15 || Team Improvise

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They huddled together: Uraraka, Midoriya, Todoroki, and Y/N.

Preparation time began.

"I think Y/N should be our rider." Midoriya was the first to begin suggesting.


Todoroki suddenly seemed much more menacing. Midoriya felt a chill rattle down his spine at the opposition.

"Y/N is wearing a skirt. That's inappropriate." Slight furrowed eyebrows, his face bared a slight blush as he glared at Midoriya.

"...! Ah! I-"

Beginning to seemingly grow and tower over the anxious green-haired boy, his glare intensified.

"Did you not think about it, Midoriya? Y/N is clearly in her regular school uniform. Earlier you also said you wanted to be behind in the formation, which would put you right by Mas- Y/N's thighs. You're not planning anything are you?"

Flooding; sweating profusely, Midoriya could only stammer with a crimson face.

"B-Bu-But! If we go with that formation-"

"No. I'll be the rider." Amidst his maintained stern and stoic face, his eyes sparkled. "And then Mas- Y/N can carry me."

Y/N gazed blankly.

"We have the most amount of points though. If we have you in the front and Y/N on top, we can just play it defensive."

"...Wait, guys-" Uraraka's voice remained overshadowed.

"I can still defend from the top."


"Y/N could probably run faster than me. She needs to be on the bottom."

"You guys..!"

"But me and Uraraka won't be able to keep up-"

Preparation time ended.

They snapped back to the real world just in time to hear: "START!".

Uraraka spun in circles, head swirling with worry.

"Ah! What do we do?! Uhm- Ah!-"


Uraraka found herself sitting comfortably on Y/N's shoulders. Anxiously, she hurried and peeked down. Arms wrapped around the two bickering boys' torsos, they dangled by Y/N's sides.

"Sorry, I had to improvise."

"Uraraka, are you okay up there?" With an oddly sleepy tinted voice, Y/N gave out a yawn afterwards.

"A-Ah yes..! I'm okay!" she stumbled, agape at the headbands tied neatly on her forehead.

"Be sure to hold onto my head. I don't want you to fall."

"A-Ah, alright! Thank you Y/N-"


Midoriya wiggled helplessly. "E-Eh?!?!"

Mineta cackled, Asui peeping out. Both hiding under the safety of Shouji's quirk.

"Oh." Y/N deadpanned.

"Aaahh!!" Uraraka panicked. "I'm sorry! I'm sorry!"

"It's okay. We still have over 500 points without Y/N's headband." Todoroki assured, obediently dangling from Y/N's sturdy hold.

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