42 || Miruko

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  Y/N dawdled around the city of Musutafu, both hands in the big front pocket of her yellow hoodie. Coins worth 800 yen when added up jingled in her hand, getting warm from how long it's been held. What can she get to eat for 800 yen? She could get takoyaki from one of the street vendors. Ooh, she could also get yakitori. Or she could go into a cafe and get herself a pastry and maybe a drink. The possibilities were endless– but also limited– with what tasty food you could buy with 800 yen.

  She walked for quite awhile. Walk. Walk. Walk. Walk. Stopped. What was that smell?

  Y/N lifted her nose, sniffing the smoke dancing in the air. Could it be a nearby vendor selling barbecue? Y/N and her hungry stomach followed the smoke in hopes of finding a grill with beautifully cooked meat on sticks. Sadly for her, she didn't run into the cooked meat on sticks; instead, she ran into a giant cloud of smoke with terrified citizens around it. She stepped closer in an attempt to see what was in the smoke. Could it be... burnt barbecue? Y/N shook her head, giving up on the meat.

  "Just give up, Miruko. You're just making it harder on yourself by staying to stop me. You can never find me when I've already emitted all of this smoke! Hahaha!" She heard a few grunts, perhaps from being hit. She assumed there was a hero-versus-villain thing going on.

  "Never. Not until I know you've been taken down." a female voice spoke up.

  Hearing cheers for the female, Y/N assumed she was the hero in this situation and the other was the villain.

  "Ugh!" A bunny-like lady with toned legs came tumbling out of the smoke cloud. Many shocked gasps were heard. She seemed to have injured herself, but that didn't stop her from going back into the smoke to fight the unnamed villain that was present.

  Miruko looked around, the smoke engulfing her being, clouding her sight. Even if she jumped really high, all she could see was more smoke. Hearing a tiny 'clang' from her left, she swung her leg in the direction it came from only for her limb to break through more smoke. This was driving her crazy. She didn't know where this villain was, let alone know where she was in this smoke cloud. Suddenly, a finger tapped her shoulder, her leg instinctively swinging at whatever touched her. But there stood a dazed girl in a yellow hoodie.

  "Um, do you need some help?" she asked, making the Miruko confused.

  "No, I'll be done soon. You'll all be safe, just trust in me. Now please evacuate out of the cloud to the best of your ability; it's not safe in here. There's a villain hiding somewhere that's waiting to-"

  "You mean him?" The girl pointed in front of her at a man who looked ready to pounce the two with his knives. He felt his blood go cold as he was easily found.

  Miruko was at a loss for words, wondering how she found the villain so effortlessly. "Uh-"

  "Watch out." Punch.

  Miruko watched as the villain who she had been fighting with for awhile was punched into a building by a random girl next to her. The pro-hero then looked over to who ended her job for her. She had a blank look on her face, as if unchallenged by the villain she encountered. The girl caught sight of Miruko's staring, panicking a little bit.

  "Ah! Don't worry, I have my license." she smiled. The smoke was clearing up, citizens then clapping as the villain was being brought away by the police.

  "Way to go Miruko!"

  "Thank you for saving us!"

  "We would've been in trouble without you!"

  "As expected, your kick is powerful as ever!"

  Miruko didn't focus on the cheers, only looking at the girl next to her. She wanted to tell everyone around her that she didn't do it, but the girl next to her did. If it weren't for the smoke, yellow-hoodie-girl would have gotten the cheers instead.

  Y/N sweatdropped as the pro-hero who she found out was named 'Miruko' continued to stare at her. Was she waiting for a 'good work' compliment? Y/N smiled awkwardly before giving a thumbs-up.

  "Good job."

  Figuring that was enough, she walked away, continuing her food scavenger hunt.

  "Ah. Where did my 100 yen coin go?"


  Y/N blankly looked at the paper on her desk. Who could she choose to intern with? Despite already being in the hero course and having met several heroes, Y/N's knowledge on the pros were limited down to knowing of at least ten heroes by name. She could try interning with that ninja dude she saw at the ward; ninjas are cool– she thought. However, she didn't know his name. Y/N thought harder than she's ever thought in a classroom. The interning forms were due tomorrow, and she was starting to wonder what would happen if she didn't turn it in on time.

  A lightbulb suddenly popped up above her head. She could try interning with the bunny-lady she ran into two days ago! Nodding at her own brilliant idea, Y/N brought the tip of her pencil to the paper. But wait. What was her name again? The girl started to sweat. Miruka? Miraka? Miracle? Miroko? Mirio? Wait no, that's the third-year at U.A.

  "Wakayama, you have a letter." Y/N looked up from her paper to the front of the room where Aizawa was holding out an envelope, waiting for her to get it.

  Returning to her seat, now with the letter, she carefully unstuck the flap, not wanting to rip it. She could use this envelope for future birthday cards.

  'Hello Wakayama (Y/N),

  I am writing to you to thank you for your help this past Sunday. Without you, the villain would have been much harder to capture. I remember seeing you at the Sports Festival, but I never had the chance to reach out to you because you were in the general department. Now that you're in the hero course, I would like to properly ask you if you would like to intern at my agency. I hope to see you soon!

  -Rabbit Hero: Miruko'

  Ah. That's her name.

  Feeling accomplished, Y/N writes down her name onto the paper. She definitely needed to remember her name if she was going to intern at her agency.

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