41 || Provisional License Exam

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For the sake of the story, I made the Provisional License Exam happen a little early.

  Y/N awed at the bunch of kids in front of her. It was touching, nonetheless, to see all of them team up and use their quirks against her and the other first-years taking the License Exam. The girl had never seen such teamwork before. It was especially amusing to see one of the kids spit out a nuclear bomb at them from his mouth. How adorable.

  "Our quirks didn't work on them!" One of the children went up to– who Y/N was assuming– their leader and cried in shock.

  "Just keep on attacking!" The leader pointed to the group of high schoolers as if motioning for his 'soldiers' to go off into the war.

  With all of their might, the kids threw stuff, shooting, beaming, spitting bombs, attacking; whatever they could to try and bring their enemies down. While the other first-years used their quirks to stay protected and to blow the stuff away, Y/N stood there, watching as if this was a game of food fight. The attacking stopped for a bit, the kids catching their breath.

  "We have to do something." Todoroki spoke up, discussing plans with the other first-years on how to 'beat' the children. Y/N's attention was ripped away when she saw a metal pole lying by her feet. Must be one of the things they threw– she concluded. Because she's never had younger siblings– or any siblings because she was the only child– she twisted and molded the pole until it took on the shape of a dog; you know, like those balloon dogs, instead this one was made out of metal. She skipped to the kids, some of them being on guard as they thought she was planning to do something.

  "How does that sound Y/N?" Todoroki looked to where the girl was previously standing, a dotted-outline flashing to show where she had been. Todoroki and the others looked to where the kids were after hearing laughter.

  "What is she doing..." Bakugou mumbles.

  "You're the one who threw this right? I made it into a dog! Here you go." Y/N smiled, handing a little boy her metal dog– more of a metal knot– creation. The boy took it, a blush on his face, before the metal dropped to the ground with his hands still clutched around it. It was pretty heavy.

  "Eh? Are those flowers? I would love to have flowers in my hair. They're so pretty." Y/N played with a little girl's flower crown, the little girl giggling at the ticklish sensation.

  "I see..." Todoroki brought his hand to his chin. "So we have to amuse them to make them like us... then that would make us win."

  "Yo that sounds fresh! I'm totes in." Camie, another one of the students retaking the exam, agreed with the plan.

  "Playing with the kids to pass the exam... how wholesome! I love it!" Yoarashi exclaims. Todoroki smiled, thinking of the joy the children would have.

  "I agree, Midnight Twinkle is the best horse- huh? What's that?" Y/N looked up. Oh. There's a slide made out of ice. And rings of fire. And the stadium somehow turned into space?

  The kids were swooped up into the air and placed into the slides. Y/N smiled as she saw the kids having fun, looking like they were having the time of their lives. She then looked to Todoroki who was standing by the line of kids waiting to go on the slide.

  "How childish..." a snobby-looking kid standing by the wall muttered.

  "Oi, you get on too." Bakugou grabbed him by the wrist.

  "What?! No way! Get your hands off of me! I don't want to!" The kid struggled in Bakugou's grasp which loosened only a bit.

  "You're their leader right?" Bakugou asked making the kid's eyes sparkle. He was delighted at the word 'leader' but wouldn't show it.

  "If you doubt and look down on others..." Bakugou looked down, remembering Midoriya and his quirk, as well as Y/N and her power. "You won't be able to see your own flaws.." Bakugou looked back at the kid. "So get on, will you?" Bakugou semi-aggressively brought the kid to Yoarashi to put him on the slide.

  The leader of the children didn't want to admit it, but he knew that he had been won over. A tear formed in the corner of his eye, his arms crossed over himself as he enjoyed the ice slide.

  "How fun." Y/N gazed up at the slide.


"Damn Bootleg Aquaman made us play with kids to get our hero licenses..." Bakugou mumbled, stomping out of the stadium with the other first-years behind him. Y/N giggled a bit at the nickname Bakugou gave the pro-hero.

"Y'know, you're not that bad when you shut up." Camie compliments(?), resulting in a screaming Bakugou for her to be quiet.

Aw man. Y/N was getting hungry. Todoroki took notice of this and was about to go up to the girl until a much-too-familiar voice called his name, a tensely annoyed look now resting on Todoroki's face.


The bi-colored-haired boy stopped to look at his father.

"What are you doing here?" Todoroki's voice remained calm with a bitter tone underneath it.

"To watch you, of course." Y/N looked at Todoroki and the big flaming man in front of him. He looked somewhat familiar in Y/N's eyes. Oh! She saw him in the audience at the Sports Festival!

"You still have lots of things to improve, but you're doing well." Endeavor placed a hand on Todoroki's shoulder which was quickly shoved off. Endeavor knew the action was to be expected, but he tried it anyway. "I'm proud of you."

Todoroki looked down, something stirring in him; not in a bad way, though. "Yeah, whatever." Beneath all the sourness he held towards his father, Todoroki felt himself smile a little.

"Todoroki," Said boy and Endeavor looked at the girl who was strolling over to the two. Y/N bowed to Endeavor before moving her attention to Todoroki. "I'm getting hot pot with Bakugou; wanna come?" It was only then Todoroki noticed the boy with a permanent scowl on his face a few feet behind Y/N.

"Oh... sure." Todoroki nodded, resulting a smiling Y/N.

"We'll wait for you before going to the train station." She then skipped off to where her other classmate was, thrilled at the thought of eating hot pot. What kind of noodles should she put in?

"So," Endeavor tries to start a normal father-son conversation. "Who's the g-"

"Don't." Todoroki interrupted, then walking away to catch up with his friends.

Endeavor chuckled. Slowly but surely, they were both moving on from their past, one step at a time.

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