3 || Let's Not Spar

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  After school hours, the sun was setting. Coloring views with orange and yellow tints. Y/N unfolded her hand, a small jingle erupting from the three 100 yen coins in her hand. Enough to get two cup noodles, she shrugged, her feet dragged along the pavement back to her apartment.

  "GRAAHH!" Popping, crackling, explosives, trees and shrubs wrecked. An angry looking fellow in the park beating up a tree and the nearby ground.

  She blinked, blanked face. Silent staring. Perhaps, she should wait so she could put that tree back up later. More staring.

  "What are you looking at?!"

  Perhaps, she had gotten herself in some trouble. "Oh... uhm..."

  "Huh? You're from U.A.? Alright, spar with me then!" Growling. That was some fiery spirit he had.

  "Wait a minute, I don't think that-"

  He threw a punch, blasting sparks followed, but she had only moved around behind him. He had punched nothing. The fiery boy didn't know what had just happened. His head flickered around searching for-

  "Hey, I don't think that this is a good place to-"

  A missed punch. A missed kick. Another missed kick. Another missed punch. Aggravation growing. Y/N wasn't quite sure what to do to calm this boy down. Moving quickly, her ghosting figure remained in eighteen different spots in the park as she brainstormed.

  "FIGHT ME!!"

  She stopped. It must've been aggravating him more. "Are you sure that we-"

  He lunged at her, pushing up from the fallen tree and bursting down to her, he had caught her off guard. Coming in from the side, he caught her. He wasn't going to let anybody best him. He was going to be number one. The strongest hero to exist. Stronger than anybody-

  She turned around. "Are you sure that we should be fighting in a public place?"

  The boy choked and collapsing into her meekly their bodies met each other and the ground. Falling together with a harmonized "Umpf!". She laid underneath him, a small embarrassed smile on her face. "Hey, I think that you should just take a break." Stiffly, she patted his shoulder in an attempt to comfort him.

  The boy, dizzied, has spirals swimming in his head. Palms of his hands flat on the ground, knees on either side of her hips, pushing his torso up a bit, away from hers. His face boiled as he gazed back at her, hovering over her. This girl had just bested him so easily in battle without even breaking a single sweat. This girl. Looking good in her uniform, rather cute-

  "Are you alright?" A slightly worried expression drew itself on her face.

  He was still a teenage boy after all.

  He shuffled off her, speedy to get away. His face was still burning. Stop burning. His sweat seemed cold. Breaking into a cold sweat. Palms quivering. "DON'T YOU DARE THINK THAT YOU WON!!" Steam was smoking out of his ears, the heat created from a mixture of hormonal embarrassment and anger.

  He snatched up his bag, stuffed his quivering hand into his pocket, tossed his bad to hook over his shoulder and stomped away, disappearing around the curve of the sidewalk.

  Y/N sat up, scratching the back of her neck in confusion before getting to her feet. Standing. Standing. Thinking.

  Better put that tree back up.


  Two cup noodles and 20 yen remaining. Stepping out, what came into her vision was a boy with bright yellow hair, a black lightning streak complementing it. That was some intense hair and a strange position.

  He fiddled around, sticking his arm underneath the vending machine. Wiggling it around, stress marks denting his forehead. If he could just get back his coin then-

  Y/N decided to help. Without any words, she took a stand by the side of the vending machine, one hand on it. Wrapped her fingers around the corner, denting it. She had lifted it up.

  "Ah, I've got it!" He bounced to his feet, enjoying the glimmer of his coin in his hand. He turned to his helper to say "Thank y-"

  His jaw slackened, eyes widened. Cute girl, holding a vending machine, one handed, no sweat.

  She gave a small smile in return. "No problem." She put the vending machine down, exiting from the scene, feeling accomplished.

  Helping people sure feels nice.


  Tossing, turning. Tossing, turning. Left side, right side. He huddled his face into his pillow. His face was burning. But that girl's face. Stop. He growled. He just couldn't get it out of his mind.

  Strong, cute. That embarrassed look. She looked good in that unifo-

  "GRAHH!!" He tossed his pillow to the other side of the room, sitting up. Sweating. He hurried down to an empty space in his room. He was going to do push-ups until his tormenting head ceased its bickering thoughts of that girl. He readied himself into that position, palms flat on the ground-

  "Are you alright?" That girl. That girl again. Blazing, explosions, crackling, anger.


  "Katsuki! Go to sleep!"

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