9 || Quirkless She Said

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  A silent stare. Widened eyes. A slackening loose jaw. He brought his chilled hand to his face. He felt it. Cold. He wasn't even dreaming. He gawked, stared, observed. Quirkless? He shook his head of halved colors, it certainly didn't seem like it. An unbelievable sight.

  This girl. His intense gaze blazed in her direction as she fanned her steaming hand, a small pout on her casual face. That sort of reaction, she was used to such power. She was quirkless, yet stronger than anything anybody had ever seen. As if that was possible.

  "I thought you said you were quirkless." he began, a demanding voice covering his loudly thumping heart.

  She paused, turning to him. What a strange question. "Huh? I am quirkless."

  He stepped towards her, taking her steaming arm by the wrist. He tugged her closer. There was no denying it. His eyes. They glanced at the wreckage before meeting hers.

  "Were you the one who threw that punch?"

  A nod. "Yeah."

  "There's no way you're quirkless." He let go of her, stepping back to look throughout her once more. Nothing on her arms, nothing on her legs. She wasn't rigged with anything. Ordinary. Stronger than All Might. His brain was sprinting in circles. A non-stop throttle.

  "What's your secret?" His eyes were blazing. A body on fire. He had to know. What was the answer to such power?

  "Secret?" she echoed. A secret? Of hers?? Furrowing eyebrows, as she frowned in a reminding thought. Well, there was that one time she accidentally swallowed a watermelon seed and-

  "Yeah, there's no way you're quirkless but that strong." She was avoiding the question, there's something else to her. Her and her power.

  "Oh, there's really nothing that special to it, honestly." A small relieved smile, no secrets were needed after all. She released her watermelon seed incident from her mind.

  "That has to be a lie. You're even stronger than All Might. How did you-"

  "We've got two survivors over here!"

  Turning heads, a jogging hero approaching. "You guys are just students as well... Are you alright?" He stopped by their fronts, a question dripping with worry.

  "Yeah, we're alright." she spoke. He nodded.

  "That's good to hear. Please follow me, there's an emergency vehicle this way."


  A small decent vehicle of sorts. Y/N looked around. Like a clean ambulance van but bigger; six seats lined on the two longer parallel walls of the vehicle, facing each other. That made twelve seats in total; all seats taken. A full house. She nodded in satisfaction. Mathematics.

  A quiet interior. A small gurr from the hardworking engine. Tiny thumps as they bumped throughout the wreckage. Y/N began to furrow her eyebrows however. Discomfort leaking into her. Fiddling around in her seat, she shifted. The feeling of a heavy gaze, a set of piercing eyes, a burning observation.

  "Do you heroes know what happened to that despicable villain?" a lady– mid-thirties were what Y/N had bet on– questioned, speaking the word villain with disgust; the escorting hero answering promptly.

  "Ah, I'm sorry miss but we don't exactly know, but I heard some of my co-heroes say that they think it was the overdosing of power. It seemed that Boros exploded once he hit the ground once more, most likely killing somebody. In the end, maybe, his body couldn't handle the intake of all that power anymore..." The hero spoke with a soft tone.

  "What a scary quirk..." the lady mumbled, huddling herself together.

  "Don't worry miss. That's what heroes are for." Comfort, he seemed like a nice guy-

  Y/N's muscles tensed. She had never been in a colder vehicle in her life. An aura of a demanding gaze. Perception; vision from the corner of her eyes that fell to look at her hands. Those were some intense eyes Todoroki held. Drowning in a private sea of awkwardness, she cleared her throat sheepishly before flickering her eyes at him.

  An intense stare.

  She scratched her chin briefly, sweat dropping. She wasn't accidentally doing something offensive, was she?


  What was this girl doing? Fidgeting around, sweating. She had heard the conversation prior, had she not? His hands balled, as he widened stern eyes at her. An overdose of power? She was the one who defeated Boros, an S-ranked villain, with such ease. They had completely missed a legendary set of power from her. With strength such as hers, she would be announced stronger than the best hero in the world, All Might. To be stronger than All Might, could someone really opt out of that?

  Fame. Power. Respect. She would have capabilities beyond anyone's drea-

  Could it be that she was trying to lay low?

  Perhaps, her ethereal strength had taught her something throughout her life. The mountain of consequences that would be implemented in society. To spread news about it, her youthful life would run in shambles. A league of greed would come after her. With such power, such maturity and responsibility should follow.

  Todoroki silently dropped his head. Respectable, definitely. He had been too quick to judge. Silently, he dropped his intensity. He gazed at her, meeting eyes. With a respecting, knowledgeable smirk, Todoroki nodded. This girl was definitely more than she seemed. He crossed his arms, slumped back into his seat and rested his eyelids.




  What? What. What... Closed eyes. Crossed arms. A smirk. A nod. Y/N squinted at the boy across from her, furrowing her eyebrows at his previous behavior. She scratched the back of her head, thinking. Perhaps, it was a new trendy thing.

  A puffed out sigh. A set of slumped shoulders. Leaning back.

  She should really keep up with the trends. All of this new human interaction was too much for her, honestly.



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