. Let's hang out soon, yeah?" With that, Y/N dashed out the gate and down the street, running off to the train station. It was a twenty minute walk to the station, but she could make it in fifteen if she ran. A fifteen minute ride, and a ten minute walk to the store. She could make it.

  "?" Todoroki was confused by her startled look. What was going on? Where was she going? Why was she so serious all of a sudden? There was probably a serious matter she had to take care of.

  "Where is she going?" Todoroki muttered to himself.

  "She's probably going to her part-time job. Didn't she tell you she got a job in Hosu City?"

  "Ah, so that's where she's going." Uraraka said.

  "We must apologize for keeping her back! She might miss her train." Iida exclaims.

  How did Midoriya know about her job and not him?


"Thank you for ordering at Pizza-La Camino Store!" Y/N smiles at her customer before they take their food and leave.

"I have to thank you again for taking the summer shift too! You really are diligent."

Y/N smiles at her manager. "It's nothing."

The phone rings. "Hello! Thank you for calling Pizza-La Camino Store! How can we help you?"

"Hello! Is this the store Y/N works in?"

"Hm? Yeah... why do you need me?"

"Oh! Hello, Y/N! It's Mandalay! You remember me right?"

"Oh, hello." Y/N smiles at the familiar name.

"I know we haven't seen each other since that day, but I have a favor to ask you."


"Do you mind helping us prepare the meals for the first day of our summer training camp next Monday? It's been awhile since we've held a training camp, so we need a bit of help, hehe." Mandalay giggled into the phone.

"Let me check with my manager if it's okay with her." Y/N put the phone on hold and turned to her manager. "Miss Akiyama, is it okay if I help prepare meals for The Pussycats' summer training camp next Monday?"

"The Pussycats? Oh my! We haven't spoken in years! Of course! We used to always help out with their summer camps, sending ingredients and sometimes preparing meals too."

"Is that so?"

"Yup! Take as long as you want! I don't mind if you take the whole week!"

"Oh. Thanks." Y/N uncovered the phone speaker and replied with, "Yeah, she said it was okay."

"Great! I'll see you next Monday then!"

Y/N smiled at the thought of seeing old family friends.

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