24 || Pizza Stain

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"Perfect! When can you start working?"

"Is tomorrow possible?"

"Tomorrow? Aren't you still a student? Don't you have studies to catch up on?"

"I can handle it. It's better to start working as soon as possible."

"Hard-worker, I see. Do you have a preferred time to start working? I can give you the afternoon shift."

"Perfect." Y/N smiled, satisfied she got the job.

"Great! It'll be from 4 pm to 8 pm on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays."

"Is it possible to work the whole week? And for 4 pm to 9 pm?"

"!!!" The manager looked shocked at her proposal. "Are you sure you can handle that? You still need time for yourself and school."

"I'll be fine." Y/N gave a thumbs up. The manager agreed filling out the form for Y/N.

"Thank you so much! Since tomorrow's your first day, you'll just have to go through the basics and proper training. I'll show you the changing room and your locker tomorrow. I look forward to working with you!" The manager stuck her hand out.

"Likewise." Y/N shook the lady's hand.

Finally. She'd be able to save up in time for rent and get to take home frozen pizzas. What a dream.

The only problem was how she was going to commute.


Midoriya was panicked. Iida was lying on the ground, immobilized behind him. Native, pro hero, was on the side, immobilized as well. In front of him was one of the biggest villains he's encountered:

Stain, Hero Killer.

Midoriya tapped the 'send' button on his phone behind his back, hoping for someone to arrive soon. For now, he was on his own.


Y/N happily chewed on the pizza slice the store manager offered as a form of thanks. She dawdled down the street seeing as she had seventeen minutes before the train arrived. Plenty of time.

She was about to take another heavenly bite of the pizza-

"Oh." Her pizza slice had fallen to the ground, momentarily slapping her shirt, leaving a red stain painted on the white cotton of her top.

She looked up, a black mutant creature staring back at her. Brain exposed with eyes infused to the sides of it, bird-like beak, scars all over, skull knee pads, big bare feet- cargo pants? What an odd choice. Pushing past its odd fashion, Y/N thought it looked familiar.

"Wait a minute..." A lightbulb lit up in her head. "You're the jerk that broke my pen!"

The creature stayed silent, confused. It was impossible for this creature to feel emotions, but Y/N was a girl of wonders.

"And now you make me drop my pizza! What a waste!" A fire burned brightly in her pupils. The creature screeched at her.

What was that attitude for!?

The creature charged at her, picking her up and throwing her to the ground. Y/N laid there, an outline of her body in the concrete with her inside of it.

A tick mark appeared on Y/N's forehead. She was still wearing her uniform, and she couldn't afford to fix it. Shinsou had been kind enough to take back his uniform and repair it himself. This thing better compensate if her uniform rips.

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