46 || Raid

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~following week~

Bored. Very bored. Y/N flipped through the channels on the television, bored out of her mind. It was a weekend, and she didn't know what to do. She would have gone out for a walk, but her body refused; laziness had already taken over her that day.

  "Matsukawa? Hanamaki?" She stopped surfing channels to a channel broadcasting a high school volleyball match; she spotted the two Pizza-La fools on the opposite side of the court. She stared, stifling a laugh; on the screen, Matsukawa was sulking as the ref gave him a warning to not enable his quirk on the court. Hanamaki, on the side, laughed at him for unintentionally quick-sanding their captain. It must have been the nerves, she concluded, remembering then talking about how it was an important match.

  Y/N's phone buzzed in her pocket, vibration being sent through the fabric of her jeans to the side of her thigh.


  "Y/N, sorry for the short notice, but we need you to meet us at the Fat Gum Agency building, ready in costume." Uraraka, sounding serious over the phone, kept her instructions brief.

  "Hm? What for?" The girl scratched her head, eyes still glued to the volleyball game playing.

  "We're on standby for the raid that's going to happen." Raid? What raid? Y/N decided not to question anything, thinking she'll probably find out later.

  "Oh. Okay." After bidding her friend goodbye, Y/N stood, turning off the television after recording the game to watch later. She yawned, slowly shuffling to the elevator, all the while wondering how to get to the agency building. Should she take the train? Should she just run there? She didn't feel like buying a train ticket, but she also didn't feel like running. She really didn't want to move today.

  Ah whatever. The faster she gets there, the faster she can leave, right?

  Running it is.


  Chaos so soon. The students were to already join the raid, so here Y/N was; punching her way through the wall of villains to get by. She had to run from the agency building to the location that was texted to her by Uraraka; she felt a bit hurt that they didn't decide to wait for her. Oh well, there were villains to stop: Y/N yawned once again, somnolence still circulating in her. Besides her work studies, this was technically her first task as a real hero, yet, why did it seem so boring? Maybe a bit too easy? Y/N's desire to lessen her strength had never been wanted more than right now.

Y/N wanted to fight with everything she had; not give petty punches for her opponents to fall down immediately after. She was starting to take back what she said previously in her life about wanting to be a hero that takes out any villain with one punch. She completely overlooked how the thrill would be taken away from fights.

  Bored. Still so bored. She looked around at the pro-heroes fighting off the villains, jealous of the energy and sweat they're exuding after putting their all into their own little fights. She sighed.

  Y/N walked down the hallway to the left, checking for more villains. She put a little bounce in her step, reciting the choreography Mina was teaching them in her head. Right, left, spin- no. That wasn't right. She shook her head, trying to remember the moves before Mineta's harem moment.

  "Why is dancing so hard- huh?" Little paint particles and bits of dry wall fell to the floor, a crack being seen in the wall it fell from. Could it be... there was a villain on the other side of the wall? Y/N tugged on the door handle. It didn't open. She tugged again. And again. And again. Was it locked? She decided to push the door instead. It opened. She stepped inside.

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