44 || Another Delivery

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SATURDAY, 5:42 PM; ??? – ???, JAPAN
~following month, after work studies~

"That Y/N girl is going to be a real problem if she tries to get in the way of our plans..." Shigaraki toyed with the ripped leather of his seat.

"But she's quirkless, isn't she? How hard can it be if we all just take her out at once?"

"Are you asleep? Do you not remember that she took down who was said to be one of the strongest villains on Earth? I doubt we'll make it out alive if we try to take her on." Spinner looked at Dabi incredulously.

"I heard she just got her hero license a month ago."

"So you're saying she was unlicensed during the fight at the ward?"

"Hm? Then shouldn't she be in trouble? For all I know, quirk or not, she didn't have permission to fight, nor did she have a license to fight; and I'm pretty sure that didn't count as a petty street fight either."

"Who cares..." Shigaraki slumped over, hair hanging to cover the sides of his face. "Maybe to her it did; with strength like that."

Dabi rolled his eyes, annoyed knowing that Shigaraki was possibly feeling threatened. He couldn't help but feel the same way; however, his pride was bigger than his fear.

"But if we do run into her, we'll have a plan to stop her right?" Twice asked anxiously.

"Don't worry..." Shigaraki looks up. "Our visitor may have something in store for us."


Where was it again? Y/N looked at the address printed onto the receipt sticking to the top of the cardboard pizza box. She looked around for the address. Surely, it had to be in this area. Oh? What was this? Y/N gasped. It couldn't be...

Was she finally able to get a pretty sunset picture?!

Y/N happily pulled her phone out of her pocket to take a picture of the orange and purple sky with the bright yellow ball falling down. She didn't mind the weird steel building and the two people photobombing it; she could always crop it later. Somehow, the guy in the black and grey suit looked familiar... Alivepool cosplayer perhaps? And a guy cosplaying as one of those old doctors with the bird beak thing... maybe they were having a costume party? Y/N shrugged, snapping a picture of the sunset. She would surely send this to Midoriya later.

  "Ah, there it is." Y/N biked over to the tiny cottage-like house just a bit further from the steel building.

  Knock. Knock. Knock. "Delivery from Pizza-La Camino Store!"

  An old lady wearing an embroidered top opened the door, a gentle smile on her face. "Here you go, dear."

  Y/N bowed after exchanging the pizza and money. "Enjoy your pizza!"

  Heh, how cute. Cottagecore at its finest.


Midoriya 🦴
Good morning Y/N!
Do you know where Kacchan is?

Midoriya, good morning
I don't know where he is
But I have something to show you
*Attachment: 1 image*
Look at how pretty the sunset was

Midoriya 🦴
Eh! Where did you find them?!

The sunset?

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