37 || She's a Miracle

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"E-Eh?!! Y/N?!!" Midoriya fell backwards onto his butt after seeing Y/N on the common room couch getting her cheek poked by Mina. What was she doing here? He already got a fright when he saw a face pop up out of the ground while taking the trash out.

"Oh, hello Midoriya." she smiled.

"W-What are you doing here? Doesn't 1-C get out late today? Don't you have a shift this afternoon?" Midoriya frantically spewed out questions.

"Since a new term started, I only have to work on weekends until our next break." She popped a gummy bear in her mouth. "Oh, I also transferred to your class."

"EEEEHHHH?!!" Midoriya stood up and walked over to the couch where the two girls were sitting. "When did you move in?"

  "This morning." Ah geez, how much did he miss during house arrest? 

  "Deku! You didn't wipe down the sides of the windows! It's all dusty!" The angry head of blonde everyone knew too well called the poor boy out.

  "A-ah! Sorry Kacchan!" Midoriya looked to Y/N, evident nervousness in his eyes and his slightly shaken form. "I'm gonna go back to cleaning. I'll see you in class tomorrow Y/N!"

  Bakugou stopped sweeping once he heard her name. It was familiar, very familiar. He didn't care enough to know his classmates' names, so it could possibly be just another extra. But something was just very, very familiar that it made him want to turn around to see who his childhood friend was talking to. No. He didn't want to. But he wanted to. But he didn't. Just look already. He turned his head around slightly to glance at the girl.

  "Ah okay. Have fun." Y/N smiled. Bakugou's breath hitched in his throat. Did she get transferred to the hero course? Bakugou contemplated whether or not to make her fight him again, but in the end decided not to. Why was he holding back? Was it because he would get into more trouble and possibly put into more days of house arrest? Was it because she practically saved a whole city from getting terrorized by a super villain that even All Might has a hard time fighting? Was it perhaps... No. He didn't want to admit it even though he knew it.

  "Eh? Pizza girl? What are you doing in our dorm?" Bakugou's voice was at a normal volume, which Y/N found bizarre. Every time he talked, he was always yelling and screaming.

  "Come on man, weren't you listening to the conversation earlier?" Mina rolled her eyes. She gave up on trying to get Bakugou to say hello normally.

  "No one asked you." Bakugou, instead of getting an answer from Y/N, turned around and continued sweeping. It's fine. He didn't feel like talking to her anyway. But why did he want to look at her again? No. He forced himself not to. Gosh darn it, why does she keep making him feel all stirred up inside?


  Y/N tiredly sat at the desk behind Momo. She was up until 4 in the morning studying the books Mr. Aizawa gave to her to catch up on the lessons she missed from the time she wasn't in the hero course. Of course she didn't have to study them all in one night, but she was worried she would fall behind if she didn't get to studying right away. Diligent indeed.

Droop. Droop. Droop. Bang. Y/N snapped back up, rubbing the spot on her forehead she accidentally banged on her desk.

"Y/N, are you okay?" Momo, startled, turned around in her seat. "You look tired. Perhaps you didn't sleep well?"

Y/N gave her a lazy smile, holding one of her thumbs up. "I'm fine. Just a little sleepy." Momo sweatdropped. Just a little sleepy? Was she sure she was just a little sleepy?

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