25 || Her Greatest Enemy

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  Everyone chattered with their friends sharing experiences from their internships.

  "Those three must have experienced a lot!" Kaminari announced while looking towards the three boys who faced the Hero Killer.

  "Thank goodness Endeavor was there to save you guys! We were all worried when we heard you guys got involved!"

  "Todoroki, is something wrong?" Asui asked, making everyone turn their attention to the boy she mentioned.

  He was deep in thought, carrying a heavier aura than usual.

  "Todoroki?" Midoriya tapped his shoulder. Todoroki snapped out of his thoughts, looking up at his friend. "Are you okay?" Todoroki only nodded at him.

  "You looked like you were thinking hard about something. Is it about the Hero Killer? Kero."

  "No." Todoroki simply responded. He was half-focusing on his thoughts. Was she okay?

  "Do you think Y/N is okay?"


  "The girl from class 1-C that beat Kirishima in the Sports Festival?" Sero asked, Kirishima smacking his back after.

  "What about her? Did something happen?" Uraraka asked, curious about her friend.

  "She was with us that night. I wonder if she got hurt.."

  Bakugou's ear perked at this.

  "Ooh, it looks like Todoroki is worried about someone!~" Mina teased.

  "Of course. She's my master."

  Everyone's eyes widened at Todoroki's statement. Midoriya, along with some of the other boys, blushed. Was this... was this something Todoroki should reveal so openly to them?

  "That's kink-" Asui slapped Mineta with her tongue to stop him from what he was about to say.

  "Why are you looking at me like that? She has amazing skills as you have seen from the sports festival, so I asked to train under her."

  "What a smart idea!" Iida exclaimed.

  "No fair! I wanna train under a pretty girl." Kaminari whined.

"She must be dazzling! But not as dazzling as me." Aoyama winked.

  "Maybe I should ask if she can take me under her wing too." Sero said, many agreeing with him.

  "I should ask her if she knows how to control shadows and forces like that..." Tokoyami mumbled.

  Koda had wondered if she knew how to talk to animals like he did so that she could help him get rid of his fear of bugs.

  Sato wondered if she knew how to bake so that she could recommend treats high in sugar.

  Shoji... well Shoji didn't need any help; he just wanted to know what this girl was like. He knew she was powerful, judging from the sports festival.

  Todoroki listened to their conversation. His heart felt heavy, spirals swirling around in his gut. They want to train under her too? He shouldn't have said anything. If she had too many students, she would probably get overwhelmed. That, and Todoroki just didn't want them to.

  "No." the red and white haired boy says getting the rest of their attention. "She might get overworked with too many people."

  "I think Todoroki just wants her all to himself." Jiro smirked.

  "I never knew you were the jealous type, Todoroki!" Hagakure exclaimed, joining in on the teasing. Todoroki felt his ears heating up.

  "I-I agree with Todoroki... she might get overwhelmed if too many of us try to ask for her help.." Midoriya spoke up.

  "Eh? Fine. I guess we'll just have to ask her another time. She's all taken by Todoroki this year." Sero grinned.

  "Shut up! You guys are loud!" Bakugou screamed.

  "Says you!"

  "What did you say Pikachu!?"


A head of lavender stared her way. She looked so deep in thought, focused on one spot of her desk. Did something happen? Was she worried about something? He couldn't help but feel worried about his fellow classmate.

"Oi, Shinsou! You still staring at Y/N?" His friend approached his desk.

"Not surprised, he's been staring at her ever since she transferred. Love at first sight, I suppose?" another friend teased.

Shinsou just smiled to himself. "It's nothing like that." He tore his gaze away from the girl, feeling his face heat up.

"It's totally like that. We see the way you look at her. I say make your move." His friend nudged him with his elbow. He let out a small laugh. Remembering the current look on the girl's face, he turned serious and looked up at his friends.

"Do you guys know if she's okay? She looks a bit... different today." Shinsou glanced at the girl who had the same face on as when he was staring at her a few seconds earlier.

"Huh?" His friend glanced to the back of the room where she sat, looking back at Shinsou a second later. "She looks fine to me. Maybe it's just in your head. Is this what love-sickness does to you?" His friends laughed, him laughing along.

Shinsou quickly returned to his straight face once the teacher entered. Was she really okay?

No. She was not okay. Not after that experience from the night before. She was in a great worry.

How would she get out that stain? That was one of her only white uniform tops. She couldn't afford to get it dry-cleaned. She was just glad it didn't get on her blazer that was worn under her hoodie. But something even greater bothered her. The biggest challenge of her life waited for her. She had to face her greatest enemy soon...

Monthly rent.

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