21 || Master and Apprentice

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Dark Shadow cowered in the presence of light coming from Bakugou's sparks and explosions. Coming off as a surprise to Midoriya, Tokoyami gave up after being cornered by Bakugou. Yes, Tokoyami's quirk is strong, but he couldn't help but face defeat with this match-up.

  "Even Tokoyami couldn't beat him with his strong quirk..." Midoriya mumbled, watching from the stands as he felt cold sweat surfacing on his forehead.

  "Bakugou really goes all out, doesn't he?"

  "He did say he was going to be number one..."

  The match quickly ended, both students exiting. Bakugou stomped to the northern exit with his permanent scowl sticking to his face. There he saw Y/N sitting down with her back against the wall napping.


  Couldn't this girl nap in a more comfortable area like the break room? Doesn't that make her back hurt in that uncomfortable position? It's not as if he cared. Definitely not. She was just giving him another reason to call her stupid. That's what Bakugou went with. "Oi, you're in the way." He slightly kicked the side of her thigh with the tip of his foot. To his dismay, the girl didn't wake up. "Oi," he called a bit louder. "Get up." The girl slowly opened her eyes, seeing a head of spiky blonde hair.


  "Took you long enough." What was he doing here? Had the match already ended? It felt like she just sat down a second ago. "Why aren't you getting up!? It's your turn! Get out of the w-"

  Oh. It was her turn already? She didn't know she even had another match. She thought the fight with Kirishima was her last one. Tired and focused on the food vouchers, she sat down in the tunnel to take a nap, dreaming about the slips of paper she would get. Taking in the new piece of information, she stood up and started walking to the cement platform.

  "So you get up and leave once I start talking again huh!?" Bakugou angrily 'tch'ed and continued stomping off through the tunnel.

  There he stood. His head of half white and half red hair. A conflict stirring up inside of him. He had been waiting for a chance to spar with this peculiar 'quirkless' girl. He wanted to use this battle to observe her technique, an opportunity to learn from her. That didn't mean he was going to back down. Oh no, he was going to go all out. He wanted to know the limit of her power and if it was enough to withstand him. Although, much of the boy knew that his maximum power would feel like nothing more than a soft pat on the shoulder to her. But the bond the two created got in the way. Todoroki knew he shouldn't feel this way, especially in a  battle; he just couldn't help it.


  "In this semi-final battle, you should know them by now, but we have Todoroki Shouto versus Y/N! Two top contestants of the previous events! I can already feel that this is going to be an exciting match!" Present Mic continued commentating with the same amount of energy and volume he had from the start of the event. Todoroki's concentration focused on his opponent but oddly only on his opponent who he didn't see as an opponent at all. She had become what he assumed was a 'friend'.

  "Hey, Todoroki." Said boy broke out of his thoughts, snapping back to reality.

  "I'll treat you to a meal once this is over." She gave him a smile, bigger than the ones she had given before, but smaller than a classified average smile.

  That felt good to say. Todoroki was always the one giving her food, so once this whole festival was over, she decided she would sacrifice one of her food vouchers for the boy.

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