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  There were only eleven days left until the second term of the year began. Y/N sat comfortably on the couch of the common area, sinking into the giant cushion that supported her from behind, feeling happy about not having to pay monthly rent anymore; also happy that her nightmares haven't been showing up anymore thanks to her lavender-haired friend. Speaking of him, Shinsou would have been here to keep her company, but he said he had to go somewhere. The boy's noticeably gotten buff, so Y/N concluded that he was probably training somewhere. She was alone watching a random show on the television, mind wandering off to her 1-A friends.

"I wonder what Midoriya and them are up to..."


"EEEEHH?!!" Midoriya panicked as the group of girls walked their way towards his room. He did not like the idea of this dorm room contest. Not at all. Not when his room was like that. "Wait! Don't go in-"

The door to Midoriya Izuku's otaku room opened up, revealing a heavily-themed space, All Might everywhere. Dashes of red surfaced beneath Midoriya's freckles as he hung his head down, standing in front of his desk.

"Wow! You're such an All Might fanboy, Deku!" Uraraka pranced around, looking at every corner of the room. Luckily, the girls exited to see the next room. The other male students of 1-A felt their competitive spirits rise.

"This is stupid..." Tokoyami mumbled, struggling to guard his dorm room as the girls pushed him. He eventually lost the battle to the girls that successfully invaded his dark, dark, very dark room.

"So this is what boys like huh..."

"Please get out." Tokoyami shamefully stood in the middle of his room, head hanging low. Ojiro soon shared the feeling of embarrassment with Tokoyami as soon as his turn arrived. It was quite a plain room.

"Sorry, it's a bit plain." Ojiro's tail went down from the lack of reaction his classmates gave.

Many dorm rooms and shamed boys later, the 1-A students finally arrived in front of Todoroki's dorm room. His room was the one they were anticipating the most to see, as he's the most mysterious out of all of the 1-A students.

Turning the knob to his room, Todoroki pushes the door open and steps inside.

"What the-?! Was his room built differently than ours?!" Mineta exclaimed, looking around at the interior.

"Todoroki!! How did you do this?!" Kaminari asked, surprised at the traditional-Japanese-styled room he was standing in.

"Even more so, why do you have a picture with that 1-C girl hanged up?!" Kaminari stood by a neatly-framed picture of Wakayama Y/N and Todoroki Shoto eating ramen at the restaurant where they first spoke to each other.

"Waaahh! Kaminari! Todoroki keeps stealing all of the girls from us!" Mineta cried, clinging onto the blonde boy's leg.


"Eat up! I just got my paycheck, so I'll pay today." Y/N smiled proudly at her schoolmate, feeling like she was a millionaire because she had extra money to spend now that she was moving into the dorms.

"But Y/N, don't you need the money-"

"Don't worry, I have enough for the essentials. I have extra money now that I'm out of the apartment." Y/N happily slurped up her noodles. "Oh. That reminds me–" Y/N chewed on her noodles as she took her phone out of her pocket. "–Do you have a phone? I got a new one yesterday from Mandalay as a thank you gift, and I don't think I have your number yet."

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